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Posted 10/8/08 , edited 10/8/08
Answer these simple questions below:
1.How u going to help make this group fun? u want to become a modetor help no matter what?
3.How Often ur on Crunchy role u kno anyone that can help make this group more interesting?If Not then do u think u can make this group more interesting?
5. (If ur applying to be a avi,banner,ID creator) if ur applying to be a MOD to edit pics then give me exsamples please! atleast 2-3 exsamples or more and what ur good at making avatars,banners,ID, ext.....? ill inform u if u are a MOD and make forums for avi request ext..... Mew!
so hope u can help thxs and i wuv u all! Mew Mew!
~Angel/Heaven chan~
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