HS7 radio ep3.
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25 / F / with Chinen. (Or...
Posted 10/2/08 , edited 10/2/08
3rd one! <3
yama-chans the emcee today! :D



Yamada: Good evening, this is Hey!Say!7’s Yamada Ryosuke

Nakajima: Good evening, this is Nakajima Yuto

Morimoto: Good evening, this is Morimoto Ryutaro

Okamoto: Good evening, this is Okamoto Keito

Chinen: Good evening, this is Chinen Yuri

Chinen: Yay

Morimoto: It’s October!

Nakajima: We are in October…

Okamoto: It is October

Nakajima: That was pretty fast

Okamoto: Yeah

Yamada: Really

Chinen: It just came and went

Nakajima: What does … what does October mean?

Okamoto: October is… fall? Fall.

Nakajima: It’s fall?

Chinen: Are we going to talk about this again?

Yamada: Should we drag this [talk] onto today?

Nakajima: Is it fall?

Okamoto: What month does fall start?

Yamada/Nakajima: I think it was from September

Chinen: We already talked about this

Yamada: Isn’t fall in October as well?

Yamada: So it’s September and October

Chinen: It’s until November

Everyone: No wait, it’s until November!

Morimoto: And in December…

Yamada: Wait a minute! We’re being idiots! [talking about seasons again]

Everyone laughs

Yamada: We’re so stupid

Morimoto: September, October, and November is fall and in December ….

Okamoto: That’s enough

Chinen: I’m tired of that talking about that

Morimoto: You’re tired of it?

Chinen: It’s fall so I’m tired of it

[Chinen makes a pun here. Aki = Fall and Akita = gets tired of ___]

Morimoto: I knew you were going to say that

Everyone: That’s a good one

Yamada: Good one Chinen

Chinen: We have to stop talking or else. If we don’t all we’d talk about will be fall.

Nakajima: It’s “10” so isn’t it obvious it’s JUMP?

Everyone: Eh?; What?

Chinen: Because there are 10 people

Everyone: Oh so that what you mean

Yamada: I didn’t even think about that

Nakajima: Please follow [the talk]~ Follow me~

Yamada: I couldn’t come in [to the conversation]

Okamoto: So October is…

Everyone: JUMP’s month

Yamada: Yeah

Nakajima: Isn’t that amazing? Let’s make something

Yamada: Make something? Are we planning on doing stuff in October?

Morimoto: Shall we doing something?

Nakajima: That means something big is going to happen on October 10th

Yamada: There’d be JUMP all over the place

Okamoto: Yeah

Chinen: Well, but…

Yamada: Don’t we want to make something like that?

Nakajima: That’s what I just said

Yamada: Oh yeah you did, Sorry

Everyone laughs

Yamada: I like taking other’s talks [laughs] Sorry

Okamoto: Don’t you feel like October is going to end soon though?

Yamada: What? You mean the year?

Okamoto: Yeah yeah

Nakajima: Well, there’s only 2 month left

Chinen: It’s October now but do you remember the stuff you did in January?

Morimoto: What did we do?

Yamada: January? Oshougatsu [new year holiday] ?

Okamoto: On January first, we went to see that thing

Everyone: The Countdown?

Nakajima: Oh we did. We did go see that

Morimoto: What happened in February?

Chinen: In February…

Yamada: I really can’t remember

Morimoto: April was that concert in Osaka

Everyone: Yeah

Chinen: February was…

Morimoto: I don’t remember what happened in March

Nakajima: February was…

Okamoto: We went to the Volley ball thing. When was Haru Kou [Spring High schools]?

Nakajima: April

Okamoto: April?

Nakajima: Was it March?

Chinen: So we didn’t do anything during February?

Morimoto: Eh? What DID we do?

Okamoto: I think there’s something

Everyone: What? [laughs]

Nakajima: Let’s just leave as “we don’t know” and set that aside

Yamada: Well, for next January and February …

Chinen: 1 Pound no Fukuin/ One-Pound Gospel!!

Yamada: Oh yeah!! It was 1 Pound no Fukuin! It was me!!

Okamoto: Oh~

Yamada: I was doing a drama!

Nakajima: Yes you were

Yamada: Oh yeah

Chinen: I appeared in it, too

Yamada: Oh yeah, I was doing 1 Pound no Fukuin

Nakajima: I remember that now!

Yamada: I was doing that…

Chinen: Why didn’t you remember about it?!

Okamoto: I recorded every [episode of] 1 Pound no Fukuin but I think it was last week. Last week, my memory got full on the hard disk so I delete it..

Yamada [maybe] gasps

Chinen: That’s unfortunate

Okamoto: Sorry

Chinen: There’s a DVD

Everyone: oh the DVD

Okamoto: I’ll buy it

Chinen: Watch it with that

Okamoto: Okay

Yamada: Well, let’s get started now

Everyone: Yeah; Let’s start!

Dream Come True tune

Yamada: We are doing “Keyword Talk” as a theme this week to let listeners know more about us.

Nakajima: That’s great

Yamada: I, Yamada Ryosuke will be the host today

Everyone: Yay

Yamada: Please enjoy till the end

Everyone: Yo Yama chan!; We’re going to have fun!; Yay

Dream Come True tune [again]

Hey!Say!7 Keyword 7

Everyone: Yay!; shhwa shwa [morimoto]

Yamada: The talk’s keyword is in this, well you wouldn’t be able to understand if I say “this” but it was in this gold box. We pulled one out yesterday so there’s 6 left. We are going to pull one out and talk about one today. Yuto kun, please pull one out

Nakajima: I can pull one out?

Yamada: Go ahead

Nakajima: I’m going to pull one out then

Nakajima: Ta-daa!

Yamada: and the keyword is…

Nakajima: What one kanji symbol would you choose to represent Hey!Say!7 ?

Yamada: What?

Okamoto: Heisei… oh that’s two

Yamada: That was quick

Nakajima: It just means a kanji that represents all of us, from our appearance. Something like this..

Yamada: Like “子/ko/child” in “子供/kodomo/child”

Morimoto: Ooh~

Chinen: Wait, if you think about it, the best one would be…

*Do I hear writing in the background?*

Everyone: What孫/mago/grandkid?

Yamada: “mago” sounds strange. Whose point of view are you looking from?

Everyone: Where do you get that from?

Yamada: Keito, you’re hilarious

Okamoto: But the 7 are still small and…

Yamada: Yeah

Okamoto: So I thought maybe it’d be “mago”

Nakajima: Well for Ryutaro… no no...

Okamoto: Go ahead Chinen, didn’t you wanted to say something?

Chinen: I think the best is kanji for seven 七/nana/seven

Yamada: Well, yeah

Chinen: It’s the 7 so “nana”

Nakajima: Seven taste’s “nana” right?

Yamada: What about Ryutaro?

Ryutaro: “愛/Ai/Love”

Everyone: “Love”?

Yamada: Wow, I’m surprised to hear the word “Love” coming out of your mouth.

Nakajima: me too

Ryutaro: I was going to be funny by saying that but everyone’s like “oh~ love~”

Yamada: You can’t try being funny with love

Nakajima: Love has some deep meaning

Ryutaro: Well, I feel the love from all the fans so…

Okamoto: Ryutaro sure is growing up

Ryutaro: I’m still 13

Okamoto: Ryutaro saying love

Yamada: Well, we still have childishness inside. Even JUMP is split into BEST and 7. BEST would be “大/dai/big”

Ryutaro: It’s more “子” from “子供” than “若/waka(i)/young”

Yamada: Yeah

Okamoto: What about “小さい/chiisai/small”

Morimoto: “小/shou/small”? [different saying]

Nakajima: We’re not that small

Yamada: Yeah, because Yuto kun has about little bit more than 170cm [in height]

Nakajima: yeah, I have 173cm

Chinen: So the only person who’s small would be Ryutaro

Everyone: [Laughs] you’re shorter than him

Nakajima: Aren’t you bigger than him, Ryutaro?

Chinen: Well… yeah

Yamada: You can’t say anything about that

Nakajima: So, it’s “子” from “子供”?

Okamoto: But will people know it’s Hey!Say!7 from “子” from “子供”?

Everyone: [Laughs] it doesn’t matter!

Chinen: See, if you think about it the kanji “七” would be better

Nakajima: If you think that way, then do you want to change it to “七”?

Chinen: What if he comes in?

Morimoto: Are you sure? What if “Zasu!” comes in?

Nakajima: So it is “子” from “子供” after all

Nakajima/Yamada/Chinen: Yeah; let’s just do “子” from “子供”

Yamada: It’s decided now that we’ll….

Okamoto: But if it’s “子” …

Nakajima: Oh, here he comes

Yamada: Hey!

Okamoto: It’s “子” from “子供”, okay

Everyone: Yup it’s “子” from “子供”

Okamoto: You guys don’t want it as “孫”?

Everyone: It’s okay. Let’s just leave it as “子” from “子供”

Yamada: Well, let’s us end it here today. We will get heated up with “Keyword Talk” tomorrow, as well. Please listen to a song now, it’s Hey!Say!JUMP’s

Everyone: Your Seed

Yamada: it’s already time for us to go. We are taking mails for this show

Morimoto: The address is 105-8002 Bunka Broadcast to Hey!Say!7’s show

Okamoto: The email address is [email protected] [email protected]

Nakajima: Please send lots of mails on your thoughts or questions for us

Chinen: Title of this show isn’t decided yet so please think of one and send it to us

Yamada: Please listen to us tomorrow as well. Today’s MC was Yamada Ryosuke

Everyone: See you tomorrow!; Bye-Bye

credits: [email protected]
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26 / F / Always by Yuto's...
Posted 10/2/08 , edited 10/2/08
It's a really good show. :>
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26 / F / Always by Yuto's...
Posted 10/2/08 , edited 10/2/08
Yama-chan DID gasp!
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25 / F / Over the Rainbow~
Posted 10/2/08 , edited 10/3/08
lol Keito!!! he's so funny
No one will let Chinen talk aww~~
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25 / F / Philippines
Posted 10/5/08 , edited 10/5/08
I think Keito sure is getting a lot of exposure in here... *hehe*
but how i wish he would be exposed under the camera too~!
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