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Posted 10/10/08 , edited 10/11/08
The seating arrangement: Upstairs (can fit 500), downstairs (can fit 1500). There were about 1500+ attendees, but they decided to fit everyone downstairs to be eye level with Eunhye and sit closer, cozy and intimate.

The turnout was great, with fans coming from all over Japan, some even took 10+ hours to get to the fan meeting. There was a diverse fan range, from young and old, male and female, sick and healthy. Even fans who came all by themselves, not in a group, many of them being male fans.

Fans did see cameras from MNET Japan, but Eunhye purposely didn't bring along her own camera staff for the sake of her fans' peace of mind and comfort.

The MC was very experienced, having MC'ed fan meetings for at least 200 korean male stars. But Eunhye was his first korean female star, and throughout the fan meeting, he kept staring at Eunhye, saying "Kawaii... kawaii!! (cute)"

The fan meeting was organized into five segments:

1. Q&A time and best five scenes as chosen by the fans. Many questions were asked, some from the fans but mostly by the MC. Some of the questions were:

Q. Do you like coffee?
Q. What was it like spending Chuseok with your family? What did you do during the Chuseok holiday?
Q. How many times have you visited Japan?
Q. What was it like standing in front of the microphone, singing 'Saranghae' and 'Salad Song'?
Q. Any thoughts of making a comeback as a singer?
Q. What did u do after Coffee Prince?
Q. Have you decided on your next project?
A. No, not yet.
Q. What kind of role do you want to do next?

Best five scenes as chosen by the fans:

5th - The Vineyard Man - Episode 11: Dancing/Singing contest - Eunhye said it was all improvised/adlibbed from start to finish.

4th - Coffee Prince - Episode 6: Crying in Bus & Episode 10 - Eun Chan crying infront of house with the scene where she cried out "I'm neither a male nor female". Eunhye said she completely emptied herself, completely let herself go and couldnt stop crying even during standy because she was so deeply into the character and her emotional state. She shed a few tears while watching this scene.

3rd - Goong - Episode 16: Beach scene

2nd - Coffee Prince - Episode 9 - Where she confronts her costar and asks him "Do you really like me as a dongseng?"

1st - Goong - Episode 23 - Kiss scene

2. Picking Eunhye's ideal man, which was more like a prize draw for game winners and the lucky chosen ones. To the game winners, Eunhye gave out three of her personal belongings: the green olympics t-shirt she wore, which she posted on her Cyworld; a pair of shoes she wore in Coffee Prince (she later worried about the smell); the long necklace she wore in The Vineyard Man.

3. Eunhye singing. Eunhye sang a popular Japanese song "Nagai Aida" by "Kiroro". Eunhye said she practiced this so much since she didn't want to mispronounce a word and ruin the meaning of the song. Apparently Eunhye sang it so well, given that Eunhye normally starts off soft and nervous but hits off by the second verse.

4. Birthday song + video messages. The birthday cake was huge. The fans sang 'Happy Birthday'.

5. Group photos + handshaking session with ALL attendees. The groups were divided into about 50 groups of about 30 or so fans. The lucky fans who got 'selected' got to sit next to or stand nearest to Eunhye. Eunhye shook and greeted each and every one of the 1500+ fans who attended. This task, which is even difficult for male stars, did take a toll on Eunhye who reluctantly had to take a short break half way through. But Eunhye did well, even with sweat pouring down her neck. What's more, Eunhye started to apologise to the fans after her short break, for not being as energetic and cheerful as she should have been.

Posted 10/11/08 , edited 10/11/08
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