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Posted 10/9/08 , edited 10/10/08
THIS is the forum that you will subscribe for the monthly issue of Aijou Academy's subscribe and win newsletter. This is, the one with rules. You will, however, receive another newsletter that goes out for students, staff, and members.

There are rules to subscribing to this newsletter. You have to have atleast 3 badges or 5 stars to subscribe.

In each issue of this newsletter there will be a coupon. Subscribers will be grouped, 10 each group. That group will have a coupon for a specific item or prize. To make your coupon "usable" pm me or Ferastar and we will add something that will make us know that the coupon is in use.

This newsletter is for enjoyment and maybe a bit of competition...Please subscribe and thnx~!

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26 / F / no longer here :'(
Posted 10/9/08 , edited 10/9/08
yea i'll write oh and i kinda said each star is 5 badges.... so i guess either 5 badges or 1 star? maybe that's to muh...i'll try to change it soon peps!
Posted 10/10/08 , edited 10/10/08
oo sound interestin, if u dont mind, please also add my name in it too
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