Chapter 2 : Gothic Moon {The Lost Vampire Chronicles} #2
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Whatever. I was never one to complain. Onto a new life!

The house wasn't at all bad looking. It had two stories, complete with an attic and a cellar. The two places I wouldn't be caught dead in. The house was located in the suburbs on a half acre. We had also bought a new car, and the movers were moving in brand-new furniture into the house.

"Um, ma, how could we afford all this stuff?" I asked placing some boxes on the floor.

"Well, we had some money left over from my inheritance, god bless your grandma and grandpa. And there's the money from the divorce," she smiled, unpacking some kitchen pots.

It was a little shocking to hear her say 'divorce'. She was always uncomfortable with the word, seeing as how she's Catholic and all. Instead, she said 'separation' or some other kind of synonym.

As I walked out of the moving truck carrying my box of Cds, I heard a voice greeting me.

"Hello," the girl said with an accent*.


"Welcome to Anglia. My name is Abigail Burgess."

"Thanks, my name is Hannah Gladwin," I said shaking hands.

"So, how are you finding our country?" she asked.

"It's, um, a very beautiful place."

She laughed. "I'm sure things will progress once you've become accustomed here. Would you like any assistance?"

"Oh, no thank you. I don't want to bother you," I said struggling with the boxes.

"It's no trouble at all. I am currently available to aid you and your mother."

For the rest of the day, Abigail helped my mother and I unload our stuff from the truck. We ended up having dinner together with her family. The Burgesses left early, before the sun set, and left us alone in the house.

Even though they were kind and helpful, I can't help but think that their hiding something from us.
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