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Jiraiya asks Pain what this means, that the original Pain among them is a grown-up Yahiko with Rinnegan. Pain offers that yes, Yahiko died and he remains. Jiraiya demands an answer and explains to the toads that one of the bodies is another of his students.

The father toad asks if that means there are two prophesized children in the group. Jiraiya says no, but Nagato is not among their group, but Yahiko is, somehow with the Rinnegan. Jiraiya asks if he is Nagato or Yahiko. The men look on and the original states they are Pain. They all launch themselves towards Jiraiya and also offer that they are a god... In Konoha, Shizune comments on the constant rain and offers that Jiraiya will come back. Tsunade says no, but she'll bet on that because she always loses. Jiraiya acts tough and states when he comes back, he can act however he wants.

Elsewhere Karin announces a powerful chakra is quickly approaching. The figure appears and Suigetsu recognizes the man. Kisame states Sasuke can go on alone. Sasuke says of course but Karin states if they defeat Kisame they can all go together. Sasuke says no, it will be him alone finding revenge. He then moves on. Suigetsu greets Kisame by name and he offers his surprise. Suigetsu asks if Kisame has forgotten him, the younger brother of Hoozuki Mangetsu? He asks Kisame if he wouldn't mind playing around while they wait. Kisame offers that Suigetsu is more troublesome than his brother, so how about he take care of that?

Juugo asks why they aren't obeying Sasuke and Karin grows annoyed. At the top of a fortified hill Itachi sits before a painting of tails marked "fox". Itachi asks his younger brother just how much he can see with his Sharingan. Elsewhere Tobi greets the squads from Konoha and offers that numerical advantage is in their favor. Kakashi offers that the man before them wasn't in Kabuto's book. Tobi states he's new and Kakashi says they should be careful but they have the advantage.

Tobi asks if he's being underestimated when suddenly another Naruto comes flying in with Rasengan. He slams it into Tobi's back but continues flying through his body when his target becomes intangible. Back at the compound Sasuke answers... What he sees?... he can see one thing... Itachi's death.

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man. that's really confusing!!
plzzz, put space between sentences, it'll be a lot easier 2 read.
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