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Posted 10/8/08 , edited 10/8/08
FUNimation is revealing a new anime acquisition every day this week and the first one is Mamotte! Lollipop, which FUNimation will release as Save Me, Lollipop in a single 13-episode box set that will be available in December. The anime is based on the 7-volume shojo manga series by Michiyo Kikuta that was published in Japan by Kodansha in its Nakayoshi magazine. The 13-episode Mamotte! Lollipop anime adaptation, which was produced by the Sunshine Corporation and directed by Noriyoshi Nakamura (My Santa, Dragon Slayer), aired in Japan from July to September of 2006. FUNimation has confirmed to ICv2 that it will be issuing the Save Me, Lollipop anime with an English dub track as well as the original Japanese soundtrack with English subtitles.

FUNimation acquired the rights to the Save Me, Lollipop anime series from Kodansha. Del Rey, which has a special relationship with Kodansha, is publishing Michiyo Kikuta’s Mamotte! Lollipop manga (Volume 5 was just released in March) here in the U.S. FUNimation has licensed the anime versions of a number of anime series based on Kodansha manga in recent years including Clamp’s Tsubasa and xxxHolic, Hell Girl, Mushishi, Basilisk, Suzuka, School Rumble, and Negima.

and here's a link:!_Lollipop

and here's the announcement from AoD:
FUNimation Licenses Mamotte! Lollipop (10:33 AM EDT): FUNimation has confirmed this morning that they have acquired the late 2006 TV series Mamotte! Lollipop. FUNimation has acquired DVD, broadcast and mobile rights for this thirteen episode series and intends to release it in one box set towards the end of 2008. Notably absent from the list is digital distribution rights, something company CEO Gen Fukunaga has said in the recent past is something they want for all their new properties. The series will be released in the US under the title Save Me! Lollipop and marks yet another title that FUNimation has picked up in which Del Rey has the manga as well. Other series include such titles as Hell Girl, Negima, Mushishi, Basilisk, School Rumble, Suzuka, Tsubasa and xxxHolic.

and here's the write-up from ANN:

Funimation Adds Save Me! Lollipop Romantic Comedy Anime
posted on 2008-05-12 12:36 EDT
Adapted from Michiyo Kikuta's Mamotte! Lollipop shōjo manga


Funimation announced that it has acquired the Save Me! Lollipop (Mamotte! Lollipop) romantic comedy anime from the Japanese publisher Kodansha. The story centers around a girl named Nina who swallows a Crystal Pearl after mistaking it for a lollipop. Two sorcerers from another world sudden appear to claim the Crystal Pearl as part of a critical trial. The two vow to protect Nina from other competing sorcerors until one or the other can safely retrieve the jewel and win the trial.

Director Noriyoshi Nakamura (Dragon Slayer, My Santa) adapted this anime from Michiyo Kikuta's Mamotte! Lollipop manga, which ran in Kodansha's Nakayoshi shōjo manga magazine. The anime aired 12 episodes in Japan in 2006. Funimation plans to release the series in one DVD set in late 2008.
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