Chapter 4 : Gothic Moon {The Lost Vampire Chronicles} #4

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Not wanting to be late for my first day of school, I just put away the diary and took a shower.

I met Abigail as I left the driveway. She was waiting for her bichon frise, Manny, to finish his "business".

"Morning Hannah!" she waved. I waved back. "Give me a second, and I'll walk to school with you!" She quickly threw her dog inside and joined me.

"You are going to enjoy St. Emily's*. Everybody is friendly, and the classes are very enjoyable."

She talked like that throughout our whole walk. When we finally arrived to the school, I stared at the lovely edifice. It was like a gigantic cathedral with stained glass windows and a large campus. It was a gothic-like structure with flying buttresses in the rear, and gargoyles at every arc.

"So what do you think?" Abigail asked interrupting my gaze and admiration.

"It's beautiful. You never see this kind of stuff in Minnesota."

She smiled and led me towards the building. Everyone stared at me as I walked up the lengthy stairs.

"Is there something on my face?" I asked self-consciously.

"No, it's just that everybody here knows one another. All the famillies knew each other centuries ago. It's different meeting someone new." She pulled my hand, and we ran inside when the first bell rang.

I looked back to see an empty courtyard, and red gargoyle eyes staring at me.


* Even though St. Emily's is a Catholic school, not everyone is devout
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