Hurricane Yuuki Villa
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Posted 10/10/08 , edited 10/10/08
Yo! This is the Hurricane Yuuki Villa.

Those here are the Rash hunters who are stronger then the others and great with Guns and swords.

Dorm Battles are fast approaching so we must prepare to take 'em down, and even better hopefully by the end of the month it'll be Vamp on Vamp Hunter for a full blown bloody war.

We'll focus on training and come up with a plan of action so we can take anyone down!

We'll have to Dorm Leaders, you follow their instructions what they says go! If we say jump you Jump! Got it?!

Dorm Leaders are;




Here's the rules.

# We're a team. We fight together we live together so take care of your Dorm mates any Fighting will be punished severely.

# No Spamming

# Show Respect to those higher then you, if you don't you're likely to be punished.

# Keep it Clean.

Vampire Hunters have Three Postitions; Normal Humans, Hunter Apprentices, Vampire Hunter

We make weapons, using elements

Normal Humans; only make metal and steel weapons

Hunter Aprentices; choose one element like fire and electric or whatever ONLY ONE, and they can make weapons with that element, shields, armor, guns, and swords

Vampire Hunter; have two elements, basically they are weapon makers, and they have good strength

You can't make Wepons for each other, other then Metal Weapons.

Dorm Leaders; can make any kind of weapon any element

Well that's the formalities out of the way so Hurry on in before you get yourselves in trouble for being late!
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