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Posted 4/13/07 , edited 4/14/07
Some people have travelled to many many places and brought many memories back with them, regardless whether the memories are bad or good. =) They're all worth keeping because it's what that makes our lives colorful. ^-^

This thread is to bring back all that memories and share it with us!

Answer these questions and share! (WARNING: 10 QUESTIONS AHEAD. ANSWER ONLY IF YOU HAVE THE TIME!)

1. Which countries have you been to before? [exclude towns/capitals/provinces]

2. Which is your favorite country? [state 3 reasons why]

3. Which country you really dislike? [state at least 2 reasons why]

4. What is the fondest memory throughout your travelling experiences?

5. Any embarrassing moments? [state 1 will do]

6. Ate any weird or funny food? [describe the look, taste and where you ate it]

7. The best food you ever eaten when you went travelling. [describe the look, taste and where you ate it as well (if there's a picture it'll be better)]

8. Any suggestions to improve or change the country you dislike? [state 2-3]

9. Which country do you really want to visit but haven't visited? [state 3 reasons why you want to visit this country so desperately.]

10. Any other personal experience. =D [you can go as long as you want regarding this...]

gee. I'll start first. haha.

1. the UK, USA, China, Taiwan, Hongkong, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Switzerland, Canada, Japan, Australia

2. Canada!
- It's peaceful
-The scenery is really beautiful.
-The people are non-racist.

3. Switzerland!
-Racist people!!!
-Not much entertainment besides alps and more alps. T-T

4. I love my trip to the US because it's fun down there with my friends. Haha. We went to Disneyland and Universal Studios. I really really love America~!!!

5. ER. I fell into a pond while crossing some big stones in China. T-T

6. Pig intestines with glutinous rice stuffed inside in Korea. It's called SOON DAE. Yucks. I really hate it!

7. Australia, Melbourne's apple pie!~ OH MY GOD. IT's heaven. I had it with a real thick chocolate milkshake!~

8. Yes. Please be more respectful to other races and also, DO NOT BE RUDE.

9. Africa! I want to see wild animals, live in a relaxing hotel with a breathtaking scenery and I really want to experience tribal life!!!

10. London is really expensive. LOL. A toilet trip in Harrods cost me like ONE pound. It's equivalent to 3 bucks in our country !
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Posted 4/13/07 , edited 4/14/07
hmm there's a bunch of similar threads already =/ sorry

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post your travel experiences there ok?
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