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If you could name your own Zanpaktou...
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31 / F / Las NOchEs (vacat...
Posted 2/10/09 , edited 2/10/09
it would be "SAYURI"...i cant think of other name...hahahah
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23 / F / In ADOBE land
Posted 3/19/09 , edited 3/20/09
id call it mayo... no reason why.
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26 / F / always around Tou...
Posted 3/27/09 , edited 3/27/09
raikô- thunder^^ I somehow like this name

looks: long and very thin and sharp^^
Shikai release: destroy my enemies, raikô!
it starts to shine blue which takes the opponents special abilities (Shinigami-opponents loose their kidou Power for the time raikô's activated and Hollow loose their Cero ability)

Bankai: defend, raikô!
you AND your allies get an amor made of lightening which protects from being hurt (but you should not stop dogding attacks, cause the armor is not undestroyable forever^^)
at your command a thunderstorm will rise and kill your enemies (this attack unfortunately kills lots of your reiatsu which is why you shouldn't use this, only when you have no other chance to beat your enemy^^)
the ligthing armor also gives you speed three times FASTER than light which makes your attacks more effective

the true form of raikô is a phoenix, made of blue lightening

...well, maybe I'll change some powers sometime^^
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24 / M / The Netherlands
Posted 3/27/09 , edited 3/27/09
I call it


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29 / M / Big bad ass Los A...
Posted 3/27/09 , edited 3/28/09
It would be called "The Shit". The shape would be that of a simple Katana. Then I say, "You're the shit!" and
the katana will become a longer katana. Then, if I need to, I would go Bankai!
And say, "BANKAI!!....Yeah, I said it, again, you're the shit!" And it would become invisible.
I'm still working it out, so this a very early draft of it....
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27 / M / World Heritage Si...
Posted 3/31/09 , edited 3/31/09
Name : 海の波 ( waves of sea )
Command : しぶき、海の波 (Splash, Waves of sea )
When unreleased, the sword is lean and long, something like Lisa's zanpaktou. When released, the sword dissolved into hydrogen particles and fuse with oxygen to create water. It can also creates droplets of rain that are able to pierce through any object but its kinetic force.
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23 / M / In front of ur fa...
Posted 3/31/09 , edited 4/1/09
mine is:Kawaii
shikai:Shout "kawaii! tenshou!
bankai:allows me to create a Deadliest kawaii ever......
zanpaktou power:allows me to be invisble and to master all the bankai's....
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26 / M
Posted 4/2/09 , edited 4/2/09
Death Blade... ...Sounds heavy eh? he he he...
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24 / F / in my OFFICE
Posted 5/9/09 , edited 5/9/09
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27 / M / waitin 4 u @ the...
Posted 5/9/09 , edited 5/9/09
ironically i cant think of a name but i can think of its powers -the abiliy to cut through demensions
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27 / M / waitin 4 u @ the...
Posted 5/9/09 , edited 5/9/09
crap Wrong buton too soon and then Battery went like 2 sec after that, continuing...

Shikai: The sword itself cuts through dimensional boundarys and any enemys in the way too (kinda like the gates from ss to living world, cept there is no tunnel that you have to travel through)

Bankai: the sword itself disapears and my hands gain the ability to do the dimension thingys
1 finger pionts at the enemy creating a tiny dimensional vortex sucking the enemy into a randam dimension
2 fingers cut the enemy and allow me to use them like paper (kinda like that inazuma guy from one piece with scissor hands)
3 fingers cuts through the enemy nomatter how thick the hierro or whatever, splitting them but not killing (patchwork doll time hee hee)
4 fingers cuts the enemy and freezes their conscience in an alterate space but time for them has stopped so they cant move (theyre conscience so they feel pain but they cant do a thing about it)
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F / In the shadows......
Posted 5/10/09 , edited 7/4/09
EDIT: i decided to make a different zanpakutou that better fits my personality the original one i posted is in the spoiler below.

Name: Yamiyasha (Dark Spirit)
its a black katana with a white handle

Shikai: Freeze, Yamiyasha!!!!
Powers: releases ice and a black energy that can freeze whatever it touches

Zanpokutou Spirit: a girl with red eyes and wings made of ice. she wears a tattered black and white kimono and carries a double edged sword (white katana on one end and a black scythe on the other end)

Bankai: BANKAI!!!!!! KuroKage no Yuki!!!!!! (Snow's Black Shadow)
In bankai form, the zanpakutou becomes double-edged, with a white katana on one end and a black scythe on the other. wings made from ice and black energy are formed on my back. My speed and stregnth increase and my attacks are become more powerful. Also, there is an attack that can only be used in bankai mode called "Yuki no Yami Tsuki" (Dark Moon's Snow). This attack starts with a black rain falling from the sky and the rain freezes everything it touches and the ice freezes its victim until all reitatsu is consumed.

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25 / M / Washington
Posted 5/14/09 , edited 5/14/09

XxvampirehimexX wrote:

Name: Kurohi (Black Fire)
basically its a black katana with a red handle

Shikai: Roar, Kurohi!!!!
Powers: unleashes a black fire (hence the name) that can either burn or slice things

Bankai: BANKAI!!!! Jigoku Ryu!!!! (Hell Dragon)
For bankai release, the zanpakutou is covered in black flames and wings made out of the black fire are formed on my back. My main attack is the Jigoku Ryu, a giant dragon made from the black flames. Also, my speed and strength are dramatically increased.

Lol that sounds a bit like mine XD

This is the one that the main character in my fanfic has:

In it’s sealed form it appears as a slightly longer version of a katana. The hilt is wrapped with black bandages, ending with a short tail of bandages with a blood red ring on the end.
Honoo no Kaze Soushi (Twin Flaming Winds) {Fire type}
Inner Spirit World and Zanpakutou Spirit:
The inner spirit world of Shou is a green field of high grass next to a calm, blood-red sea with a subtle wind. A clear stream of normal water runs through the field in contrast to the sea. A subtle wind constantly blows through the field, causing ripples and waves to appear.
Honoo no Kaze Soushi is a female, two-headed phoenix with red and orange feathers that appear as if they’re on flame. Her voices speak in harmony, creating a hypnotic pitch. She always is calm and collected, though often cryptic at times.
*Initial release:
Honoo no Kaze Soushi’s release command is, “With your inner fire, separate!.” It then turns blood red and grows considerably larger into an oversized, triangular broadsword that’s symmetrical. A zipper like cut splits it down the middle and separates into twin blades, hence the name. Both blades are composed of a hilt one foot long that stops and is followed by a sharp 90 degree turn that goes into a foot wide blade that then goes up to the top. The overall height of the blades are three feet tall, and all along the height/back of the blade the zipper cut remains; Shou often uses these to trap enemy zanpakuto in. The result looks like a right triangle with a tooth-like back. In this form, with the command "Moetsuku" (Ignite/Catch fire), Honoo no Kaze Soushi can ignite with flames, which can either be used in melee combat or launched at the opponent in ranged combat to a lesser degree. Another attack is Jisei Honoo no Hana (Blossoming Flame Flower), a defensive technique that envelops Shou in fire in the shape of a flower up to 10 meters away; this blocks most attacks and can be used in close quarters to force opponents away. Honoo no Kaze Soushi was considered the second most powerful fire-type zanpakuto in the Soul Society (next to the Commander-General’s, of course).
*Final release:
Honoo no Kaze Soushi’s Bankai is Honoo Soushi no Tsubasa (Twin Wings of Flames). It’s more of an extension to the Shikai than an entirely new form. Shou's normal shinigami robe is replaced by a fiery-red robe covered in flaming feathers and his hair turns red as well. This transformation makes Shou more like Honoo no Kaze Futago, even going so far as to alter his personality, clearing his mind (allowing him to focus 10-fold) and changing his care-free demeanor into complete Zen. The hilts of his blades transform so that Shou can attach them together. The blades can now connect together in two different ways: back-to-back (so that the zipper-blade parts meld together) and hilt-to-hilt (to make a double bladed sword). On Shou’s back are now two wings made out of flame that drastically increases his speed and allows him fly. He can use the powers of his shikai in this form (though greatly enhanced) as well as three other techniques. The first attack is Honoo no Tau (Flaming Rain). Fire shoots out of his Zanpakutou into the sky and then rains down on his target/targets It uses a large amount of reiatsu, so it is used sparingly. The second attack is Jigoku no Hiya (Hell Flame), a black flame that ignites on the edge of his Zanpakutou and lances out at the target. He can use this a total of three times. His third and final attack in this form is Amatsu Fundo (Heavenly Indignation), an attack of white flame that completely obliterates the soul, burning it to nothingness. This attack burns up the remainder of his reiatsu so it is hardly ever used, and if it is, it is generally used as a last resort or when he's completely dedicated to erasing individuals from the spiritual continuum. It is similar to the attack caused by the Sokyouku, albeit to a lesser degree.

Forgot to mention, in its sealed form, it's a reverse bladed sword XD
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38 / M / Pasig City
Posted 5/16/09 , edited 5/16/09
Mine is:

name:Sky Sword

Bankai:Ultima Sword

Ability:It can create Powerful Flames and can Create a powerful thunder and wind
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26 / F
Posted 5/16/09 , edited 5/17/09
Name: tsukiakari kaishi (Moonlight death) (the type of death refers to a mysterious one).

Is a thin black blade with white hilt, purple ribbon wrapped around hilt and a long ribbon hanging off with a pretty bead on the end that flaps around because of my massive reistu. 

Inner Spirit World:
An endless ocean lit by a full moon. There are no waves, the water just ripples constantly. I can, however, stand on the water.

Zanpakutou spirit:
Tsukiakari Kaishi is just a ball of light with a male tenor voice, sounding slightly demonic at times.

Initial Release:
Command: Shine, tsukiakari kaishi!
Powers: The blade of the kantan shines brightly. My strength and speed are tenfold faster because I’ve compressed my weapon into a sword and not it’s original state.
With the command, “become day!” The light on the blade of the kantana engulfs my body. If I am fighting in the day time, I become invisible, but if I'm fighting at night you pretty much are blinded by looking at me.
With the command “move the tides!” water sources around me come and spin around my blade, and rush to where I command. (I can do this because the moon has power over the tides).
With the command “steal the light!” everything around me turns into a thick darkness. I must to this before doing my final release.

Final Release:
Command: Dance and take life, tsukiakari kaishi!
Powers: The blade turns into a scythe. My strength has halved but I sacrificed that for beyond god-like speed. I now am wearing a black robe with a hood. When I command “engulf and consume” at the tip of my scythe, a ball of something darker than darkness starts to form. I fire this off at the enemy. If it hits them they get consumed by the ball for an instant death, the aim however, is kind of bad.
With the command “reap and sow”, the blade of the scythe sharpens even more, now if I cut my enemy, I can get a portion of their reitsu. If I cut myself (emo lol) I can give parts of my reitsu to anyone I choose.
The final command is simply “end, tsukiakari kaishi”. The metal part of my scythe dislodges and spins into the air, seeking out my enemy. While spinning, it cuts them in half and returns to me. You can doge this final attack but you timing would have to be down to the attosecond (One quintillionth of a second), which is pretty much impossible. However, during the time when I have no blade on my scythe I have only the long metal pole to defend myself with.

I had fun thinking about this...
what do you think?
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