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Introduce yourself!!!

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Posted 12/6/08 , edited 12/7/08
hi! .. my name is hagiwara umi .. ^^

my favorite drama is hana kimi, kurosagi, one missed call (final), nobuta wo produce, hana yori dango, yukan club, sensei wa erai, scrap teacher, sushi oji, 14 sai no, i have watch so many japanese and korean movies .. and i can't mention all of those here .. there are so many ...

i get into yamaki on watching kurosagi .. at first .. i like tomaki .. in hana kimi, and they were paired up in kurosagi .. i'm so mad at yamapi in that movie .. but when i saw nobuta wo produce.. it was nice! ... i totally like it! .. yamapi's so in love with maki there .. hehe, demo, i dun like the last part, when they both left maki in their school. and now .. i'm a solid yamaki fan! .. :p

well .. i'd be glad if they will be just friends .. because if they will have that relationship, it would be hard for them .. because both of them are busy in their career.

uhm .. if white is a color .. then white .. i dunno y we are the same w/ yama - chan(yamada rysouke) .. hehe .. but since it isn't, then green! .. i'm a green freek! .. haha ..
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Posted 12/15/08 , edited 12/15/08
>>>heyyaaa!!~nyahaha~my name is Zaki_nite but u can call me Ana(real name)..
>>>i love jap.drama the most!~the most remarkable one for me was One Litter of Tears..oh..damn it!~it made me cry so much.
>>>i got to watched Yamaki at Nobuta wo Produce..and since then im kinda like attracted to them..they were such a nice and lovey-dovey couple!!lolz..
>>>ooh..get revenge!!~Maki is too beautiful!!~well,it will be great if the two of them would end up as a real couple..
>>>My fav color is....(anything)~>orange?!~
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30 / F / Somewhere on Earth
Posted 12/18/08 , edited 12/19/08
Hello my nickname here is just tweetyluv1 real name is Elsa
I have watched many dramas and I thought my favorite one was My Girl until I ran across One Million Stars Falling from the Sky...fell in love with Kimura Takuya, really awesome actor
I got into Yamaki after watching Kurosagi, I watched some of Nabuta before but I didn't think it was really interesting, Kame looks too skinny there I have gone back to it and its really good...reading fanfics has also made me really into Yamaki
I wouldn't do anything if they got a bf/gf...mainly cause i wouldn't be able to do anything anyway, would still be a Yamaki supporter though
my favorite color is red

and I tend to talk and type a lot, I get carried away
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32 / F / *da REAL O.C*, CA
Posted 1/13/09 , edited 1/14/09
Gosh i don't think I ever introduced myself..well here goes:

-name (nickname): marmar
-Favorite drama: Too many to name..
-How did you get into Yamaki: from NWP but I was really into KaMaki but then slowly got pulled into YaMaki
-what would you do if Maki and Yamapi got gf/bf?: It better be with each other. I can only see Pi w/ Maki & Maki well I can see her w/ others but I'm pushing for Pi.
-Your Favorite color!!: BLUE
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27 / F / Philippines
Posted 1/24/09 , edited 1/25/09
name (nickname): Pauline

Favorite drama: prodai, prodai sp, yukan club, NOBUTA wo PRODUCE, gokusen 2..^_^

How did you get into Yamaki: when i watched NWP, i thought that they are a great couple and since then i watched their fanvids which are really kakkoi! i hope they would be together in real life..

what would you do if Maki and Yamapi got gf/bf?: i would be very happy.. all i wish for yamapi is to be become maki's husband..lolz

Your Favorite color!!: pink
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29 / F / Yamapi-land
Posted 1/24/09 , edited 1/25/09
OMFG, I'm so silly and blind, I made a thread similar to this. I didn't know/see this thread before I created my own. Oops...Don't worry, I got it all sorted out. Anyway, here I go again...

Name (nickname): Mimi

Fav]orite drama: Nobuta wo Produce, Kurosagi, Liar game, Hana Yori Dango

How did you get into Yamaki: I didn't really get into dramas until I read an anime blogger blogging about dramas. So I decided to watch a few popular ones recommended by my friends. She recommended Nobuta wo produce and I thought it was an alright show. So I continued with my obsession with anime and reading through anime blogs. The same anime blogger blogged about Kurosaki and the guy looked seriously hot that I decided to watch it. I didn't know who these people were at the time, and when I saw the main characters of Kurosagi, I immediatly recognized them from NWP. So, I decided to look them up, and search for more episodes of Kurosagi. Before I knew it, I stumbled upon and read every single thing known to the fandom. I soon fell in love with the pairing, and soon enough, Yamapi, Johnny's entertainment and everything Japanese. I will NEVER get tired watching NWP or Kurosagi. I've already seen both dramas like three or more times. HAHA.

What would you do if Maki and Yamapi got gf/bf?: Since I am very Maki-biased, I approve if she ever finds herself a boyfriend NOT Yamapi. But when it comes to Yamapi, he CANNOT have anyone but Maki. I dunno, when I see him with another co-actress or rumored with a girl, I go crazy. I wish they dated each other or at least announce that they're in love with each other. T_T;

Your Favorite color!!: Green, because it's a beautiful color and Maki's favorite color as well!!
Posted 2/2/09 , edited 2/3/09
Hi just joined^^
Call me Arlene or twilightchance if u want.
My fav dramas are Nobuta wo Produce and Tantei Gakuen Q
I became a fan of YamaKi just recently, I blame all the fanvids I've been watchin
I guess I'll be ok if they got their own gf/bf, but as long as there's fanvids, dramas etc of them, I'll still love this pair
fav colors: red and blue
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24 / F / planet earth
Posted 2/22/09 , edited 2/22/09
my fav drama probishly is 1 litre of tears.
>w< i got into yamapi by watching nobuta wo produce, kurosagi and one of his groups song summer time..
if maki and yamapi got bfs and gfs i wouldnt rlly care bc its rlllly there choice and not ours..duh
& im not rllly a big fan of maki. so i couldnt care less bout her(no offense maki fanns ><)
ohh and my fav colors is black and white..
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23 / F / an unknown land i...
Posted 3/21/09 , edited 3/21/09
-name (nickname) kaori

-Favorite drama HYD lolz

-How did you get into Yamaki after watching nobuta after finishing kurosagi (by pure coincidence) den realize akira looks familiar den "woah, both act tgt again!!" den tot dey look gd tgt xD bt honestly, nt all tt into it lahh

-what would you do if Maki and Yamapi got gf/bf? disappointed bahh... coz it's the first rl couple i support =.=" bt heard it sumwhr (i dunno?), couples in dramas nt necessary r gg be rl couples/ most likely wun be

-Your Favorite color!! black =]
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27 / F
Posted 4/13/09 , edited 4/13/09
- my nick name is charron, as you can see
- umm, bloody monday, nobuta wo produce, hana yori dango, 1 litre of tears..all of this drama i've watch
- first i see yamapi and maki in nobuta wo produce, n i think they're cute to be together
- hmm..maybe i'll be sad
- my favourite colour is blue
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25 / F / Philippines ^-^
Posted 4/19/09 , edited 4/20/09
name: Jubelyn Ea... you can call me Ea-chan

Favorite drama: nobuta wo produce, and kurosagi!!,,

How did you get into Yamaki: lately... i was soo bored at home~.. beacuse its vacation... i watch some movies... and so on.. then on the site where i'm watch some movie... i saw nobuta wo produce.. and when i saw the cast..there was maki.. and she was my favorite actress,, at that time... i don't know who's yamapi,,, i mean.. i saw many forums that talks about him.. but i just ignore it... but the when i saw him in nobuta wo produce... gosh!!,,, i really fall in love with him!,, then after i finished the NWP... i was so upset... cause i can't see yamaki..any more... but while i'm searching,,, i saw that they are both on kurosagi!,,, then i watched it... and i completly become.. a YamaKi... fan

what would you do if Maki and Yamapi got gf/bf? i'm soo gonna be happy for them!!!...

Your Favorite color:
green... or pink... black.. or any color that may suits my personality..
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24 / F / United States of...
Posted 4/26/09 , edited 4/26/09
hello my name is Wendy and my friends call me Grapefruit, or Wend
my fav drama is Smiling Pasta and I got into the Yamaki group from an invitation
well if maki or yamapi found someone they love i wouldnt really care cuz it's there life but it would be cute if they were together
and last but not least, my fav color is dark red
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25 / F / Philippines
Posted 5/7/09 , edited 5/7/09
Hey! Im new member!

Da names Karen

Favorite all time drama --- nobuta Wo Produce!!

i got into yamaKi!! Through Fanfic!! Woot ..haha forgot which one ..then i kept on lookin for more then started watchin nobuta wo produce Woot!! its awsome!!!

haha im just watchin Kurosagi movie!! just confussed there's also a drama annd movie?..or are they one ??.. ..Men i wish there would be more!! They SHOULD MAKE MORE!!...jk jk jk ...whehehe well they should!!

If they got bf/ Akira Shock!! NOOOOOO!!..lolz..sori but i really really want them to be together xDD soo if they got a bf gf ??..It should be them!! Lolz!!!

Yeah well Fav color mostly is blue red and sometime pink and brown! And green!! hahaha
Posted 5/17/09 , edited 5/18/09
hi i'm just joined already ^^

nice to meet ya yamaki fans! i'm ve-chAN
my fav drama is all yamapi drama..but the great drama ever is NOBUTA WO PRODUCE!

i get into yamaki when i watched their drama, nobuta wo produce. they have good act in it..and THEY ARE SO DAMN COOL!!!

my fav colour is red
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23 / F / in NEWSmile Mansi...
Posted 9/26/09 , edited 9/26/09
-for this tme;maou and ryusei no kizuna
-by watching korosagi.then,i found out about nwp,so i watched cute yamaki,i also always watch yamaki fanvids on youtube.
-aww,i will miss yamaki if they have couples.
-purple and green
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