Post Reply Is Katsuragi good or bad??>_>
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Posted 10/2/08 , edited 10/3/08
I watched Kurosagi, I got the basic gist of it, but a lot of it is really confusing to me because I was really too lazy to go back and listen to the parts or read the subs carefully. So I don't really get the Katsuragi dude. Is he good or bad, why do they always say that swindlers are really scared of him or something? And what was with the Mikimoto guy as well. IS katsuragi like the boss of swindling or something?? >_>

oh and if you can't remember, katsuragi is the old dude that always sells information and is constantly spitting food out his mouth
Posted 10/17/08 , edited 10/18/08
isnt it kurosagi?
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Posted 10/23/08 , edited 10/24/08
No, Katsuragi is one of the swindlers that knows everyone, and works only for himself. He will sell information at a price, but there is no "boss".
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Posted 11/1/08 , edited 11/2/08
Katsuragi is alright, he also is trying to finish all swindlers off, just like Kurosaki. I dont know anyone remembers, but Katsuragi I think in ep 7 or so says that he keeps Kurosaki around since with him (Kurosaki) he will destroy more of them (swindlers). So I guess he is just like Kurosaki.
He is not a boss, but does count as a king of a sort in the swindlers world since most of swindlers are afraid of him (he is powerful) just as if was said by one of the policemen in the drama.
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Posted 12/27/09 , edited 12/28/09
Hard to tell since his outer character seems to be a harmless and (sometimes)funny old man. Plus Katsuragi seems to be a sort of partner(or at least the closest thing to a partner) to Kurosagi when destroying swindlers. But we have to remember that Kurosagi became like this because of Katsuragi, and we have to take in account why almost every swindler is afraid of him. He must have been ruthless and heartless...

but i think he's sorry for it now...
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Posted 7/3/10 , edited 7/3/10
They are both swindlers basically living off each other. Katsuragi gets paid for what Kurosagi does and also enjoys watching Kurosagi for entertainment while Kurosagi depends on Katsuragi for information on swindlers. Their dependency on each other is only one for himself.


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