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Posted 7/19/09 , edited 7/19/09

xXNyappyXx wrote:

Ok here is my mini rant on the whole thing hate it as much as you will I don't care if he was really that against being a vampire he wouldn't be a douche bag and bite Yuuki he'd suck it up and take the god damn pills they were made for a reason but no hes gotta be all " oh look at me I'm like the only silver haired douche bags everyone else isnt as dumb as me *pew pew* i have a cheap toy cork gun that i never ever use cause I'm to much of a pansy instead ill throw out these pills that were ment to get rid of my blood cravings and have real blood only making those cravings worse duhh" plus the author has already made it so Yuuki ends up with Kaname, Zero also points a gun at Yuuki in the manga... nothing says "I love you" like a loaded gun pointed right at you plus hes creepy and eats his own brother O_o not just blood but his whole body seriously WTF is wrong with him
anyways my take on the whole subject

I just seriously laughed at this xD *pew pew* lol *ahem* anyway, everything you said was like right on point =( maaaaan.. I wish you were wrong
Posted 4/8/10 , edited 4/8/10
Yes! Zero and yuki foreva!
Posted 10/2/10 , edited 10/2/10
i hope soo!!
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