Thoughts on Akatsuki and its members. . .

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Posted 10/3/08 , edited 10/3/08
I just think this pic is coolness

Well i think akatsuki is pretty awesome, and everyone in it are just the coolest, i mean yea the whole "get the power of the jinchuuriki" is a bit annoying but when they fight they're totally pwnage!

I think my fav akatsuki member is out of Kisame, Hidan, or deidara.

Kisame cause he's like a walking roll of sushi
Hidan cause he's just awesome when hes around kakuzu
Deidara cause he's still alive! Heh heh heh

First my fav was sasori cause i thought he was Gaara at first i was like what? Since when did gaara become evil?!?! Silly me

Your fab thoughts on them?
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Dupli-fail thread and wrong section.
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take it to people who cares =__=


edit: this is why i didn't add you . . .
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Read the forum rules please. No more Naruto threads

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