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[Fanfic] Amuto internet Trouble [Fanfic]

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Posted 10/6/08 , edited 10/6/08
.:Amuto Internet Trouble:.

Ikuto: Does anything dealing with me happen in this chapter?

Shota: -still typing- Im working on it.

Amu: There better not be anything AMUTO in this...

Shota:...but the title says Amuto in there will be amuto...

Amu:...-gives a deadly glare-

Ikuto: Amu dont look at him that way you are just so cute when your happy -Bites ear-


Ikuto: -takes Amu into the room and locks the door-

Shota:... ...hehehe...good job Ikuto now Im going to finish the story!




Shota -ignores and types away- .

Feast well on my fanfic oh fellow Shugo chara lovers, it's one of my few fanfics and i do hope you enjoy it.
Some people may know me at (aka as sarah.) but please continue to adress me via "Shota" (add a "sama" if you wish to :o" Once again, Enjoy. Updates will depend solely on my brain juices.

Date July 1stXXXX

Mood: Happy :)

Title: Schools Done!

Hey everyone! This is Strawberry talking and I just want to tell the world that school is finally over! Yes!! Now I can spend my summer by getting some extra sleep, help out the guardians (which means spend time with a certain someone! T-kun!), and hang out at my balcony more often (only I know what that means haha :.) How are you guys going to spend your summers? Im soo happy Im finally a seventh grader heading off to middle school! Well talk to you all later, Im going to start getting that extra sleep now! -AH

"Its done!" Amu said happily. Lately she had gotten an interest in blogging, since her dad had bought a new computer for the family. Since she was the only one that used it she decided to make a blog. Her blog is titled:PlaidStrawberries

She logged off the computer and jumped onto her bed, with her black and red cross pajamas on, she smiled big. Ever since she had started the blog, people from allover the world had been reading it and sending back comments. She didnt tell the guardians or anyone at school about her blog, this was the only place where she could vent out her feelings about everything going on in her life without anyone she knows getting back at her for it. She looked at her three colored eggs holding Ran Miki and Su in them. They had gone to sleep ten minutes or so before she had finished her blog. Amu couldnt wait for replies the next day, she wanted to know how people were going to spend their summers and how they are doing. She fell asleep and woke up the next day to yelling charas.

"Amu!! Wake up!! Guardian duties with Tadese today!!" Ran said cheerfully

Amu jumped up and got into her clothes as quickly as she could. She was wearing a black and red short sleeve shirt with a big black cross across it. wearing with it a red and black plaid mini skirt with a punk studded belt. She had on black leggings and black boots. She had her signiture hairstyle a messy pony tail pulled back with a red cross clip. She grabbed a red and black plaid bag with black satin trimmed edges and walked out the door with her three charas.

Yes I get to see him today!!

She sighed and flashed back to the only time Tadese blushed when they were together. It was when it was all about Amulet Heart, sure Tadese had feelings for her...but only when she was in her pink frilly form. She wanted, needed, someone that liked her for her. Not just one side of her. She shook her head to get the thoughts away and ran out the door heading off to the new guardian's headquarters at the Seiyo Middle School. The schools were all connected and made by the same team, first there is Seiyo Academy, Seiyo Middle School, and Seiyo Highschool. The elementary school was closed off from the other two schools, which were next to eachother. Amu, her charas, high heels and all walked in cooly into the building. All of the kids looked at her bringing up her name with the words she had heard so often 'Cool and Spicy'. She mentally sighed, another school of students who only saw her looks and not the real Hinamori Amu. She finally found a door with a sign on it that said: 'Room 2302 The Guardians Room'. She opened it to find Tadese and Kukai sitting in the room. Amu shot a questioning look at them and looked around seeing where everyone else was.

"Unfortuanitly," Tadese said telling what she was thinking "Since Rima and Yaya are a year younger then us they will not be attending until next year."

"And I," Kukai said with a disapointed look to his eyes "will only be here for this year because I'm going off to highschool."

"Oh." That was all she could think of to say at that moment. She hadnt realized that she wasnt going to actually see some of her friends in school for another year and even then she would be separated from some. Nadeshiko was still in the U.S. studying her dance, and Utau was doing well with her singing. And there was still the question of where was Ikuto? She hadnt seen him for a few weeks and was starting to get worried.

Lost in her thoughts of all her unaccounted-for friends Kukai put his arm over her shoulder and with a smile and a wink said "Dont worry Amu! Ill still be around the highschool is right next to us so I can see you guys anytime. And for Yaya and Rima you will still see them for the guardian stuff after school and you always have thier cell phone numbers so it should be no problem!"

Amu looked up with a little smile "Yeah it will be!"

I thought maybe I would have been more happy to be with Tadese alone (with Kukai there totally not noticing anything of course) but...I'm just not...

Two weeks of guardian work with less help then usual went by slowly, Amu had not had any time to log on to update her blog lately, or see if anyone had commented so she went to go check her latest blog comments. And there it was her most favorite reader 'BlackKat' had responded:

Dear Strawberry,

My summer has been very boring. I havent been able to see the girl I hold close to me and this is my only way of reaching her. I have been under orders supposed to go with my sister to help with her shows. I hope that you are always smiling Strawberry, Update soon. -BlackKat

Amu held her red strawberry pillow tightly smiling wide. She really liked that BlackKat replied to every blog she put up and how he would also put in bits and parts of himself in it. She would save every message and couldnt wait to get the next one! Although, he did sound similar to someone she knows. (lol gee thats soo hard to figure out xD) Since he had asked her to write again soon she did just that. She used what little energy she had left to write in her blog about her feelings about how summer was going.

Date: July 15th, XXXX

Mood: Tired ;

Title: So Tiring and no fun!

ARGH!! THIS IS NO FUN AT ALL!! I am at middle school during the summer for guardian duties and I thought it would be fun I was totally wrong! The only other people in the group that are are left are K and T-kun! They sure are very enthusiastic to help out but its still a ton of work for three people to handle. Luckily I havent had to go into 'action' yet with any 'eggs' but the paper work really is a overload!! Not only that but I thought that middle school would be a fresh new start where I could rid my self of my former 'cool and spicy' personality. I was so wrong. Not only do all of my seventh grade class and the older sempais the 8th graders think I'm really cool but some of the 9th and 10th graders from highschool are too. Even in the summer rumors spread around fast. I hope that the when the first day of school comes (which is soon) it will be a better time then this. I hope everyone else's summer has been going well, mine has been full of my little sister's singing, my parent's cluelessness, my feelings for T-kun fading more and more, and Neko-kun hasnt came in forever! sucks to say this but...I miss him. I dont know where he is but I hope he comes soon. I hate that I'm saying that but its hard for him to not be around! It seems you guys are the only ones that get me. Please reply and telling me how everything is going on with all of you. Thank you!! I will definitely update soon!! Good bye for now, -Strawberry

She yawned, she was really tired. Today's work by carrying all the files back and forth to rooms made her muscles ache. She logged off the computer and snuck into her bed. Although what she didnt know was that 'BlackKat' or as the readers should have figured out Ikuto had already read the blog. He was lying on his small bed in the van he was traveling with Utau in. He looked up from his laptop and smirked. "So my little strawberry isnt happy eh?" He typed in a response closed his laptop and got ready for his way back to soon seeing his blushing Amu up on her balcony once again.

Responses to PlaidStrawberry's Latest Blog Entry "So Tiring and no fun!" :

From BlackKat at 10:13 pm:

Dont worry Strawberry Im sure your summer will be getting much more exciting soon.

In the night as the the little strawberry girl sleeps her 'Neko-Kun' is coming to rescue her from her loneliness.
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This fanfic is great! How did you come up with this idea? Please update soon, I'm really looking forward to the next chapter!
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Author's note - Thank you Karentran for being the ONLY and first person to comment.

FAQs ( yea, those people love to question me at

Fans-Why Amuto?

Shota- Try having a 12 yr old kid being the playboy. You know the drill, we need the "KYAAAAAAA!-s"

Fans- OMG! Blog and Hinamori! what a match! tell me, what's your secert?

Shota - nothing really, i was just bored when i stumble upon a blogging website.

Amu: I haven't been won over by Tadese...BUT WHY DOES HE HAVE TO GET HURT?!

Tadese: Yeah why do I have to get hurt?! D:

Shota:... -types something down-

Tadese: -falls off a bridge into ice cold water , Jaws scence surfaces-

Amu: TADESE!! OO it is a little funny though..

Ikuto:..-is laughing-

Shota: Ok, so either way hope you enjoy this chapter :D!

Amu was on the beginning of her third week of summer, and it was anything but enjoyable.

Ugh...Just another day...

She got up.Brush the knotted pink mass on her head she called hair and got some clothes on. Today she wore black overall shorts with black leg warmers attached to it by satin ribbons, with a low cut to her shoulder bright red and black striped shirt with a black ribbon choker. She had punk short boots on and had her favorite red cross clips making two small pony tails in her hair, with a few black bracelets on each arm's wrists. She looked awesome but all she was thinking in her head was how another boring day with the guardians and Tadese, who would not blush seeing her in this outfit. Not only was she depressed about Tadese, but she was confused a little about BlackKat's reply to her newest blog.

He was probably just trying to make me feel better...but it just sounds weird...

She heard her cellphone ringing.Meikyuu butterfly.she picked it up. It was Tadese.


She mentally sighed and answered trying to sound cheerful

“Oh, Hi Tadese-kun!”

“Well Hinamori-san I just wanted to tell you that our guardian duties are off for today.”

Amu was surprised today they were all supposed to start unpacking and getting their new room ready.

“Oh,” is all she could think of saying.

Then Tadese said something that she thought she wouldnt hear him say.

“Well Amu if you have some free time maybe we could go out to the mall together..”


“To get supplies for the guardian's new room.” And there was the part she hated hearing most. Sure Tadese would go places and talk to her and stuff but only when it was about the guardians, eggs, or Amulet Heart. She wanted to cry, of course there would be no other reason shes just another girl in his eyes just known as 'Hinamori-san' and nothing else. And of course Ikuto was still nowhere to be found, not coming to her balcony as she had grown fond to. She was sad. But she said trying to act as happy as she could to Tadese

“Sure! Tadese,I'll go!”

Amu's charas looked at her ,concerned. Even Dia who hasnt hatched yet could sense Amu's pain in her heart.The sun yellow egg wriggled a little.

Tadese broke the silence and said

“Okay, meet me at the park in an hour I'll be waiting for you Hinamori-san.”

The year younger Amu insides would have been boiling over with feelings that she would be about to explode right now from hearing those words. But the older Amu understood that these words were only words from a friend, and he would be nothing more. She thought she had about forty minutes before she had to leave so she sat down and turned on her computer. She typed in her password and went to her blog.

Date: July 17, XXXX

Mood: Sad. :(

Title: A meeting with my prince...I guess.

Hello again readers, today I was planning to go help out my friends in the Guardians group, but T-kun called telling me that the meeting was canceled today. I was okay with it though, since I have been having to go everyday these past few weeks to help out, but then T-kun said something that the younger me would have been to oblivious to see its real meaning. He asked me go buy guardian crap. LIKE I CARED ABOUT THAT!! All this year I have been telling myself, making myself believe that he might just care about me more then just a guardian member. But no, I was wrong. Sure I can go places with T-kun but the only catch is it has to be about guardian things. I thought I could use it to my advantage but I was dead wrong. Either way, in forty minutes or so I'm supposed to meet him at the park so we could head over to the mall together. I wish that any of these nights Neko-kun could have came. I have been hoping and wishing for his arrival. BlackKat I hope your'e right about my summer getting better and all, because right now I feel like I'm all alone when it comes to being loved. I have to go to get to the park, talk to you all soon! -Strawberry

With that she brushed her hair a little again, brushed off her skirt and trudged out the door. What she didnt know was that her 'Neko-kun' was outside on her balcony and had been watching her the whole time. It had taken Ikuto a while to get back to Amu's city, lots of taxi, and bus rides as a matter of fact. He walked into her room and noticed that she had forgotten to turn off her computer. He looked at the screen and read her new blog entry. He then logged on and typed out a response. With that, he logged off and went to play with Amu and get her to smile again.

Responses to PlaidStrawberrie's Latest Blog Entry: 'A meeting with my prince...I guess.'

From BlackKat at 11:45 am:

Dear Little Strawberry,

Your real prince is coming for you to take you away to a world of happiness.


Amu finally had reached the park. She looked down at her watch, it read: 11:56 am.


Amu turned around at the sound of her name, it was Tadese. Amu was disapointed but then put on a fake happy face and said:

“I made it on time Tadese-kun!”

“Yeah you did, so lets get going shall we?”


Tadese cant even tell I'm sad..

It took a bit of walking and a crowded bus ride but they got to the mall. It was a huge building with 4 floors filled with tons of shops, resturants and of course, people. Amu and Tadese walked in and started to get the supplies. Most of their shopping time was pretty quiet. Amu couldnt stop thinking of how boring Tadese actually was. She thought about how much more fun it would have been if she had been with Ikuto. Yes he probably would have been a pervert but much, much better then a little childish king who wouldn't say a word. Amu was already tired from being so bored with Tadese so she said she had to use the restroom. She walked into the bathroom went to the sinks and splashed some water on her face.

If only...


Amu spun around to Ikuto being right there in front of her.

“I-Ikuto! What are you doing here? More importantly what are you doing in the girl's bathroom?!”

“But didnt you want to see me amu?” the words rolled off his tongue

Amu blushed which made Ikuto smirked. It felt good to know she had missed him.

“No! Why would I mi-” before she could finish her fake response he pulled her into a long silent hug.

“I have missed you so much Amu, I'm sorry for not being around for a while.”

Amu felt Ikutos chest and could smell him, his vioce echoed through her heart. She was so shocked she didn't know what to say ,just held by him sharing his warmth. Tadese thought that Amu was taking too long and so he knocked on the door of the bathroom.

“Hinamori-san? Hinamori-san are you in there?”

The moment was gone, and Amu pushed Ikuto away.

“Im here Tadese! Im sorry Ikuto I have to go-”

Ikuto grabbed her hand, pulling her in like hooked fish.His lips landed on the cheek.

“Good bye for now, Amu.”

Amu blushed hard.She ran out of that bathroom.The pink haired maiden spent the rest of the day in a bliss happier then she had been all summer.

Later that night when she logged on she typed a new blog.

Date: July 17 XXXX

Mood: Loved

Title: My meeting with T-kun at the mall turned into a wonderful surprise!

Hello again readers!! As the shopping day with Tadese went by I thought it was going to stay boring but I go to the bathroom to get away and I fought Neko-kun!! I was hugged and kissed on the cheek by him!! I'm so happy!! I don't feel lonely anymore..but I'm still mad!! He didnt even tell me why he left for so long I hope its not that way this time! Well I'm so tired because of all the events that happened to day so I'm signing off! Goodnight! -Strawberry

She jumped into her bed and snuggled up to her strawberry pillow. She felt like the happiest girl in the world. She fell asleep fast and didnt notice Ikuto out her window smiling at her. He went on her computer again and typed out another response.

Responses to PlaidStrawberrie's Latest Blog Entry: 'My meeting with T-kun at the mall turned into a wonderful surprise!'

From BlackKat at 9:35 pm:

From now on little Strawberry I'm sure that your summer is going to be very interesting. Be prepared.

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Oh hey I read this on fanfiction! It's one of my favorites.
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Woah, this is long.

What's this about?
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hurry up and write the next chapter!!!

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Its one of my faves of FF.Net! I reviewed nearly every chapter.. or everyone of them.. I can't remember

~Mitsuki Sakura Uchiha
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i love your fanfic, it's not short which is good because i usually finish reading chapters fast if they are short which isn't really exciting. hope to see the next chapter real soon!
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Hmmm, did me posting a fanfic cause a sudden popularity in ppl posting off their works too?

Honestly, i was hoping to post chapter by chapter base on the number of comments. (eg. 1 chap per 20 comments) Well, guess god didn't give me such luck. Look forward to the next chapter, i hope you guys enjoy my work.

Amu: Shota you're not popular at all!

Shota: trust me, it's a whole different story at BUT i do know a way to get you mega popular now!

Amu: Really?

Shota: Yep! -Types-

Ikuto: Shota,you called?

Shota: No doubt, there's the room and here's the key, now do your job kitty.

Ikuto: My pleasure...

Amu: AHHH!!! -got grabbed inside-

Replies to my readers (once again, thank you for replying. i needed that.)

heygurl105- Thanks for reading at! It's a busy month, i swear i'll update soon! >.<
AnaMaree - Read to know. You'll love it.
lisa_kong- what motivational words! Thanks. it'll come soon~
iluvshaoran- Aw, another reader at I saw your comments, thank you!
karentran- Thanks for your comment. Hearty respect for you.XD


Here's the deal as promised ppl. Chapter 3!

.:Amuto Internet Trouble:.

Chapter 3!!

Amu awoke from a dream that confused her heart.

In her dream she kept repeating the moment where she and Ikuto shared those few minutes in the girl's bathroom together, with a kiss and a gentle hug as his gift to her. She squirmed in her bed blushing immensely. She had a day off today and was using it by staying in bed. She was thinking about the two guys that she really cared about in her life, Tadese...and Ikuto...

She pulled the blankets over her face.

That moment she was having with Ikuto...she didn't want it to end.

Stupid Tadese! If he hadnt stepped in maybe me and Ikuto could have...ARGH WHAT AM I SAYING THAT PERVERT WOULD HAVE DONE WIERD STUFF!!

She hadn't checked her blog today,her small body felt all hot and tingly all over, she couldn't even move her legs to get out of bed. Ran wasn't going to let her stay as such.

"Comon! Wakey Wakey Amu-chan! Even though today is a free day, that doesnt mean that you stay in bed the whole time! Up Up Up!"

Ikuto...Maybe...I could call him...I-k-u-t-o-k-u-n...

"AHHHH WAY TOO HARD TO SAY!!" Amu squealed. Rolling on her bed so much that she fell off.


"Ouch..." Then she looked up and saw her computer.

"Thats right... my blog."

Amu got up and logged on to find BlackKat's message, which she had already read and saved, and she found a user's name that she hadnt seen before.

Responses to PlaidStrawberrie's Latest Blog Entry: 'My meeting with T-kun at the mall turned into a wonderful surprise!'

From BlackKat at 9:35 pm:

From now on little Strawberry I'm sure that your summer is going to be very interesting. Be prepared.

From CoolNSpicyLuver at 7:30 am:

Omg!! I this the awesome girl with pink hair that I am starting middle school with? It sure sounds like it!! I wont say a name but you used Tadese..and I know who that guy is! So please reply and tell me.

Amu stared at the screen

"I...I typed Tadese's name instead of T-kun? WHAT?!" Ran swore to have seen her blinking blindly like a goldfish before snapping now like a mad dog.

She clicked with her mouse swiftly to see for herself, and she had.


Her dad had heard her screaming and said: "AMU MY DAUGHTER!! IS EVERYTHING ALRIGHT?!"

Amu looked up and said "Yes dad everything is fine.."

"Well good because there is someone that wants to take you out to eat. Dont worry I approve...but just to talk alright? Dont consider it a date! Now get ready he will be here in a half hour."


Amu looked at her dad with a stunned look, what the heck was he talking about? Who asked me out to lunch?

Her mother popped in beside her father and said happily

"He may be a bit older but once you turn eighteen then everything is alright!"

"WHAT?!" the dad fainted.

Amu was lost. But that didn't stop her mother from going through her closet, pulling out a bag she had never seen before.

"Whats this?" Amu asked her mom.

Her mom smiled and said "Open it and see!"

It was red and black plaid dress that was a little short with a tight hold around the childish curves amu had. The top was a halter with a black ribbon tied to the top. The mother also pulled out a black mid-elbow-sleeved mini jacket, with plaid trim, and also in the big bag was black boots with a low heel and had ribbons on the sides. With the little ribbon earings and bracelets the mother put on her amu looked stunning. She had the one little pony tail on the side tyed with a plaid ribbon. Amu wasnt really quite sure of what was going on but she was curious to see who her date was.

The doorbell rang. She had had the slightest hope that it might just might be her 'Neko-kun' but she didnt think he would ever go to her parents. She heard the door open and her mother laughing and her father's soul leaking out. Her charas who went down the stairs before her and gasped. Amu dashed down after her charas' reacton to see that it was no other than Mr.big alley cat.

"Ik-Ikuto!" Amu could barely speak without her heart jumping out of her.

How- Why did he go to my parents? He can see me eiether way so why did he choose this?!

"It's nice to see you again Amu." He said ever so perfectly. Even Ami, Amu's little sister blushed.

Amu's mom then said pushing Amu and Ikuto out the door while the father seemed dead "I hope you two have fun! Amu, I'm glad you already know this fine young man!" She kept blabbing even though she had closed the door on them. Amu stood at her doorstep dumfounded by what had just happened.

"Umm...What the...? You went to my parents even though I didn't really want to see yo-"he stopped her words.It was a tad blunt.

Ikuto smirked "Amu, I went to your parents so if they see me on your balcony anytime, they will know me and so maybe in the future they would consider me your boyfriend."

He grabbed her tiny hand. "Besides" whispering in her ear "I know you wanted to keep seeing me."

Amu's cheeks burned red and she walked off the front putting on her 'Cool and Spicy' act saying "Whatever, like I would want to see you. let's go since you have seemed to make my parents adore you, so where are we going anyway?"

He walked behind her and said "Hopefully a place where we could be alone." looking at the charas floating suspiciously behind them.

"Yoru, you keep these three company while I take Amu on a real date."

"DATE?!" Amu exclaimed, even though she was quite happy with the thought.

"Ok nya~" Yoru said happily and looked at Miki. "L-lets go draw, you and I. I may not be good at it but anything with M-Miki is fine nya."

Miki blushed "oh-ok." it left the two other charas snickering.

While the four were chatting Ikuto had already started walking to what seemed to be a motorcycle.

"A motorcycle?! Is that our ride? No way am I-"

Ikuto pushed a helmet over her head and put her on the back of the motorcycle.

"Hold on tight or you'll fall" He said playfully.

"Where do I hold on to?"

Ikuto smirked and took her hands and wrapped them around his waist.

"YOU PERVERT!! this is what you wanted didn't you??!!"


"This is the only way for you to hold on and if you want to come with me on our date this is our only transportation. It took Amu a few minutes to settle down from being so excited and she finally said "Okay we can go."

And the two rode off. Amu had completely forgotten about the comment on her blog. Meanwhile, not too far away, Tadese was on his computer checking out any new Easter information he could find and he had found Amu's or Strawberry's blog site. He began to read

slowly and he got to the latest blog from yesterday. His hands went into fists and his eyes blazed with anger. He knew it was Amu and he knew that 'neko-kun' was the guy that was stealing Amu's love from him. Tadese got up and called Amu's house. They said she had gone with Ikuto. He was furious.

How could she be with that theiving cat?! I'm going to get her away from him!

"IKUUTOOO YOUR GOING WAYYY TO FAST!!" Amu screeched as Ikuto was flying by cars.

"Dont worry..." he said calmly and she grabbed him harder.

"You perverted little kid" Amu blushed and screamed

"You're the pervert!!"

While the two were fighting over who was more perverted while riding, Tadese had gathered the guardians and they were on the move to find them. What is going to happen? What will Tadagay I mean Tadese do to Ikuto's and Amu's relationship? To Be Continued...

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this is great so please post the next chapter soon
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23 / F
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I love it! Can't wait for the next chapter ^^
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omg i like the cliffhanger there! i wonder what will tadase do? keep it up!
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i never write reviews 4 this kind of stuff and this is my first but this is really good can't wait for the next chapter
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Shota: Hey everyone. Well I just wanted u to know that i thought that these two things were cute and thats why I put them in the story. 1) Amu wearing a red and black plaid dress and 2) Ikuto and Amu are riding a motorcycle together. And so I really didn't think about her riding the motorcycle with the dress on...I just thought it was cute! so as a edit she has black leggings underneath the dress so no one saw anything :P.


Shota: Well I felt bad not writing a chapter for a few days so I wrote it when I was very tired and-


Ikuto: Amu...leave the poor writer alone okay? As long as he writes us together and spending more time with me then that Kiddy King I'm fine with it.

Amu: So your fine with tons of guys seeing my undies when we were driving past?

Ikuto: . . .YOU'RE DEAD WRITER!!


Ikuto and Amu: Fine..

Shota: phew.


Shota: D:


Amu's mind was whirling. She was on a motorcycle with Ikuto, AND her parents (or parent) actually allowed this! What the hell was wrong with her parents? Either way,there was no turning back getting off this crazy vehicle. She felt unsafe but ironically safe at the same time, the warmth of Ikuto's body on her's. It made her calm but excited. Not only was she on an emotional roller coaster but a real live one too!

Amu held onto Ikuto tighter,her blushing grew even harder. Ikuto could tell she was blushing even though he couldn't see her. He smirked, but decided to play with her when they got to the destination.

Meanwhile the guardians were unsure of what to do about the Amu and Ikuto situation, since they had printed out and were reading all of the blogs Amu had posted as they were taking Rima's car around to look for the two cute-togethers. Tadese was furious looking out both windows nonstop, trying to find "his" little amulet heart.

"Awww Amu-chan sounds so in love with Neko-kun in these blogs!" Yaya said being the usual carefree mood, not noticing the hurt in Tadese's face.

"Why dont we just let them be?" Kukai said " I mean if Amu's parents allowed it then there is nothing we can do.."

Tadese turned to the uneasy group and said with fire in his eyes "We have to get Amu away from him! This is not right! She shouldnt be with him she should be with-" Then he stopped. looking away from the bunch.

The others grinned, except for Kairi who was already analyzing his opponents for Amu's love.

"Look" Rima began "We all know you have a thing for Amu, but it seems you have very good competition Tadese."

"He's just using her!" Tadese cried out to them "She is falling for a guy who has no feelings towards her what so ever!"

"It doesnt seem that way" Rima said.Emotionless.

"What are we going to do about the blog?" Yaya asked "Are we going to tell her we know about it?"

All eyes to Tadese. There was a small silence but then Kukai shook it by starting to say "Well I think that we wouldn't be honest if we didnt tell her-"


"Nani?" the guardians said in unison towards Tadese.

"We will find out more information if we keep quiet about it, so for now as King's chair I command it."

The other guardians looked at him stunned. Then Tadese called the car to a halt. The guardians all looked out of the car to find Amu and Ikuto parking the motorcycle they were on to a stop.

"It's finally over!" Amu said out of breath. She had never done anything like that before, it frightened her a bit.

Ikuto got off the bike and took off his helmet. His face had drips of sweat dribbling down and his hair had gotten a little damp. He was hot, and not the temperature way in Amu's head. She couldn't it help but go as red as a strawberry when she saw Ikuto like that, he smiled and pulled off her helmet to show she got sweaty too.she noticed how sweaty she got. Embaressed.She tried to pull off her 'Cool and Spicy' act trying to forget about it and get off the motorcycle. She was struggling her legs couldn't reach the ground.

"Ugh!" Amu was having a difficult time. "Arent you going to help me?" she asked him.

"Sure I'll help you. Little kid"

Angered. Amu started to move around on the bike like a tiny tantrum. "For the last time I'm not a little ki- AHHH"

She was falling off the bike, Ikuto tried to grab her but he wasnt expecting all her weight coming at him at once. The ended up collasping on the sidewalk.

Amu slowly fluttered her eyes open, when her eyes went into focus she almost had a heart attack. She had fallen on the "big cat" himself!

She jumped up. "Im sorry I didnt mean to I- ah!"

one of her ankles had been twisted.Badly. Ikuto raised his head."What's wrong?"

"I...I can't move my ankle."

"Let me see"

"Wait you wierdo why would you want to see it?!"

"Just let me ok?"

He took a look, examine it a little.. "Theres no way you're going to be walking with that leg for at least a few days."


She felt her soul leaving her. Her first official date... ruined and all because of her stubbornness.

Ikuto looked down and said "I'm sorry Amu"

He's apologizing? No seems like he cares...

"Its not your fault its mine and right when we were about to start our dat-" She covered her mouth swiftly, almost close to slapping motion.


He smirked. "Who said that the date is over?" And then he picked her up. Bridal style.They walked into the new amusement park.

"What? What are we?"

"This was where I was going to bring you."

"I can't ride anything plus i can't walk! This is embarressing so could we-"

"Don't worry Amu, I will make sure you have fun no matter what."

Amu blushes deeply and looked away, she couldn't believe a guy especially guys like him could care about her this much. Meanwhile Tadese and the others bought tickets and followed them in. Tadese was green with jealousy, he couldn't stand that Amu was being carried by Ikuto and not him.

To Amu the new amusement park was amazing, filled with tons of flashing lights and colorful machines.Brimmed with happiness like a naive child. Amu's eyes swerved and her head kept turning in different directions looking at the color-filled scenery.

"It's amazing Ikuto!! Wow!!"

Ikuto smiled at her gently "So which one would you like to ride?"

Amu looked at him. "Shouldnt you choose? I mean you are the one who bought the tickets.."

"I bought these for you, and I want you to choose which one you want to go on."

Amu looked around and the go karts ride caught her eye, she then remembered her sprained ankle. How dissapointing. Ikuto read her expression right away like a opened book and took her directly to the ride.

"Lets ride the go karts."

"Wait!! I cant my ankle-"

"Dont worry I have an idea."

He gave the guy two tickets and lead amu to a purple car with the number 13 on it. He sat amu on the side of the kart door and got in.

"You jerk!! These go karts are only one seaters are you going to leave me here?"


Then he grabbed her, placed in his laps like a doll. Amu went red, she couldnt even think as Ikuto put the seat belt on the two of them and the machine started.Neither Amu nor Ikuto had noticed Tadese arrival at the last minute on the last go kart. While Amu and Ikuto bumped into others laughing and having fun a red cart rammed into them pushing them backwards.

"Ahh What the heck- Tadese-kun?!"

Amu was confused. What was Tadese-kun doing here? What was going on?

"Let go of Amu you theiving cat! Stop pretending to actually care about a girl like her and leaver her be!"

These hateful words brought notice to Amu. He cared about her right? He liked her...right?

"Kiddy King, I couldn't pretend to care about Amu. I will never let anyone bring tears to her eyes!"

Those words struck the limit point crazy.The jelous king rammed into Ikuto's kart, pulling in three other ones. Ikuto unstrapped the belt and looked at Amu who was just too overwhelmed by all of this.


"Amu I meant every word." And with that he placed a kiss on Amu's soft lips. Everything in Amu's world was about to go upside down from then. He picked her up and they walked out of the ride. Amu couldn't speak, she could still feel his lips connected with her's. it was like a drug, so addicting you can't wait to come back for more. He sat her down and said "I'll be right back." After a few minutes he came back with cotton candy.

"Look I got something that matches your hair color."

"Sh-Shut up and give me the cotton candy you pervert!"

She munched on her cotton candy, trying to not look wierd. Was her heart with the king or has it being stolen by a black cat?
With a boost of encourage in her mind, she crept slowly towards Ikuto. She'll return the "favour"

The suddenly... "Ikuto nya~!" a catty voice poped up from the bush, totally destorying the mood. Yoru poped out from the bush with a blue dressed chara held by his paw. 2 others followed. Ran and su, still indulged with laughter over Miki been so easily overcame. The cool and artistic Miki, there's no other momment she and Amu felt so sync-ed.

Date: July 18 XXXX

Mood: Falling In love!


I cannot believe any of the events that have happened to me today. First, Neko-kun calls my parents and they set up a date between me and him! And my mom got me this cute outfit and I looked a little older I think...its just its so hard he still thinks of me as a kid. But I rode on a motorcycle today!! And I held him!! I dont mean to sound pervish but it felt good...OMG THAT IS PERVY AND HES THE PERVERT!! AUGH!! Then trying to get off his motorcycle I fell and landed on him!! I ended up twisting my ankle also so he had to carry me around..(Its not like it was that bad of a thing though) We went on the go karts and i was on his LAP!! Then T-kun came and ruined the moment saying neko-kun didnt really mean any of it and that made me cry but Neko-kun told T-kun himself that he cared about me. And he KISSED ME ON THE LIPS!! It was awesome!! and later when we got away from them and he brought me cotton candy. But I'm unsure what to do now, will he make fun of me? He probably will, but readers what am I supposed to do now? Please help me out!! - Strawberry.

Amu then logged off and jumped into her bed to find the charas already in thier eggs but their was rumbling in the blue one she wondered what it was but didn't go any farther. She fell asleep. Meanwhile, Tadese and Ikuto had just finished reading her blog. Ikuto decided to wait to reply in the morning he wanted to see his strawberry in real life so he got off her roof and sat on her balcony the wind blowing his soft words into her room.

"You dont know how much I really do love you Amu."

Someone didn't wait until morning to reply though.

Responses to PlaidStrawberrie's Latest Blog Entry: I CANT BELIEVE ANY OF THIS!!

From KingOfEverything at 10:05 pm:

That Neko-kun doesnt sound like you can trust him. I think he might just be playing with you Strawberry. But dont worry I think that you will soon figure out that there is someone more suitable for you out there.

Tadese, plotting a way to sabotage their relationship.

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