Do We Want A 3rd Season? I DO!DEAR GOD I NEED ONE
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Posted 10/2/08 , edited 10/3/08
i absolutly NEED a 3rd season i mean disregrading whether or not i LIKE the endingfor lelouch.... at the end the whole thing with C.C being happy and all i mean that wasnt resolved C.Cs immortal life if shes wanted to die for thousands of years why is she smiling so peacefully happy full of life i mean the way her hair is styled everything hints that she is FREE but how can she be so happy?because shes with lelouch? if hes alive? but even if he is alive he cant be with her forever hell eventualy die and then shell be left to live her miserable enternal life. although if she id happy at the end it suggest that she got what her geass was her wish that is love from lelouch. but i mean when he died his sister nunualy found out he was lying from only holding his hand how could she not know if she was really dead or not? or maybe she realised and just played along but is she that smart and who could react that fast? or maybe he lives in the hearts of C.C or something like his mother. but then again why would suzaku cry? maybe lelouch even fooled him? so the secret of him being alive would be airtight?but then again orange kun knew the plan, the maid knew the plan that lelocuh was going to be killed so the plan was not airtight and so maybe suzaku cried knowing that hed really die?

I mean i reckon lelouch is alive somehow because C.C cant be happy without him because her geass was for love and she loves lelouch.she would have no ending without him. but what about shirely?

i mean the whole geass this is unresolved i mean C.C at the end is just WTF she still is immortal and lelouch is not immortal i mean he may not even be alive in the end, C.C may just have been seeing and imagining things lol jokes.

and GOD HOW I HATE THE ENDING AND EVERYTHING ABOUT IT from everyone hating lelouch and noone undertstanding him to the questionable death. i mean i am freaking out way too much even though id predicted hed die at the begining of R2 but i just CANT ACCEPT THIS ENDING.The ending just ruined the entire anime for me.or maybe its just cuz im so depressed right now.

oh also even if u dont wish for a 3rd season please post ideas of whether u want him to be alive and whether u liked the ending and reasons for thinking/wanting him to be alive.

i just cant get my head arounf this ending

god if there is no season 3 i just hope the pilogue brings some sort of closure i feel like im scarred. and plus to explain C.Cs last words etc. i still think the story has holes and the ending was rushed i mean like how did lelouch get past all those guards to beable to cast geass over sheniezel? things like that. man i gotta take a break from code geass jesus man i am so depressed

now i dont even know whether its a good thing or whether iwant lelouch to be dead or not i mean would it make differenxe if he were dead or not i mean the ending is as crap as it is..
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Posted 10/13/08 , edited 10/13/08
i honestly like the ending but i don't mind if they made a season three..
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Posted 10/16/08 , edited 10/16/08
hmmm, they really left that much question? i just wanna know if lelouch still live and what's C.C name
Posted 10/17/08 , edited 10/17/08
i honestly prefer an OVA or a movie

i want moar lulu! true there were still a lot to be revealed, like CC's name, and whether or not lulu's alive (i still think he's out there living his immortal life with an immortal witch)...

aside from the cliffhangers the ending was rly good!
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Posted 10/18/08 , edited 10/19/08
I really dont want a third season. the series ended wonderfully, I too, would rather have an OVA. A movie would be okay, but wouldn't know what it would be about.
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