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Celebreties that have gone to jail before
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F / in the world :D
Posted 1/3/09 , edited 1/4/09

mecco wrote:

silvercatgurl007 wrote:

mecco wrote:

silvercatgurl007 wrote:

kitana04 wrote:

lol yeah cute!!!


i wanna know from where is this???!!
what show??? or drama or whaever????!!!
ohh..and tell me plz...where can i watch it!!

the first pic is from Full House i think..its when 2 girls did a home stay w/ suju you can watch it on youtube just look up fulll house suju or somthing...
the second is from SUJU's Exploring the human body just type in EHB ep 1 on youtube and you can watch the show (im not exactly sure what ep this is from) they are soo hilarious on this...i must of watched the shows like 100 times!!!
hope you find them ...if you cant just ask me and ill send you links.....sorry im so lazy i just dont wanna do if you find them

r u sure??.....i mean...i watched the SUJU full house...and there was no jail thingy!!
i'm sure it's not frrom full house...cuz i watched it sooo many times!!
and the second one...i'll see it soon!!...thanx!!
but i wanted to know from what show is that first pic..
anyways...thanx again!!!!!

the first pic is from full house because they were in a jail thingy in the english village at the police station o.0
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Posted 1/4/09 , edited 1/4/09
i dont know much but i know for sure is....

*Kanye West
*Lil Wayne

all i know that alots american stars like rapper/hip hop/rnb often get arrest....
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