Chapter 5 : Gothic Moon {The Lost Vampire Chronicles} #5
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I looked back to see an empty courtyard, and red gargoyle eyes staring at me.

My first class was Classical Literature. Unfortunately, Abigail had Physical Education, so I was all alone.

They were reviewing The Odyssey*, and since I already read it during my freshman year, I spent most of the time staring outside. The scenery was gorgeous. The sky was blue, and you could see the glitter of the ocean in the horizon.

The moment was perfect, until I felt the stare of my fellow classmates penetrating my back. Everybody was staring at me until I turned to face them. They quickly lowered their heads as if they have been reading the book the whole time.

When the tolling of the bell was heard, I gathered my books in my Tartan knapsack and headed for my next class. A few students greeted me, but the rest just "discreetly" stared at me.

The next class was European History.

"Good morning class," sang the teacher Ms. Naylor. The whole class stood up and chanted "Good morning Ms. Naylor."

"Please be seated." The class sat down. "Since we already covered the Ancient Greek and Roman times, we'll begin today's lecture with the founding of our country.

"Anglia was founded in the early 13th century** when a certain body of creatures left England, away from the hunters. You all know these vampires." I heard her barely spit out the last word. I noticed that the other students grimaced at the word.

Normally, I would have laughed, but then could be a legend. I heard that Korea had originated from birds.

Ms. Naylor continued. "But thankfully, true explorers landed on the island and wiped the vampires out so that we could rule instead."

Then suddenly the class burst out in cheers.

"Yea, curses on those monsters!"

"To hell with them!"

"Praise our ancient ancestors!"

What the hell is going on here?

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