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naruto shippuuden 78-79 subbed!
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Posted 10/4/08 , edited 10/5/08
No More Naruto~ Boring Anime~
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Posted 10/4/08 , edited 10/5/08
Thx dude!!! While i can i gonna spam cuz this thread een ga last long wit everyone bitching about rules.
Yuri is great,Yahoo!!!
Posted 10/5/08 , edited 10/5/08
sorry everyone! i didn't know about the no more naruto threads thing! sorry! this is my first forum and i figured alot of people would like to have known this! sorry again! bad me......
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Posted 10/5/08 , edited 10/5/08

philip2213 wrote:

meanne07 wrote:

why does people hates naruto??? what so bad about it???

well i hate the fact that there's so many episodes...that's all.

well, i dont hate...i jsut hate ppl keep making naruto threads OUTSIDE of the naruto section lol

also..i used to luv naruto back then..but now..the storyline and everything is just jacked... the whole summary of the story is like this:

Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi go and search for Sasuke for like 100 years, soon they all grow old and kakashi dies from "super" cancer and Sakura becomes poor and dies from a super rare diease called "OMG-imsolonely diease"...So now Naruto is the only one alive now...and THEN by some odd miracle, naruto and sasuke bump into each other while they were at the "shinobi retirement home" and then....they kiss....

Then they both explode,
that caused the whole building to explode,
which made the whole village explode,
that made all the other villages explode,
and then the whole earth or "naruto world" explodes,
making the milky way to explode,
thus making the whole universe to explode.....

All because Naruto had kissed Sasuke...



what is the new intro song called? I like it

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Posted 10/5/08 , edited 10/5/08
It's obvious that this thread came from the anime forum.

We already have a thread here about where to watch Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden

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