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Posted 10/10/08 , edited 10/10/08
Finally to end all the talks and criticisms about the song “Mirotic” being a remake or a plagiarized version of Sarah Connor’s “Under my skin”, SM finally cleared the topic by speaking to the press and ending all speculations.

Dong Bang Shin Gi’s new song, ‘Spell (MIROTIC)’ was criticized because of plagiarism.

When Dong Bang Shin Gi’s new album with the title track, ‘Spell (MIROTIC) was released, netizens simultaneously began identifying the similarities between their title track and German pop singer, Sarah Conner’s song, “Under My Skin.” Various arguments erupted with netizen’s stating, “This is plagiarism,” and “This is a remake.”

Dong Bang Shin Gi’s company spoke to the press on the 30th to clear this issue. “The composing team of Remee/Troelsen who composed BoA’s American debut song, ‘Eat You Up’ gave Dong Bang Shin Gi and Sarah Conner the same song” and that, “While Europe receives the rights for Sarah Connor’s version, Asia get’s Dong Bang Shin Gi.”

Furthermore, “when we first received the song, we knew that they were the same,” stated a spokesperson. “Sarah Conner made her version public last month but Dong Bang Shin Gi had finished recording in June.”

Source: Hankooki

This issue has been one of the heated topics accompanying the release of the 4th album. Honestly, I don’t make a big deal out of this issue even from the moment I heard of it before the release of the album. Why, you may ask? Because even if the songs are somewhat alike - heck, even if they are TOTALLY SIMILAR - I really don’t care simply because DBSK will always be DBSK. Even if they sing songs that are alike with other singers, it’s always different whenever it is performed by DBSK. They OWN every song they sing and perform and no artist can do what DBSK does. That is why I never really cared if Mirotic was similar to Sarah Connor’s song. But I hope the clarification from SM would really end this issue.
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