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i hope u will enjoy it...

Love Task #1

"Love Pledge"

When was the last time you pledged yourself to your partner? On a piece of paper write out every single thing you would like to promise to bring into a relationship with your current partner. If you are not in a relationship, you can still do the exercise by writing down the things you will bring into your next relationship. When your list is complete, circle one quality or item on your list you'd really like to focus on. Place your list somewhere you can readily see it daily. For the remainder of the week make every effort to improve the thing you circled!

Love Task #2
"Changing Patterns"

We all have our vices. This week make an effort to change one. Sit down with your partner and individually write two lists. The first list should be everything you like that your partner is doing right now. The next list should include everything you wish your partner would change. Exchange lists. Talk about what you wrote openly and honestly. This is not a time to get confrontational with your partner, and vice versa. Choose one thing each from your first list, and make a verbal agreement to continue to do it. Then, choose one thing each from your second list, and make a verbal agreement to each other to improve or change it. Set a time to talk at the end of the week about how things went.

Love Task #3 (4 COUPLES I THINK! hehe!!

"About You And Me"

For this love task we have decided to focus on getting to know your partner better. When we first introduced this love task, we were surprised to see how many couples told us they had learned about so many things they were unaware of about their partner. This was true even for couples that had spent many years together!

To complete this love task, set aside a good amount of time. If you have time, create a romantic atmosphere with candles and music. Make sure you won't have any interruptions as this love task is designed to spark conversation and open your communication with each other. Next, answer the following love questions openly and honestly with each other.

What is your partner's favorite...
color, food, place to go, movie, song, drink, relative, perfume/cologne, book, poem, school year, teacher, snack food, gift to receive, style of clothing, size, holiday, season, flower, candy, city, country?

Where was your partner born?
Where did they live most of their childhood life?
What religion, if any, does your partner believe in?
What was their most memorable childhood moment?
What was their big childhood fear? (for instance, the dark, monsters, etc.)
Does your partner prefer cold or hot? Why?
Is your partner a morning or night person? Why?
What is their biggest pet peeve?
What things do they feel passionate about?
What is your partner's idea of a perfect date?
What is their favorite romantic gesture?
What are the top ten gifts your love would like to receive?
What was the one thing they wanted as a child they never received?
Does your partner want children? How many?

What is your partner's idea of a dream...
house, car, vacation, job?

What did your partner always want to be when they "grew up?"
Is it what they are doing now? What changed?
Where did they go to school?
What is their life dream?

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