[LOCKED]Profile Layout
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500 pictures must be uploaded

Profile Layout
1.You must and have to upload 50 pictures
I'll check that if u have uploaded 500 pics or not
2.You must put the pic in the fourm while you are requesting
3.if u don't follow the rules i'll delete or ignore your request
4.mew_aqua(me) is mostley gonna be doing all the requests in this fourm
so please be patient and wait till your request is done

Fill this out:

Color Scheme:
pics(put them in spoilers )
Where to put the text or let me decide:
Anything else?(explain):
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Font:Anything cute..mostly chrisy or chick....ANY but please don't make it look small
Color Scheme:rainbow
Decorations:brushes and just anything cute
pics: i put the pics i want to use in the quotes
Text:i put the text in quotes of how many banner thingies
Where to put the text or let me decide:let you decide
Anything else?:examples are in the quotes...PLEASE DON'T MAKE IT MESSY...

Welcome to Puffi-chan's profile!

this is only one banner okie?the words watching and reading is below the word Currently ok?Currently
Watching Reading

About Me
Hi I'm Puffi-chan I'm gunna be 13 on Oct.26! YAY! I'm super fun and I love talking to my buddies!!! I wear glasses and i have black hair...which is a typical asian girl! I'm ver moody but never get pissed off easily anyways please don't be mean to me or else!!!!I make avii's for many people and I am a mod in many different groups! I go on CR almost everyday and I guess I'm just OBSSESSED! As you notice my new theme is chibi! I just adore chibiness!Anyways if you want to buddy me please tell me why because all I know is that you're just some person..oh and I only and mostly buddy people..so I'm kinda limited! well NICE TO MEET YOU!

I LOVE....(this is one banner)
Drawing, Animes, Dramas, Music, Animals, Nature, Food, My Friends, and School!!!

I HATE...(this is one banner)
Mean people, Dark Chocolate, Olives, Swearing and more...

this is only one banner okie?the words anime,drama and manga is below the words my Favourites ok?
My Favourite
Anime Drama Manga
(the bracket indicates which section it is in....)
1.Lovely Complex
2.Bokura ga Ita
3.Hana Kimi-Japan
4.Seigi no Mikata 2008
5.Devil Beside You
6.Peach Girl

or like this but more designs.....and different font and it would all be in one banner like this..but still indicating which one is my fave....

my pics...






Randomness (one banner)

Best Buddies!!!

~Kawaii avii Cafe
~Starlight Decorations
~Avatar Shopping
~Pic Decore
~Avatar Creations

Bai~Bai!!! Thanx for reading my profile!

P E N D I N G c/o mew_aqua
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eto....this is only for profile layouts............and i can't make those examples.......or can i explain what do do more clearly,also...........can u put the pics u want for your profile and others....oh......and if u want a banner please go to banner fourm....(sorry....i also don't make buttons)
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