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Posted 4/15/07 , edited 4/15/07
CR points.

CR has been advancing a lot nowadays, with guestbooks, upload features, badges for the supporters and things. But one thing has remained pretty much the same throughout. Points.

Besides the change from 20 to 200 points to start a new topic if my memory serves, I haven't seen anything to improve on it, for the 8 months I've been here.

200 points to start a forum topic isn't much, and if a non forum goer like me can get 3000 points, 200 is peanuts.

I was looking forward to more, mainly because theres a 'for now' in the points faq. Instead of setting it as a priority, it was probably shelved (possibly forgotten) and guestbooks and photo sections were added, making CR more like myspace, not to mention taking up more bandwidth, not that I hate it, but it wasn't even a priority, not to mention necessary. I don't really see the point by putting aside points and adding a feature no one would have expected of the site.

I really appreciate being able to start a new topic, albeit i don't use the forums, but i really hope this area can be improved on. If not, at least take down the 'for now' on the list of things you can do with your points. it makes me more hopeful everytime i look at it.

I hope maybe someone can see it my way.
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Posted 4/15/07 , edited 4/15/07
Please don't post threads in this forum section

There is already a similar topic, and there is also a suggestions thread:

What do you think about the CR point system?

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