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Posted 10/10/08 , edited 10/11/08
Imagine a person is taking FOREVER in a booth and you want to go in it already. but since it's taking quite a while it leaves you to think what are they doing in there? are they posing the weirdest way ever? or are they trying out something special.

Directions: the person who posts above you is in a booth, you post what they look like when they come out and come up with an conclusion. then the next post and so on.

first post:
describe: person who came out had a shoe-mark on her face

guess: "the person in the booth must have be trying to put her foot up to her head in the booth."

second post:
first person who had posted had her cheeks all pink when she came out

"her friends must have been pinching her cheeks the whole time"

lets start~!!

*enters the booth*
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