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The Highest Temperature character In Anime
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Posted 10/12/08 , edited 10/12/08

madao_72 wrote:

Wow, when I read the title, I never thought it would be literal.
The hottest (literally) character I've ever seen was Magmar (Pokemon), but it was only about 2300 K. And it looks like the character that the thread starter said won this thread...

pokemon is strictly not anime
Posted 10/12/08 , edited 10/12/08
How about Roy Mustang from Full Metal Alchemist? He sure beats the sun!
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Posted 11/6/08 , edited 11/6/08

djalmanac wrote:

Digix wrote:

frieza was top of DB series. but since there was demand they continued

Everyone I've asked like the Cell Saga the most though... everyone.

...estimate.... "alot of people."

Cell saga and later was not so bad actually, but it just does not match all everything else.
By todays terrible standards this is probably masterpiece anyway.

however you can see that DB author has hard time to invent new powers and still be logical as before.
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