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If you could name your own Zanpaktou...

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27 / M / NO
Posted 5/20/09 , edited 9/3/09
Its basically a Great sword made by a race called Cyblonks. (My Race. A dragon race.) Its black and has a glass ball at the bottom of hilt filled with my blood. dark bladed with a blood red sharp edge. 4 spikes faced toward the hilt for the guard. It has an eye on both sides of the sword next to the guard.around the eye is moving vapors colored red and yellow covers the inside retina. The pupel is pointed .its about 5 ft wide and can't say the length.

Name: Nightmare claw
Shikai: Walk in the path of darkness, Nightmare Fang!
Bankai: Fall in the path of hatred and death, Nightmare!
Its main attack is NIghtmare Cry. It shoots a jet stream of spiritual power colored blood red. On the outside is black. This sword can absorb spiritual powers when in contact with anothers blood! The eyes can watch every movement of an attack. It can also summon all the powers of the sword and the cyblonk to their fullest length of power.B)
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29 / M / [+ Subarashiki Ko...
Posted 6/27/09 , edited 6/27/09
Name: Mana of Gaia(Mana the Daughter of Gaia/Earth)

Zanpakutou: A Dagger, wrap in chains(can't even see the dagger)

Inner Spirit world:
Half Paradise like world, and half Desolate world, and Swords and weapons of all kinds, stabbed on the ground scattered, their sizes are about the height of a Ten story building..(this worlds shows us that even in a world of paradise, violence and conflicts happened, and in the Desolate world shows us that even if the world is destroyed violence and conflicts never stops)

Zanpakutou Spirit:
A Cute Little Girl, carrying a small bell in the Paradise world, but a sexy teen aged girl, carrying a HUGE bloody sword in the Desolate world(her character is sarcastic in both worlds)

"Shikai" First Release:
"Live, Mana!"
Power: Can control any elements within a world, and merge with the dagger to form any kind of weapon, with the help of the elements i gain 5% of strength, speed and Energy every second, there is and exception if the battle is held in dusk or dawn, i won't gain control of the elements nor gain the 5%'s , but can only control the soul and power of the opponent.

"Bankai" Second/Final Release:"Show them the World, Mana!"
Power: The chains of the dagger will break, showing a Bell-Dagger(a dagger that ring like a bell if it's moved), i can summon "ALL" kinds of zanpakutou and can use their "Shikai" and "Bankai" at the same time, but i should only remain stationary(i'm sitting duck ) and can only use Nine Zanpakutou(Mana is an Exception), the zanpakutou will be the one fighting for me(showing their spirit form), the stronger the zanpakutou became the fewer i can summon.
The Zanpakutou's i summon are not duplicates.
The Zanpakutou's i summon are not loyal to me though, only to Mana.
"Bring them to the world, Mana" is the Final attack command where Nine Zanpakutous are combined, and now i can move to use this for only 5seconds, the after effect of this is that the i will fall in to a "Spirit Sleep" where my spirit falls asleep for 2 weeks and Mana taking over my Body(remember she's a girl and i'm a guy )
If i am Defeated(which is unlikely coz i prefer to run than to fight) the victor will gain "Gaia's Curse":
a Zanpakutou he knows will be summoned ONCE whether he/she like's it or not in a battle, but the zanpakutou might or might not help him/her, it depends on the zanpakutou..
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24 / F / Singapore
Posted 6/27/09 , edited 6/27/09
Zanpakuto name: Sugoshiteru (Claw of white flame)

Shikai form: A completely pure white sword made from molten metal; it's hilt is entwined with white and (pale)violet ribbons.
Release command:Tsuyoku Misenai, Sugoshiteru(Burn to ash, claw of white flame)

Shikai abilities:
-Tomedonai no Hirogaru, Kizamareta (Ashes to ashes, incinerate to dust)
eg. The zanpakuto glowed even whiter(if possible) than usual with the intense heat as it cut cleanly through the enemy's left arm. The edge of what was left of his arm turned white, but the red of spluttering amber could still be seen.His arm was slowly reducing itself to ash.
-Kakenuketa, Shinjiteru (Stab to death, claw of molten metal)
eg. When a person is stabbed with the zanpakuto, the wound kinda burns (sry, I'm not sure how to explain).
-Kyodai, Norikonda Ikiteru (Engulf, white fire blaze)
eg. Whatever the zanpakuto comes in contact with can be engulfed in flames if the wielder wishes it to. However, this attack can only be used within a 20 metre radius.
-Sameta no kara, Hoshinozora (Block and defend, wall/pillar of flame)
eg. The wall/pillar of flame seperates the enemy from wielder(and/or comrades), and it cannot be destroyed/surpassed by elemental attacks, except ice.

Bankai form: The zanpakuto's appearance is unchanged, but it has an outer glow of white flame, and the ribbons kind of double in length. The sword's length increases by 10-20 centimetres, depending on how much reiatsu remains.
Bankai name: Tenji no Sugoshiteru (Thousand year flame)

Bankai abilities: Allows the wielder to control fire, and the fire can't be put out by water. Only ice can freeze its attacks.
-Kaze no Tsutaeru (Claw of raging fire)
eg. Sets the target ablaze even from a distance. The accuracy decreases the further the distance is between the target and myself. The target kind of 'vaporises', and can only be stopped by an ice attack(by which you end up freezing the target presumably to death).
-Toritsukare dashite (Eternal flame)
eg. Summons an intense fire(which is white) that causes fatal damage to target. Cannot be defended against except by using ice attacks, or by the wielder's will. There are/will be flames when you slash the enemy with the sword.
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27 / M / Birmingham, England
Posted 6/28/09 , edited 6/28/09
Name: Jakunen Mitsukai (Lonely Angel)
Appearance: Similar in appearance and length to Sephiroth's sword, Masamune.
Ability: The body is as light as a feather allowing for unrestricted movement. You can throw deadly feathers in a kunai-like fashion.
Bankai: 孤独な天使の悲哀 (Sorrow of the Lonely Angel)
Appearance: Jakunen Mitsukai keeps the the same appearance. Two Angelic Wings sprout from the user's back and the right eye's colour changes into a mystical gold.
Ability: Naturally, the wings provide the ability to fly. The right is known as the "Eye of Providence" (providence for short) due to it's ability to keep up with even the fastest of attacks (maybe not every attack...). I can still use the ability of the feathers. However, now i can use them at a far greater rate (similar to Byakuya's Sakura) and they may become explosive (although not as many may be used). The feathers may be used defensively by forming a cylindrical shield around myself.

My final resort is the attack "天の判断" (Judgement of Heaven). A mass of crimson lightning bolts strike down from above hitting my opponent(s) and hold them in place. A hole in the sky allowing an incredibly large spear (see Mahou Sensei Negima chapter 247) to storm through. With a simple hand gesture, the spear shoots towards the enemy crushing/piercing them (depending on size and amount of enemies) causing a devastating blast leaving a huge crater in it's wake. However, at cost of using such a devastating attack, the user loses all their memories apart from thier name and the details of Jakunen Mitsukai.

Well? What do you think? It took me over half an hour to make all this up. lol
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24 / F / on EARTH
Posted 6/29/09 , edited 6/29/09
i would name mine ZENO for some reason i think it would fit perfectly with a character name that i made up (maro)
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29 / M / California
Posted 7/4/09 , edited 7/4/09
Wow... o.o; Everyone seems a LOT more informational than I will be.. Aha. But I suppose my name would be "Shirotori" which means White Bird. It would be a silver-ish grey, with wings for the hilt I suppose. To release it... I dunno. "Soar to the sky, Shirotori!" I would have no bankai. >D At least not yet.
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23 / F / Philippines
Posted 7/4/09 , edited 7/4/09
i'LL caLL iT... "Kangen no Okibi" (music of the blazing fire)
(dUdE i'm nOt sUrE iF tHaT'S rIgHt.)

Shikai: "Blaze and sing... KANGEN no OKIBI!!!"
Bankai: "Kurokongouseki (Balck Diamond)"

tHaT's jUsT IT

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70 / F
Posted 7/30/09 , edited 7/30/09
Zanpakuto Name: Chirirenge (fallen lotus petal)
Normal Appearance: A gold handled letter opener with a silver blade.

Shikai Form: A gold tipped icepick with a silver handle.
Release Command: "Tell me what I need to know, Chirirenge."
Shikai Ability: You can store all the memories and knowledge of anyone in your zanpakuto that you have killed while in Shikai mode.
This information can still be accessed in Normal Mode

Bankai Form: An urumi with a gold handle and a long silver blade.
Bankai Ability: When activated, the world appears to be moving at down to 1/8th the normal speed but you seem to move down to 1/4th the normal speed while seeing and hearing at normal speed which allows you to react a lot faster to all sorts of things.
To an outsider, I will appear to be doing things 2 times faster than normal.

Posted 8/14/09 , edited 8/14/09
Name: Shining Obelisk
Call out: Blissful heavens rage, calling for help.
Normal form: A small knife that glows with a teal glow.

Shikai Form: Similar to this:
Shikai transfer: The knife begins to glow and teal reatsu flies around it, encircling it. I then slash through the air revealing the new form.

Shikai Abilitys:
Empower: The user can pour energy into the blade and when it makes contact it explodes (almost like Ichigo's Getsuga Tensho) with a tealish light.
Blind: The user creats a burst of teal light, blinding the enemy
Shine: The blade becomes slightly enlarged and the user slashes, creating a bolt of light that fires at the enemy.
Flow: The user spins the blade in a circle, creating about 6 copy swords, These swords then fire at the enemy and explode on contact.

Bankai Apperance: Many symbols mark the ground near the user and a small tornado of reatsu erupts, when subsided, the user shows wings of light have grown on his/her back.

Bankai Abilities:
The main ability of the bankai is that the user gains a TREMENDOUS amount of Energy and speed, alowing stronger and faster attacks.

Pillars: The final form of the bankai. 13 Pillars of light circle around the enemy and user, creating an alternate demension, all the attacks of the user become several times stronger as well as faster.

Final Judgement: The last resort of the bankai, the user glides into the air and slams down into the middle of the Pillars of light, they then explode, anialating anything trapped within. When used, the Zanpaktou goes back into Normal (Knife) form and the user becomes unable to fight until they rest (due to loss of energy)
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27 / M
Posted 8/14/09 , edited 8/15/09
mine hehe
name: Uya
appearance: long black katana
releasing cast: darkness
inner world: a dark path with a trail of cherry blossoms
skill: dark speed, dark waves
bankai: Murasame Uya
appearance: giant sword made from dark particles
skill: opening dimensional gates

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27 / M
Posted 8/22/09 , edited 8/23/09
暗い 精神 死 Kurai no Seishin (Dark spirit)

Zanpaktou inner spirit bio:

Zanpaktou Name:
• Kurai Seishin/, 暗い 精神 死 Kurai no Seishin (Dark spirit)
Zanpaktou Spirit:
• (Something like Ryuk from death note)pale young girl w/ black hair and lifeless eyes black tattered clothes
Black wings and another attached at the right arm left arm wrapped in bandages
Inner Spirit World:
• A lifeless world covered in black sand w/ an red sky and no moon (something like Hueco Mundo)
Zanpaktou Normal Appearance:
• 2 Short thin black katana’s w/ grey handle

Shikai Form:
• Short grey double edge scythes
Release Command:
• Cover the world in darkness, Kurai no Seishin
Shikai Abilities:
• Tenkasura no shi ( Light Of Death)
• Gray reiatsu based attack engulfing the enemy and absorbs their reiatsu until their life force is completely gone

Bankai Name
• Kurai Seishin no Shi/ 暗い 精神 死 (Dark Spirit of Death)
Bankai Form:
• Grim reaper scythe grey handle and black blade
Release Command:
• Blind all enemies in the dark Kurai Seishin no shi
Bankai Abilities:
• Kage no shi (Shadow Of Death)
• Completely black reiatsu based Slashing attack slicing all enemies (something like inuyasha’s wind scar)
Reiatsu increase with each swing

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27 / M
Posted 8/25/09 , edited 8/25/09
wew i hope uya has a japanese meaning(i got this name from samurai deeper kyo and looks like cool)
oh i forgot murasame means passing shower
Posted 8/29/09 , edited 8/29/09
I would name it something like Hikyuu for Brave Warrior. Maybe. ^__^
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30 / F / philippines
Posted 9/14/09 , edited 9/15/09
command: spin, gentle wind

shikai form: white whirlwind-like sword

first spin: tornadic waterspout
-they form from severe thunderstorms.
second spin:Landspout
-creates a distinctively laminar cloud of dust when they make contact with the ground.
third spin: multiple vortex tornado
-two or more columns of spinning air rotate around a common center.These vortices often create small areas of heavier damage along the main tornado path.

bankai: fire whirlwind glory
multiple vortex tornado associated with dust-devils(They form when a strong convective updraft is formed near the ground on a hot day), fire whirl(a fire that acquires a vertical vorticity and forms a whirl, or a tornado-like effect of a vertically oriented rotating column of air) and steam devil(a rotating updraft that involves steam or smoke)

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32 / M
Posted 9/15/09 , edited 9/15/09
My zanpaktou would be twin katana's ones name would be izaizu and the other would be doku and they would release seprately both with their own chant.
Shikai Forms
Izaizu's chant would be- "FLASH IZAIZU"

Doku's chant would be- "BIND DOKU"

Izaiku's shikai powers would be light based attacks and defenses

Doku's shikai powers would be shadow based attacks and defenses

Bankai Forms
Izaizu's and Doku's bankai's chant would be together in the same chant and they would fuse into 1 zanpaktou

Bankai name
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