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Post Reply CHECK: Badges and Stars
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25 / F
Posted 10/18/08 , edited 10/19/08
sent invites to 69 friends
and posted an idea for the special ability
Posted 10/19/08 , edited 10/19/08
umm i invited buddies and i got:

Group invitations sent to 74 users! 19 users are already members or invited to this group.
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Posted 10/23/08 , edited 10/23/08
xRukiaX3x, +1 badge..^^ i sent it already♥
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22 / F / Find me~
Posted 10/24/08 , edited 10/24/08
uploaded 20 photos
Posted 10/26/08 , edited 10/26/08
Idea#1i hav a forum idea! well since all we hav so far is classes and dorms forums lets post up game forums to maybe attract more ppl and make aijou academy more interesting than it is!

Game#1: "3 word story" game, this is a game were ppl can create a little mini story on watevr subject they want and end it however they want using whoever they want!

1.only 3 words are usable or writable
2. no double posting (as in lets say some1 posts "once there was" that same person cannot post again till some1 else posts a reply)
3. if anyone wishes to end a story post saying so and start a new one

Game#2 : "What if...", in this game ppl just post up a question starting with what if some1 replies and asks another what if question)

1.questions can oly start with what if
2.wen u answer a quetion u must ask another question

Idea#2 hey since this is a school why not post up a library forum where everyone can recommend eachother books or mangas to read!? ^_^

If BOOKS are recommended:
1.Post book title
2.Post book author
3.If wanted also a book description
4.Book tags(ex: romance, comedy, tradgedy)

If MANGAS are recommended:
1.Post manga title
2.Post mangakas(author of a manga)name
3.If wanted manga description
4.Manga tags(ex: romance, comedy, shoujo, school life)
5.Website were manga can be found(ex: ONLINE:, DOWNLOAD:
6.Post if completed, ongoing, or oneshot

and now i am done! ^_^
Posted 11/7/08 , edited 11/7/08

Ferastar wrote:

AngelGoddess1997 wrote:

Heyas~! heres the "log" for our stars and badges. Everyone that's here will be added to this list and we'll be adding stars and such..^^

ways to get stars~!
1. Inviting your buddies, +1
2. Uploading 20 photos, +2
3. Posting in forums, +1*
4. We'll add more..^^


Badges/Stars form

List Form
AngelGoddess1997, AzNXIII, Broken-Winged-Angel, CandiiX, chibi-girl, diana_unipet1996, Ferastar, haruhi-25, Icy-Pengui, Komaki-chan, mitsuki_xxx123, naruto525, sakuraeternal, shinzki, ultrabubbletea, xAngelLovex, PhatBoiRandy, dantomisaw124, Yellowsakura

that' all about right although this'll get messy very soon also each star is 5 badges so they're worth more than the badges (no duh) also u won't get a badge if u just post on forms u'll need post ideas on the forms we can use to make the group better...then we decide if u deserve a badge.
p.s. All moderateurs start off with 5 badges/1 star

oo wow, i love this new system
btw, didnt she said MOD start with 5 badges??
when i chek mine is only 1
Posted 11/7/08 , edited 11/7/08
invite 85 users
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F / New home!
Posted 11/22/08 , edited 11/22/08
Ummm I invited 4 People.
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21 / F / Japan,nagoya
Posted 1/3/09 , edited 1/4/09
i invited 77 ppl 24 of them already joined
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22 / F / You don't need to...
Posted 1/29/09 , edited 1/30/09
hehehe i invited 82 people to this acedemy wow i guess i should invite more but i rathert not >.< .........
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