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Innocent Love, new teaser, cast and details about 1st episode

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~Innocen't Love~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~Cast~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Akiyama Kanon (19) - [Horikita Maki]
Brought up in a province town. Burdened with the past of having lost both her parents at a very young age and her older brother arrested as the murderer, but keeps on facing forward in her life. A kind person who wishes everyone happiness from the bottom of her heart. Meets Junya when working as garbage collector and falls in love with him.

Nagasaki Junya (28) - [Kitagawa Yuujin]
A former composer. Now working in a piano bar as part-time job and on Sunday's teaching chants to children in a church. Lost both his parents at a very young age, but has been a very popular child with a very bright and naive character. However, he actually has a deep sadness inside his heart. Engaged to Kiyoka, his classmate from his college days.

Sakurai Mizuki (23) - [Kashii Yuu]
A childhood friend of Junya. Has been in love with him since childhood, but he never noticed and she kept on being treated like his younger sister. Worried about that his fiancé abuses him. She also hates Kanon who gets close to him and treats her badly.

Akiyama Youji (24) - [Fukushi Seiji]
Kanon's older brother. His only friend is his younger sister Kanon, because he has been a very weak and a stay-at-home child. In a juvenile prison for killing his parents. He claims that those are false accusations.

Segawa Subaru (28) - [Narimiya Hiroki]
Was in one class together with Junya and Kiyoka during their college days. He works as a designer. A close friend of Junya, but has a secret he can't even tell him. Worried about Junya as much as Mizuki. It's also painful for him to tell his feelings to the person he loves.

Toono Kiyoka (28) - [Uchida Yuki]
Junya's fiancé. Selfish and a plain character who isn't even able to smile in a kind way. She always abuses Junya, but he still continues to be wholeheartedly in love with her.

Ikeda Jirou (43) - [Toyohara Kousuke]
A journalist that chases after the truth behind the murder of Kanon's parents. While persistently chasing after Kanon and Youji, he's going to enfold (or getting involved with) their sad fate.

--News from Pori-chan

Ayapan jealous of Kitagawa and Horikita relationship?

Horikita Maki and Kitagawa Yuujin will play the leading roles in the upcoming dorama "Innocent Love" as you all know. Everything seems to go smoothly, but there is still one thing and one person that seems to be highly concerned.

"Ayapan came~," a young person told the producer.
Some of you might know that "Ayapan" is the nickname of Fuji TV announcer Takashima Aya, Kitagawa's real current girlfriend. She appeared at the location without any appointment.

"Whether it's from behind of of a telephone or through some bushes, there seems to be a reproachful peeping tom. Now we know it's her and care too much about it anymore," the producer commented.

The questions here is why Ayapan feels the urge to be a peeping tom on location. From official side we only hear that "she often goes to watch" without any more information. "She's suspicious of the relationship Horikita and Kitagawa's and goes there to observe the situation," insiders told us. "Horikita is his senior when it comes to acting and so she volunteers to guide him at work. When Ayapan heard about this she became extremely jealous."

In fact, Horikita is a big fan of Yuzu as well. "She even got into their fan club. They pretend it to be practice, but she uses it to get autographs and to be close to him. From the outside she seems to be quite fluttering," the insider added.

---News from pori-chan

Innocent Love Press conference (incl. Clip)

On the 2nd the cast of Innocent Love appeared at a press conference in Tokyo to officially announce the upcoming getsu9 dorama of Fuji TV.

The parents of the woman Horikita is going to play got killed when she was still very young and while she tries to keep on living positively she falls in love with the composer Junya played by Kitagawa Yuujin of the popular duo Yuzu. "I'm happy to be able to play such a big role on my turning point," Homaki who will become 20 on the 6th said delighted.

For Kitagawa it will be his drama debut and you could see an awkward feeling on face during the press conference when he came out with the rest of the wonderful cast, such as Kashii Yuu or Narimiya Hiroki. "I've been doing nothing but music for the past 11 years, so I'm feeling out of place here. So many cameras, it's really a getsu 9 dorama," he commented with a bitter smile. Usually he prefers it simple, only wearing jeans and a T-shirt when doing music, but today he transformed into a "mechaike", an incredibly good-looking man in a black slender suit. Kitagawa also mentioned that he had to go back and take piano lessons for adults to accomplish his role. Also a funny side-note he revealed, "While practicing my lines at home, my mom came to me confused and asked 'What?'"

Horikita Maki New Photo Book "S"

It was already mentioned in the staff blog. An official announcement will be done on the 10th, together with an event to celebrate her birthday. At the same day you will be able to buy tickets for her handshaking event that's going to be held on the 13th. You will not only be able to shake her hand, but also get a signed copy of her new photo book called "S." There is no information as for whether the photo book will go on sale at the same day, sometime later or never at all. The event itself will be limited to only 1000 people and each person can only buy one PB.

The photographer of the PB was ND CHOW, a native Singapore born photographer who already worked for several major fashion magazines in Japan and worldwide. In his career he also worked for major companies and artists such as Hamasaki Ayumi, Ozawa Seiji, Amuro Namie and many many more.
The PB will contain 112 pages in a luxury binding and will be sold for 2940 yen.

It was already mentioned that Maki put a lot of thoughts and meanings into this testimonial-like, sensational photo book.
"Since I became 20, there was nothing I wanted to do. Nothing changed like everyone said. I just felt like seeing my SOUL. I was surprised that it's so stimulating (SADISTIC), so unexpected STRAIGHT and perhaps a part of me that should be kept a SECRET... Horikita Maki"

A black pantsuit, a deep crimson coat, 3 kind of wigs, a wedding dress.. It's not just a work full of such fashionable styling, but also one with a lot of extreme sexual and emotional photographs. She completely throw of her former image and so challenged herself to become an adult woman with this photo book, that it without a doubt will become the biggest topic of this year.

There is not the slightest doubt that this photo book is going to be a must-buy for anyone who calls him/herself a fan of Horikita Maki.

---News from Pori-chan

[10/02] Staff Blog: "Quick Announcement!!"

On October 10 will be a commemoration event for Horikita Maki's 20th birthday and
on that occasion she will reveal her first new photobook after a long time!!
The title for the PB will be "S." Maki herself thought really hard about it and
included various meanings into this book.
Of course she will go to an handshake event for it after a long time as well!

The event will be held on the 13th in the head office of the Aoyama Book Center.
Starting from the 10th Tickets for the handshake event will be sold for 2940 yen each (you will get a PB incl. an autograph in exchange for the ticket).
Every person can only buy one ticket. Waiting in a line since the previous night is not allowed!
The tickets will be limited to only 1000 people.

The telephone number for the book center is 03-5485-5511.
Business hours are from 10am to 10pm.

We can't wait to meet you all on that day.

Horikita Maki's agency searching for fresh talents

Today the monthly magazine "DeView" went on sale with Horikita Maki on the front cover and an announcement of her agency searching for fresh talents through auditions.

The agency's biggest talent Horikita Maki already made herself a name as an actress. In a survey of the magazine the readers describe her as "having the power to attract people with her acting," "having lovable straight (honest) eyes", "looking pretty with her short hair," "being able to play any role without problems" and "having a elegant atmosphere." When asked about her 20th birthday that's only about a week away, she comments surprisingly calm that, "It's approaching more casually than I thought," although it's a major checkpoint in her life and career of becoming a full-fledged actress.

Of course Sweet Power has a lot of more young talents among their lines. Next to Horikita Maki they have Uchiyama Rina, Kuroki Meisa, Minamisawa Nao, Sakuraba Nanami and Sawaki Ruka to name some of their big shots in the 10 to 20 age category. More young talents now have the chance to become one of them in upcoming auditions called the "Sweet Power Fresh Star Auditions." The girls have to be between 10 and 20 years...


Oricon: ideal women

Oricon recently ran a survey of 1,200 men and women under 40, asking them to identify which celebrities they felt represented their ideal image of a woman. The survey was divided into two categories, one for music artists and one for actresses.

In the artist category, Namie Amuro ranked #1, noted for her style and fashion sense. The rest of the top five were YUI, aiko, Ayumi Hamasaki, and YUKI.

Under actresses, Yui Aragaki topped the list, winning popularity with her cuteness and her smile. She was followed by Nanako Matsushima, Aoi Miyazaki, Ryoko Shinohara, and Maki Horikita.

[09/29] Innocent Love "Start of Filming Part 2"

His first appearance! Nagasaki Junya's (Kitagawa Yuujin) first scene is together with his close friend Segawa Subaru played by Narimiya Hiroki.

One of the big topics of "Innocent Love", the first appearance of popular musician Kitagawa Yuujin of "Yuzu". Kitagawa is playing the pianist Nagasaki Junya who leads a children choir of a church. The first scene they shot was together with Junya's close friend Segawa Subaru played by Narimiya Hiroki. It was a relaxed filming right from the beginning and they both enjoyed it. Kitagawa and Narimiya seem to be real best friends.

One day before the filming was Narimiya's birthday and although it was 1 day late, Kitagawa and the staff prepared a cake to congratulate him to his birthday. You can also see the picture of that moment here! Happy birthday, Narimiya!

Taken and translated from the official website of Innocent Love.

"Noche, Lotte's newest creation"

Maki is going to do a CM for Lotte's new chocolate creation "Noche~"! (see below)
On the 30th it will go on sale together with the start of broadcast of the new CM on TV.
A cake inside a chocolate bar? That's at least what the new sweets is about.

Translated CM Story:
Horikita Maki stars at a chocolate bar and a tiramisu on a separate plates each.
Then the chocolate bar suddenly reaches across to the other plate and grabs it with one bite.
The chocolate bar ate the cake and created "Noche"!!
Horikita was waiting for this and tastes "Noche" with a smile.
Pay a lot attention to the adult-like charm of hers!
[Source: Lotte's Website]

Link for the CM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JO15lr-mE7k&eurl=http://www.pori-chan.com/

-News From Pori-chan
Utada Hikaru will provide the theme song for Innocent Love

Since its release in March 2001, Utada's album "Distance" sold 5.48 million copies worldwide.

Today it's been announced that Utada Hikaru's song "Eternally" will be used as the theme song for Innocent Love.
The track actually is from Utada's 2nd album "Distance" and for why the producer decided to use it, he explained: "The melody, the lyrics and the title are what greatly inspired me to create the image for this dorama." This alone was enough reason for him to want this song for Innocent Love.
However, they will use a newly created mix of that song, now titled "Eternally -Drama Mix-" even with some new vocals rearranged in a studio in London. There are plans for a digital release via Chaku-Uta, but at the present point there is no word about a possible CD release.


HanaKimi SP and Innocent Love CM
A Hana kimi + Innocent Love CM (45sec) is out on Youtube.


Kimura Yoshino and Kamikawa Takaya added to the Layton cast

The highly popular puzzle game "Professor Layton" for the Nintendo DS will see a 3rd installment later this year. All information we had so far was it's title and the regular voice cast known from the older games including Horikita Maki. Now it's been announced that "Professor Layton and the Last Time Travel" will hit the stores in Japan on November 27. In total the series already shipped more than 1.75 million in Japan and shows it's great popularity.

The story will kick off with a letter to the Professor with the sender 'the future Luke'. "Please help us professor. Right now our town and London are in a serious condition." is the message that will lead the Professor and Luke to the future London. Of course the author of "Gymnastics for the Brain", Tago Akira will be in charge of all the puzzles again.

The old cast will return for their roles as mentioned earlier already. Professor Layton will be spoken by Oizumi You, small Luke will be spoken by Horikita Maki and the older Luke as revealed in an earlier news by Oguri Shun. Additional to them there will be a new heroine called "Sarias" (?) spoken by Kimura Yoshino and the character "Dimitri" spoken by Kamikawa Takaya. In the supporting roles we will also find the known voices of Hashimoto Shiho, Haraguchi Akimasa, Ogura Yuko and the comical duo "America Zerigani". Ann Sally will create the theme for the 3rd installment as well.

-- News from Pori-chan
"Maki's first interpretation"

She was allowed to write an interpretation about the book called "Yoshinokita Koukou Tosho Iinkai" (Yoshino Northern High School Book Committee)!!
Yamamoto Nagisa received the "Special Chief Editor Award" in the 3rd "Da Vinchi Literary Prize" for his work.

It brings back the young and vivacious feeling of your high school years.
You have to read it!
Note: I assume the interpretation will be in the "DaVinchi" magazine that's coming out in October, but I might be wrong.

--News from pori-chan
[09/26] Innocent Love "Start of Filming Part 1"

One shot from the start of filming of "Innocent Love" with the protagonist Akiyama Kanon played by Horikita Maki.

The filming of "Innocent Love" is going smoothly right now. It started with a scene with only the protagonist Akiyama Kanon played by Horikita Maki. In that scene Kanon is going towards the bus to go and meet her older brother Youji (Fukushi Seiji) who got admitted to a juvenile prison.

Horikita Maki perfectly portrays the pretty image and the role of Kanon was written with the presumption of her playing that role in the first place! An interview with Horikita Maki will get released on this site soon as well, so don't miss it!!

Taken and translated from the official website of Innocent Love.


On the cover of B.L.T.

Maki is going to be on the cover of the magazine B.L.T.
She's on it after more than 1 year.
The last time she was on the cover was for "HanaKimi".
Maki was 14 years old when Shinoyama Kishin took pictures of her for the first time.
Each time he told her that she has grown up, but when you recall those days then she really has grown up, didn't she?
Very soon she will be 20 years old...

--News from Pori-chan

Innocent Love CM out!

HanaKimi SP Preview Screening Event

It's from the preview screening of the HanaKimi SP that happened on the 18th. Some of the cast appeared at the event, but apparently Maki was too busy with other stuff as you might guess. Anyway, the clip is still worth watching as it has some previews of the upcoming special that's going to air in October. The clip is from Mezamashi TV, a morning news show on Fuji TV.
Here is the link:

----News from Pori-chan♥
[09/17]Maki on Southern Hyoutan Island

Horikita Maki and 10 children from the Southern Hyoutan Island ~This is our cool paradise~

A notification for a program that's going to air at 02am on October 10th!

Before she already went to Europe for her bicycle adventure, but this time she went to the Kuchierabu Island.
You could say that she had extracurricular lessons together with 10 children and created a lot of summer memories.
They drained fine white noodles, climbed a gorge and all in all had a lot of fun together in the nature.
Maybe it's way to say goodbye to her teen days...?

--News from Pori-chan and last sentence written by Sakurayume
"Lotte Sasha Web Movie"

Maki's going to introduce this year's Sasha's webpage. She was shooting it in Kyoto and she will appear in the two short web movies for Lotte Sasha confections. Director Nagasawa Masahiko created two lovely versions (movies), "Cloth Wrapper" and "Plaited Cord".
You can see them here:



----From Pori-chan, edited by SakuraYume

Innocent Love Teaser, News Clip and 11th Ganbatta Awards

On this site you can find clip relating to "Innocent Love" (A little teaser and a other clip):


----News from Pori-chan

Sweet Power Mobile - Blogs, Pics and more

Horikita Maki's agency "Sweet Power" announced today that their new site called "Sweet Power Mobile" would open on Tuesday, September 16th (for docomo at least). Apart from being able to get exclusive pics from your stars, you'll also be able to read their own private blogs and even get personal birthday messages from your favorite actress. Horikita about the new site, "There'll be a blog and lots of other content. You have to check it out."
Here is the site: http://www.sweetpowermobile.jp/

A wake-up message from Horikita Maki, a smile of Kuroki Meisa as standby screen or clips from Uchiyama Rina as email, Sweet Power is really going to offer an incredible experience for fans who have a mobile phone. For September there will even be signed autographs of Horikita Maki send to a total of 10 lucky winners in the present corner.

Those who'll be a member for more than 3 months will be able to use the benefits of the VIP corner. In that premium section you can get more special treats next to the blogs, pictures, clips, voice messages of all kinds and special gifts available for regular members. Features known for that section so far are rare off-shoot pictures and real personal decorated and handwritten emails able for download. It's a sheer amount of variation that's probably going to get more and more content in the near future. However, all in all it's just another reason for us who don't live in Japan to be envious about those who are able to use this service. Anyway, for those who want to know, the monthly fee for regular members will probably be around 300 yen ($2.8 / €1.9), but that's only a guess judging from similar offers from other agencies.

---News from pori-chan.

Maki dying her hair - starring in a new drama...? - The "Horikita Effect".

As you see.. Maki has dyied her hair for the first time in her life (even though it isn't a big change) and got a permanent wave, is it a change to bring out the adult in her...?

On september 10th Maki got to meet with the scenario reading for her new drama "Getsu 9" and she will in october appear in many magazines... on the covers an opening pages!

Maki has been staring in Atsuhime and it seems like the ratings has got higher, it has boosted to 27,7, it is said to be partly becuase of that Maki is character unfolds an intressting conflict in the story. It is been called the "Horikita effect". It is even said that she might turn into a rating queen this year. Media experts say, "Her exposure is increasing and the fees paid for her performances will go up to 1,5 million Yen per hour for doramas and 25 million Yen per CM. She will surpass her senior Uchiyama Rina and will become the biggest earner for her agency."

--News written by SakuraYume and inspired from www.pori-chan.com

Hanazakari no kimitachi e ~Ikemen Paradise~ SP airing date!

Hana-kimi SP is airing on October 12th, 21-23:15 o'clock, after Atsuhime... now we just have to wait for it! XD
The pictures is from Maki Horikita collection!

Kitagawa Yuujin and other cast members of "Innocent Love" revealed

Today finally the the other cast members of the cast of Maki's new dorama "Innocent Love" have been revealed. The biggest surprise would be the male leading part, because Kitagawa Yuujin (31) from the popular folk song duo "Yuzu" will be in charge of that one. This would be his first ever role in a dorama and already as the lead actor at the side of popular Horikita Maki. However, Kitagawa isn't a totally new actor as he has been doing some acting in movies like "Meitentei Hokenshitsu no Obasan" or "All-Night Long 3: Last Chapter" before his actual breakthrough with the folk duo Yuzu in 1998. "I was really surprised. It's a new challenge and I'll work hard with all my might," he commented with a lot of ambition. "I think Horikita Maki is a wonderful actress, whether it's in movies or doramas and I'm very happy to be able to act together with her. I'm slightly older than her, but when it comes to acting she is my senpai. Please take care of me."

The theme for Innocent Love is about "modern loneliness" and the heroine Kanon (Maki) who got neglected by the world around her. Kanon is trying to find happiness in this modern Cinderella story. Kitagawa will play Nagasaki Junya she is wholeheartedly falling in love with. His role is not an easy one. He is a pianist for a church's children choir who seems to have a cheerful naiveté from the outside, but in the inside he holds a deep sadness.

Other cast members include Kashii Yuu (21) who is going to play the role of Sakurai Midzuki, a childhood friend of Junya who has feelings for him since they were young. She'll be like the "first villain" who's going to bully Horikita's character.

Fukushi Seiji (25) will be Kanon's older brother Akiyama Youji who got in juvenile prison as suspect for the murder of their parents. He is worrying about his sister and her loneliness, but he suffers due to the fact that he can't go outside these walls.

Segawa Subaru, a very close friend of Junya will be played by Narimiya Hiroki (25) who's in charge of bringing a fresh and modern feeling to that show. He himself struggles with the problem that he can't tell anybody his feelings, not about his worries about his new assignment and neither his feelings towards the person who loves him.

Shining actress Uchida Yuki (32) will play Kiyoka, the fiancé of Junya. She will be an important key role for the dorama.

According to the producer there is a reason behind every casted actor/actress. "I wanted to appoint him (Kitagawa) for a dorama before already, but this time I finally made the request. If the dorama can reflect the charm that comes out from his inside, then I think there will be a great chemical reaction. He hasn't yet shown anything to the general audience, so please take note of him."
About Kashii Yuu, "I wanted an actress who could play such an ugly character in the inside that you wouldn't be able to tell from her elegant face. It's the first bullying role and I thoroughly wanted to portray it."
"Fukushi-san showed his talent on NHK and I thought he would be the right person for that character with a lot of darkness inside of him. That's why I made him the offer. It will be fun changing him from an handsome man into a man with close-cropped hair."
And then Narimiya, "His role is really delicate with a shock-like secret he is keeping to himself. I think you will be attracted by how great he performs that difficult role."
Uchida will be in charge of the beautiful girl, but as much as she is beautiful as much can she fight and strife for something

--- News from www.pori-chan.com

1million Stepwagons, Event and new CM for Maki-chan

Stepwagon, the mini van from Honda now reached a total of 1million domestic sales. The car first debuted in 1996 and since then three different models saw the light. Its popularity spread from families to car enthusiasts, not only in Japan.

This achievement was celebrated with an event on the 21th in Tokyo's "Caretta Shiodome" on which a new CM for the Stepwagon with the actress Horikita Maki, who also attended the memorial event was announced. She tells us a bit about the CM.

It's the first time for me doing a car CM, so my heart was throbbing really fast. The image of a simple family in this CM is very warmly and I'd be happy, if everyone could feel the gratitude of that family everyone would want to have in this Stepwagon CM." In the CM itself she personifies the car. "Hey, Stepwagon-kun. 1million families must have been hard, right?" After those words it starts to show all the families hugging each other.

Maki's final thoughts on the message of the CM: "When you are small you often get hugged by your family. When you get hugged you somehow feel relieved and happy. My family is the most important thing for me. Please see it with your precious family by all means."

Maki then gets asked whether there is somebody she would want to hug. "I have a younger sister I met after a long time and she's so unbelievable cute. She is the one I would want to hug." Concerning from whom she'd want to get hugged from. "Somebody I really like and who is important to me. I don't just mean the opposite sex, but also family or friends."

The new CM will start to air from the 22nd.

--- News from www.pori-chan.com
Maki in Shinkansen & Love magazine

"Shinkansen & Love" is a fashion magazine with and for girls who go to Tokyo via a Shinkansen/bullet train.
It's a new kind of fashion magazine with something like a fashion-show inside and outside of a Shinkansen. The magazine perfectly blends multiple themes into one and with the final product it's hard to say whether it's aimed towards railroad otakus, a guidebook of Tokyo or a fashion magazine for girls.
This fashion-guide-otaku magazine is done in collaboration with the Tokyo tourist information site "Tokyo Bookmark" (tokyobookmark.jp) and "Studio Voice" who are responsible for the "Fashion News" magazine.
With the themes of Tokyo & Shinkansen related fashion, culture and technology they got Horikita Maki, Kuroki Meisa, Fujii Rina and others as models on board.
It will go on sale on August 26.

--- News from www.pori-chan.com
Maki-san's latest drama

Maki is starring in a new drama "Innocent Love" (イノセント・ラヴ). It has the same screenwriter, producer and director as the drama Last Friends and is airing in October.

Synopris from drama wiki:
An arson took it all away from Akiyama Kanon seven years ago. Her parents died in that fire, her brother was arrested as the prime suspect and her carefree life disappeared from that instant. She was shunned by the town as the sister of a murderer, yet she believes her brother's innocence and often pays him visits with words of encouragement. As life gets harder when nobody is willing to give her a job, Kanon decides to try her luck in the city and there she meets the man of her destiny...

--Written and added by SakuraYume

July 1st Maki appeared in "Fuji Film photo festival in Tokyo Midtown” in Fuji Films headquarters that opened 2rd July. The photo festival is the biggest I Japan (10,000 people on display), with different themes like "the greenery I want to protect" or "the water I want to protect" and “my precious memory”.

Maki who showed her own photographs said: "I really love to take pictures. It was very difficult to select only one picture for this exhibition. When I was in Berlin this May, I once was completely surrounded by the sky except of right above me, that's what I took a picture of. To be able to include one (of my pictures) in this exhibition and to let others sympathy with it makes me very happy."

In Japan Maki have 19 pictures on exhibition in Tokyo, Japan and her own place is called “My precious memories ~Horikita Maki's memorial photographs frame~”.

"It's something fantastic that with photographs you can save your precious memories just as they are. I love to take pictures of the scenery and especially of the sky at that time back then, I wanted to save it." she talks about her photograph. When asked about her favorite picture of her own, she said with a lively voice: "The tree photo. It was a refreshing weather, you could feel the vitality of the tree. I incredibly like it."

Maki's favorite picture (of the pictures she has taken)

Maki’s own pictures on a wall in the spoiler;
(written on japanese) My precious memories ~Horikita Maki's memorial photographs frame~


On Maki Horikita will appear on the historical drama “Atsu-hime” and because of that she and her fellow actor Matsuda Shouta (they play the married couple of the Kazunomiya and Iemochi at Tokyo Shibakouen’s Zojo-ji temple) visited the graves of the personalities they play on June 24th.

This pictures is Maki in wig and kimono for the historical drama Atsu-hime.

Maki said:
"A historic person. Nobody might know the real truth, but I will perform with my utmost effort." It's the first full-blown historic drama for her. When she first looked into the mirror and saw herself with the wig and white make-up, "I thought it was a different person" <laughs>. "It first was difficult to move with the wig and the costume, but now I've grown accustomed to it."
The drama will broadcast in August in Japan.


On June 39th Maki appeared together with the girl band chatmonchy on the public radio broadcast of ”SCHOOL OF LOCK!” that took place in took place at Tokyo FM's SpainZaka studio.

"It was my wish to appear at the SpainZaka studio this year, I'm very happy. I'm nervous about getting watched by my fans." Maki said.

chatmonchy provided the song "Kaze Fukeba Koi" (Love Blows in the Wind) for Maki's "Sea Breeze" CM who also sponsored this event. "I've created this song after I saw Maki-chan running," vocalist Hashimoto Eriko (24) reveals to the delight of Maki. The show was broadcasted on July 15th.

The “Sea Breeze” CM:

---written by SakuraYume and some of the parts and the source is from the news in www.pori-chan.com

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28 / a LittLe Red Dot...
Posted 10/4/08 , edited 10/4/08
wow... reallly lookin forward to her new drama... n... de Professor Layton game... hahaa...
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38 / F / sabah
Posted 10/4/08 , edited 10/4/08
tq 4 all the info...she so gorgeous with the red gaunt...
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28 / F / Narita, Tokyo Japan
Posted 10/4/08 , edited 10/4/08
wish..mooooooooore projects..wid toma-kun and yamashita-san..:)
Posted 10/4/08 , edited 10/4/08
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