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the sun was setting in the sky. Karin and Evey had just finished the class room chores. giggling as they walked through the hall. "EEEEEEKKKKKKKKK!" Karin scream as she points to the blood covered windows. evey looks closer to investigate.
"t..t..the blood's falling from outside the windows! the girls start to run down the hall out of the school. Evey stops to look back to see a dead girl strapped to the clock tower! "why?" evey said as she fell to the ground. Karin runs to evey and covers her eyes as she cries! "DON"T LOOK!!!" Alice screams as she grabs the girls and takes them to the teacher's office."It's ok the police are on the way." she looked at the lifeless girl."its going to be ok" she says. Kerin suddenly stands up"we must solve this." they all looked at each other and knew what needed to be done. thus began the school house mystery!
Here's how it go's!
1: mesege me to tell me if your in and if you wont a role in the story.
2: I will be making clues in story so look out for them!
3: if you think of some thing good to put in the story tell me frist so that the plot duz not get mixed up lol plz
4: have FUN!!!!

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