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Posted 10/9/08 , edited 10/10/08

Dong Bang Shin Ki member, Young Woong JaeJoong has revealed that he was a gum seller when he was young.

Young Woong JaeJoong has captured the hearts of his fans with his prince-like looks. However, during his appearance on KBS 2TV’s Happy Together Season 3, he revealed for the first time that he was once a gum seller when he was young.

When he was 16, JaeJoong decided to go to Seoul to fulfil his dream of becoming a singer. JaeJoong, who lived a hard life while he was at Seoul, said “The owner of the house I was staying in said ‘If you can’t produce the rent by tomorrow, I’ll evict you from your room.”

In order to come up with the 150 000 won needed to pay for the rent, he started working, taking up various jobs including being one of 100 000 soldiers for the movie, Taegeukgi Hwinallimyeo (Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War) and selling gum, JaeJoong explained, to the great surprise of the audience and his fellow guests alike.

When JaeJoong was selling gum, due to his normal appearance (as in he didn’t have the appearance of someone who would usually do that type of work), admitted that “People would usually mistake and think that I had stolen the gum, which made it hard for me.”

JaeJoong, who would walk around all day trying to sell the gum also said “Out of desperation, I went into a supermarket, where the woman working there took pity on me and said ‘I’ll buy whatever gum you have left, so don’t do that type of work anymore.’ before giving me 150 000 won.”

From this, JaeJoong continued, “Through this event, I got even more determined in my attempt to become a singer.”. JaeJoong also showed his thankfulness towards the woman he met in the supermarket during the broadcast.

Happy Together Season 3 will be broadcast on the 9th of October, 11:05 pm KST.

(I shed some tears when I read this...I'm really proud of our Jaejoong...My heart aches to know how much he's suffered to become who he is now...Jaejoong! Jaejoong Aja Aja Fighting!!! XOXOXO ^_^)
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Posted 10/10/08 , edited 10/10/08
Oh my poor Jae...
He's been through so much crap to get to where he is today...
wahhh...I love him even more now
So proud of him <33

and i freaking missed the broadcast omg. -__-

Thank you super market lady!! ^__^
Posted 10/10/08 , edited 10/10/08
I don't get it why does our Jaejoong have to go through all this hard shit??well thank gosh he made his dream come true!!!Jae oppa i love u!!!
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