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Posted 10/11/08 , edited 10/11/08

every month we have a different couple

this is a forum topic for all Zero X Yuuki fans to make up storys about them
e.g there first date or whatever

this is for all members to read and review for fun
then at the end of october cross academy
will choose the best story and you will get a badge :D

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TITLE: I Love you too!
<might have spelt stuff wrong>

I Was Walking with Zero But for some reason my heart started thumping, i didn't understand.. my heart only thumps for kaname sama. he turned around and said "whats wrong yuuki", i never noticed how ....... We were just about to go gaurd the doors when the night class come out but Zero grabbed my hand and pulledd me. I Said " Zero , ..what are you doing?" he replied " lets skip this, lets go somewhere just you and me". I Asked "Why?, do you need more blood?" He Shook his head & picked me up, right then the doors between the night class & day class were about to open. He noticed and started running untill we were outside cross academy. He put me down & leant over me breathless, i askedd " ..w- what are you doing? were suppose 2 be gaurding the night- " suddenly he kissed me, it wasn't a forceful kiss it was gentle and warm, that i couldn't stop him. Speechless.. i asked "what was that for..?" he smileed (it was the warmest smile i ever saw) and said "i finnaly did it..dn't you understand in LOVE with you". I Started to run away from him faster & faster.Things kept whirling in my mind.. no i can't because i'm in love with Kaname,.. but why did i kiss Zero Back? ... Thts when i realised is that Zero needed me & i needed him all that we've been through we went through it together, his eyes his lips and his smile.. Zero was the one that i loved. I began to cry & ran back to the person i love the most & ran into his arms & said "i'm sorry u had to wait for me.. i'm in love with you too!"

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