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Posted 10/9/08 , edited 10/9/08

Maybe most of you already know this...but for those who still don't know, here it is...


These are 5 pet peeves for the boys. These are things you must be
aware of & must not do in front of them because they don't like it...

Xiah Zone

1 ) Doesn't like aerated water, coffee, or soda. If you're going to
prepare a drink for him, you should prepare fruit drinks or herb teas.

2 ) He strongly dislike oysters!

3 ) Doesn't like obscene or impolite talk whether in front of his fans or behind their back.

4 ) Doesn't like the word "loser" because it seems like a cruel word.

5 ) Doesn't like his own skin because he has sensitive skin, so he must always be careful with the type of cosmetics he uses.

Micky Zone

1 ) Doesn't like anything risky, especially if it's risky activity involving heights.

2 ) Besides learning music, Micky has very little interest in anything else.

3 ) Doesn't like to be alone.

4 ) Didn't like dogs, even though before he used to have a canine pet.

5 ) Doesn't like separation/division in either skin color or class.

Hero Zone

1 ) Don't call him "pretty" or "feminine". You should compliment him as "handsome" or "suave", that would please him more.

2 ) Doesn't like to drink coke because he once fainted from drinking coke.

3 ) Doesn't like to wink since he can't wink.

4 ) Doesn't like a messy or cluttered and disorderly space because if he sees it, he would immediately go clean up and organize things.

5 ) Doesn't like anyone to embrace his waist or hip.

Max Zone

1 ) Doesn't like to be bothered when eating.

2 ) Doesn't like to be bothered when reading/studying. It'll make him lose concentration.

3 ) Not pleased with his hair because he has really thick (bushy/shaggy) hair.

4 ) Doesn't like to tell anyone when he's tired or not feeling well.
Even when he's really sick, people would tell him he doesn't look like a sick person.

5 ) Doesn't want anyone thinking he's pretentious when the truth is that he's just unsure of how to act/doesn't know what to do.

Yunho Zone

1 ) Doesn't like anyone to say anything negative about any of the
members. If he happens to hear any rumor/gossip, he would immediately try to clarify.

2 ) Doesn't like to sleep alone.

3 ) Doesn't like to give up, even if it's just a small challenge.

4 ) Doesn't like small or cramped places because it makes him feel frustrated and uncomfortable/suffocated.

5 ) Doesn't like it when fans mob them, trying to pull their hair or their clothes.

Credit for article
Translation credit : [email protected]
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Posted 10/9/08 , edited 10/10/08

I must remember to:

Never say loser around Junsu or anything aout his skin.
Never leave Yoochun standing alone and make sure no ones is being racist around him.
Never call Jae pretty. [I must stop that] xD
Never say anything about Changmin's hair.
Never let Yunho be in a crowded area or allow fan mobs near him. XD

oh...thats some stuff to remember xD
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Posted 11/3/08 , edited 11/4/08
i gree with hero becoz he is aman so do not call him pretty
also agree with yunho crowded area so uncomfortable and suffocated me2
no one gonna stop doing or saying this things
Especially the media and crazy fans
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Posted 11/4/08 , edited 11/4/08
wAaAaah! Yep! Indeed! Hero is a Man! so DON'T CALL HIM PRETTY OR SAY HE LOOKS LIKE A GIRL! hehehehe I love them!!!!!!! WaAAaAH hehehe !
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Posted 12/20/08 , edited 12/20/08
Yunh0 doesn't like to sleep alone... I'll sleep with y0u then.. l0lzz... hehe..
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Posted 1/24/09 , edited 1/24/09
oOHHHH,.....Jeje is has a sensitive stomach,..
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