Post Reply To all members and non-members! Please read!!
Posted 10/4/08 , edited 10/4/08
Minna-san, sorry for a sudden notice placed right here ne...The reason why I wrote this is because the group currently need more support and also, please be more active and participate in the forum such as Banner Making Competition. Currently there are no participants participating.

I would like to tell you guys that eventhough you may not have talent or you don't know how to make an avatar, it's ok to join. Remember, join for fun, not for fame! Avatar making is a fun thing to do when you have free time. You can join for fun, by posting your avatars in the Show Off Your Works forum topic. You can share you works there, and let everyone see. It might be a hard work for beginners, but do try your best! We believe that you can do it nomatter how long it takes. Be patient.

If you have photoshop in your computer but you don't know how to use it, please message us. We can teach you how to do. Or else, you can private message yumikosakura195 for some tutorial sites that might help you to know your photoshop better.

Other online/non-online softwares such as Gimp, Flauntr, Photoscrap etc will work too. Message yumikosakura195 for more useful helping sites. And one of our pro here, LilYumiko might be able to give some advices to you if yumikosakura and cute_yumi weren't available at that time. LilYumiko was best in photoshop works. Check her works out!

Next, Avatar Made For You widely accepts advice, compliment or ideas from member and non-members. If you have any great ideas, you could inform us and we'll try to make the best out of it. So, check out for futher notice and changes if needed. At your service, Avatar Made For You.

Till the very end minna-san, I hope I don't bored you to death.
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