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26 / F / StoryBook
Posted 10/8/08 , edited 11/28/08
I'm making my first appearance....
My name is FairyTaleEnding...but what really I wanted it to be was ..Fairytales..
Of course I love Manwhas...(that doesn't mean i don't also like to read Mangas)
I'm asian (hmong)...16 years old...And some of my favorite manwhas are:
1. Neck and Neck
2. The Bride of the Water God
3.You're So Cool
and some more....

what i'm done reading:
1. You're So Cool
2. Model

what i'm reading now:
1. Neck and Neck
2. Chocolat

what i want to read(sooner or later):
1. Lovers Discovery
2. Ice Kiss
3. Bibi
4. Love SOS
5. Vanilla Ice
6. Hot Blooded Woman
7. H2O

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24 / F / california
Posted 10/11/08 , edited 10/11/08
My name is rockstar984.......
Im mexican/american... 14 yrs old.. and like tennis.
Lol srry im not good at introductions cuz im shy like that XD
Posted 10/12/08 , edited 10/12/08
Name: linda_vangsta
Age: 14 years old
Occupation: student
Like: volleyball.drawing.reading.writing.manga.manwha.
Okay soo i'm not also too good at introductions lol
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25 / F / The location of t...
Posted 10/12/08 , edited 10/13/08
Name: Suicune141
Age: 15 years old
Favorite manhwa: Chocolat (haven't read any other manhwa though....I should probably check out some more....)
Favorite manga: Fruits Basket, Peach Girl, Kare Kano, Marmalade Boy, Sand Chronicles, Random Walk, Handsome Girlfriend
Favorite anime: Peach Girl, Fruits Basket, Marmalade Boy, Bokura ga Ita, Special A
Favorite anime movie: Spirited Away
Favorite food: Chicken! Mashed potatoes! Anything with cheese! (I've gotta stop using exclamation points there)
Favorite school subject: English (and French ^^)
Favorite colors: Blue and pink
Favorite book series: Harry Potter, Princess Diaires, Nancy Drew (as I like to say, you're never too old for Nancy Drew)
Favorite video games: Any kind of racecar-driving game, The Urbz: Sims in the City (for both the GBA and the PS2), Kingdom Hearts
Favorite pasttimes: Reading, writing stories, RPGing, drawing, surfing the web, playing around with Photoshop
Favorite websites: Crunchyroll, AHS forum
Favorite musical artists/bands: The Veronicas, Ayumi Hamasaki, Maroon 5, Black Eyed Peas, Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears, No Doubt, Ami Suzuki, Namie Amuro, Hikaru Utada, and the list goes on. ^^;

Personality: Shy towards people I don't know well. With friends I'm outgoing, goofy, random, silly, (hopefully) funny.

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23 / F / MY HOUSE~
Posted 11/9/08 , edited 11/9/08
im linhxx33
and i love Goong!!! its the best
and i LOVE all romance manhwa and manga LOL
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29 / F / Romania
Posted 8/13/09 , edited 8/13/09
Hey there, I'm brisingr123.
Ok. Let's see if I can pull this. I'm not good at introductions

My favourite manhwa is Bride of The Water God. As for manga... well here's a list
shoujo: Kaikan Phrase, Skip Beat, Vampire Knight, Vampire Juuji Kai, Gakuen Alice, Kimi ni Todoke, Kaichou wa Maid-sama etc.
shounen: Bleach, Basilisk (although this one is seinen, I love the 2 main characters).

Fav. anime: Code Geass 1&2, Fushigi Yuugi, Pandora Hearts and a lot more
Fav tw/j/k dramas: Devil Beside you, MARS, Aishiteru to itte kure, Coffee Prince
Music: from rock to pop. even classical.
Books: it depends on my mood. At the moment it's the Twilight Saga. it's summer, so a lot of reading is unbereable. smth light and easy to comprehend like Twilight.. it's perfect.

About me: hmm... I don't like summer. I like reading and listening to music. I like coffee, yes I should have started with this no wonder I liked Coffee Prince...what else... I like dogs (golden retriever) and dislike (not hate, they are nice creatures) cats.

I guess that kinda sums it up..
Nice to meet you all
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