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Sorry for the long wait, I've been busy these days. But here you go!

- Death Water - Movie

For your general jhorror needs. It's not a spectacular horror film, but the storyline is interesting. Death water is the sip of water that is given to those who are about to die. If you drink this water that is meant for the dying...

- Humming - Movie

A romantic korean movie that tugs your heart strings, this film incorporates reality within desires. First part of the film has you watching the male lead growing increasingly dreary of his long time girlfriend, who continues to love him passionately. It's not that anything is wrong with his girlfriend, but it's the lost feeling of love because of familiarity.

One day, he decides to lie and tell her that he will be gone to Antarctica for research for a year. His girlfriend decides to support him, and buys him a voice transmitter. Unfortunately, on her way to his house, she meets with an accident... I wont' give away the game, but there is definitely a giant twist here that makes this different from typical romantic love stories. This film calls out to those to treasure those who are important to you.

It's not as normal as you think it is

- Rainbow Song - Movie
Shunji Iwai!! If you've watched Hana and Alice, or All About Lily Chou Chou, you'll be familiar with the surreal and oddly curious style of films that he directs. Rainbow song is about dreams, growing up, graduation from school, dealing with loss.

It is probably one of the rare films that begins after the death of the female lead, Aoi Sato, yet her story is narrated through her interactions with those around her, surprisingly none of them quite normal people. One is a boy (Tomoya Kishida, played by Juri Ueno, 'Nodame Cantabile') who used to stalk her co-worker because he developed a crush and tried to bribe Aoi away from her job to be with his dream girl, and the other her blind younger sister Kana Sato (Yû Aoi, 'Hana and Alice'), who is more perceiving, sensitive and empathetic than those with sight.

- April Story - Movie
Another simple story directed by Shunji Iwai, this follows the journey of a girl from the country side, who is about to enter a Tokyo University. She takes the train, bids her family goodbye, goes to her new apartment, moves her furniture, goes to the new university and be akward with her classmates... the mundane makes you empathise with her. She often drops by a particular bookshop though. Only near the end, will the audience realise that she is more purposeful than she seems.

(Not your average 'fast paced stuff'. None of Shunji Iwai's films are like that)

- Family Game - Movie
Odd, and definitely a comedy in the strangest sense. Don't let the year it was made (1983) fool you. It's only easy to like this film. A strange family anticipates the new strange tutor for their hopeless son, who then produces even stranger results with his interaction with the family members.

- Time of Eve

ANIME TIME!! For those who have not caught on to the new generation of futuristic animation, like Absolute Boyfriend, Library War, the gradual breakdown of ethics and traditions with the changing century, Time of Eve is set in the time where humanoid robots live among the people. How should people look at these humanoid robots? With fear and trepedition? Acceptance and Love? As mere machines? Should they deserve equal rights as humans?

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