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Posted 10/5/08 , edited 10/5/08
alright this is the creator here saying: if you want to write stories about your favorite couple, then you can start writing in the forum place. I will also write NATSUMExMIKAN stories here on our page so we can get more people to join our group. More fans the more Natsume will be happy..........but he wont show it ....cause thats how he rolls! *natsume glaring at me*
Natsume: rolls?
Me: Yup rolls, cuz youre cool like that ok?
Natsume: Tch I know I'm cool and all you people in this club are bakas
Me: HEY! dont call us bakas! were all older than you (hopefully) so show respect to us and we'll show some respect for you
Natsume: whatever
Me: *pout* dont make me call Mikan
Natsume: and what is she going to do?
Me: oh you know what she'll do you dont have to ask unless.. you want me to tell her your little secret oh Mikan I have something to tell you about Nat--
Natsume: *cups hand over my mouth* shut up baka
lol anyways plz excuse that little conversation anyways thats just a little announcement from the creator so expect this feature soon
You may start writing stories in the forum place before i start writing my story, here is a summary on my new story:
Ok so im a vampire hunter so what. And yet I'm in love with a vampire. thought Mikan while in her "lovers" arms I guess I can't help it, I can't stop loving Natsume, even if he is a vampire, besides hes not like the other vampires
Ok theres the summary the story is called "Gakuen Alice/ Twilgitht Mix
So,hope u guy start writting now!!!!!
Oh..and,me wont take part have another group need some story ...and,mii busy now!sorry!!!
Oh..and post ur story here!
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