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Posted 10/5/08 , edited 10/5/08
HELLO ! its me ! lols, anyways. dis is about the economic meltdowns and stuff. As u noe, the world is slowly slowly like...collapsing and u noe, ozone depletion...rising sea warming...stuff like dat. slowly, our world will be destroyed, many things r soon to come ! Disasters,Financial breakdowns,War and LOTS MORE ! even increase in homos ! in California(if im nt wrong, its wad i heard) ppl r voting whether gays r allowded to get married. God created Adam and Eve to be together. Man and Woman to be together. He didnt want a Man and Man to be together, dats VERY wrong ! He created Adam an Eve, NOT Adam and Steve ! dats like...YUCK ! The Bible says alot about the end times, and we r probably entered the end times long ago ! If i look back into the past like..year 1994+, everything seemed so fine and okay, but if u look at the present, almost everything changed ! Inflation is gonna be a HUGE problem ! Go read the book of Habakkuk ! it says almost the same things we're facing or about to face ! Violence,Wickedness,Greed,Inflation. If u think this problem is about to end, den ur wrong. its the just the beginning.

"Those who fear death, will die. But those who fix their eyes on God, u will be saved." I heard dis phrase some where. oh well . Its probably true ! i'm not trying to scare u all, but wad u read and Revelations and Habakkuk will probably come to past.We must make sure dat we will not lose our faith in God. Dont care wad is happening to the world. Dont lose faith so easily...Just believe dat God will carry u thru all these. and u will definately have a better future. whether be it being persecuted or doing God's will all the way, its far greater than going to Hell as an ending result. U noe, one of my friends told me, "If u ever come across people hu wants to kill u coz of Christ, Dont think of the current situation...think about wad comes AFTER the situation." and he smiled. I myself think its a better way to look at persecution.

Even as the End times r coming, don't lose faith. Coz if u do, the ending result probably wont be good at all...but if u keep ur faith and follow Jesus till the ends of the earth, den he'll carry u all the way. ^^
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