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Posted 10/6/08 , edited 10/7/08
i want to know some of the wiered crap that you saw when you played bioshock... im just curiouos... i guess ill start...
1) i got 2 big daddies to fight eachother... then a third wondered in with a little sister and both of them beat the crap out of that one then just walked away
2) a splicer got stuck in the vita chamber... so when i revived i got shot up (abnormally strong leadhead on hard)
3) cohen was running around screaming in his locked room in the atrium
4)i fired a dud grenade
5)i killed fontaine with a dead carcase using telekenisis.. (easy of course)

hope you had some strange... stupid... or funny thing happen to you while you played like i did!
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Posted 10/22/08 , edited 10/23/08
i'll let u know when i finished the game
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Posted 3/2/09 , edited 3/3/09
i got 2-3 big daddies to fight each other
oh! and i didnt know that cohens statues move
until i played the game a second time.
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