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22 / F / Not telling u~~~ ^^
Posted 2/6/09 , edited 2/7/09
Your Vongola date would be Hibari Kyouya xD
*sexy kid, he's my favorite by the way xD*
You probably met him at school. *SHOCKING NO?* He's in love with it anyways but now that you've showed up, guess he has something else to love 8D!
Your date would probably be at the school roof. Picnic or something. Whatever you do best at a school roof o-o Picnic or you fell asleep on his shoulder =D
how he asked you out? He sent Hibird to you and he sang you the namimori school song and you took Hibird back to Hibari and thats when he asked you. =) [I laughed while I wrote that. xD] You know he's a caring person, he just doesn't show it 8D!

OMG!!! I can't believe i got this... It is like a dream come true to
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25 / F / Sabrie~ (k k.. Peru)
Posted 2/10/09 , edited 2/10/09
I got this!!! wiiiii
Your Vongola date would be Mukuro Rokudo~
You probably met Mukuro at the Kokoyou Land where they always hang out =)
Your date would probably be at a fancy restaurant. Why? Because I don't have another scenario for Mukuro to tell you the truth =) Plus I think he works well with a restaurant scene xD
How he asked you out? You were probably hanging around Ken and Chikusa and he asked you. I wouldn't be surprised if Ken jumped you though =)

I luv this pic of him!!!
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