Chapter 6 : Gothic Moon {The Lost Vampire Chronicles} #6
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What the hell is going on here?

When class was over, I decided to find Abigail. I ignored the class's psychotic outbreak; pretending as if it never happened.

I was outside in the courtyard, getting ready for lunch. Since there were block days here, I had free period right after.

There was a small cart selling snacks, so I decided to purchase a raspberry scone and a small bottle of milk.

I found a magnolia tree to sit under. The scenery was very relaxing.

"Bonjour," squeaked a voice in front of me. "I wuz 'oping I could join you?"

The girl was...strikingly beautiful. She had long, wavy brown hair and cool blue eyes. With her accent, i assumed she was french.

I went to France one summer with my dad. You know how everybody said the guys in France are the HOTTEST in the world? Well, I did not see one gorgeous-looking guy while I was there. And I really looked. But the women were so pretty, I felt like such an ingenue*.

I nodded to the girl, scooching over so she could have some shade.

"I call myself Claudette," she introduced.

"I'm Hannah."

"Bonjour 'anna'. So, I assume you are new 'ere?" she asked while eating a muffin.

I nodded.

"A', finally," she sighed happily. "I 'ave been ze new kiid for almost a 'ole year! I still get ze stares, but now, at least, I am not alone."

"Haven't you made any friends here?"

"I 'ave tried! I 'ave a few amies, but ze stares won't go away."

"I'm sure it will get better," I said, being ever so the optimist. "Well, maybe for you," I added.

Abigail and her group of friends later joined us, and we all spent free period together in the courtyard.

My last class of the day was Philosophy with Mr. Rudolph. He was a really nice teacher and seemed to know his stuff.

"Philosophy is the study of general problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, truth, justice, beauty, validity, mind, and language**," he lectured to me. He assigned me to sit behind George Evans. He was...gorgeous! Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a square jaw. He was a hunk, not like the guys back in the U.S.

While Mr. Rudolph went on with the lesson plan, discussing a variety of famous philosophers, George turned around and welcomed me to St. Emily's.

"Thanks, it's great to be here," I smiled.

He returned my expression with another smile and a wink.

Then I felt my heart burst out of my chest.

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Please stop making all of these threads =_=
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This doesnt need separate threads. Seriously.
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