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Poses, Reactions, and Faces When Watching Anime
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Posted 10/14/08 , edited 10/14/08
4. Theres tuns of characters that I hate 4 no apparent reason.
5. Misa and C.C. were like my anime role models and.. pretty much still are.
8. I got lost a lot cause well I'm a dumb blonde xD
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Posted 10/14/08 , edited 10/14/08

zendude wrote:

I found this picture that has the generalized reactions of people when watching Anime. I thought that it was quite funny, so I will share it with you guys. Enjoy.

What is your common poses, faces, or reactions when watching Anime?

Mine would be:
- No.2 Because I could really get into the storyline
- No.3 Just because
- No.6 Becuz I likez 2 laughs @ hte puny Anime sitautionz "LAWLZ"
- No.10 Because at times I forget about doing some of my stuff

*laughs* omg...who knew that someone besides me do such poses xD hmm..I make all of that poses..coz I watch all different kinds of anime..and yeah...I always give comments when I watch them..Im always so into the story xDD and my mum asked me one morning( the night before i watched Ouran high school host club, and i was laughing really loud) : " What the hell did you watch yesterday? YOu laughed so hard..I could hear it." XDahhaha xD well...its my habit..I can't do anything else but be so into Anime *laughs*
Posted 10/26/08 , edited 10/27/08
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