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27 / F / Blood Pledge Castle
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The episode starts with the aristocrats watching from a window the people that just got to Blood pledge castle.

We hear some noises of horses and Anissina's brother says that it seems the others are back, Waltorana's face is serious.

Yuuri is happy to be back, then Wolfram asks him if he wants to have a bath first or instead get something to eat.(Notice from me: it's usual for wives to ask their husband this kind of question after he comes back from work. )
Gunter stops him and Wolfram is not happy to be interrupted.

Then we see the 10 aristocrats welcoming Yuuri back, they want to talk about Saralegi and Small Shimaron, Yuuri is about to start but Anissins's brother says there is still time, they can talk about that at the "round table".
This mention shocks Wolfram and Gunter while it seems that Gwendal expected it.
Yuuri is brought away from the guards.


Yuuri is in the middle and the aristocrats are all around him. He talks about nonsense while the others just look at him. (something about his mother liking the novels about the round table etc etc)
He tries to stand up but is tied to the chair.
Meanwhile Cheri is still outside happy to be free with Raven following her, while Yuuri is inside and look at his left where he sees a panda. Gunter says it's in Von Grantz place.

Then Gunter starts a loooooooong speech which is almost all cut off. Yuuri falls asleep in the middle of the speech.
But then he wakes up because the chair moves putting him in front of Von Kabernikoff, then Stoffel, then Gunter.
So we get to understand how the round table works.

Cheri continues to flirt with poor Raven outside.

Back to serious things, Waltorana is the first to speak, of course it's about Small Shimaron, they want to know what Yuuri went to do there.
He answered he just went to visit a friend but something happened and there were trouble.

Of course the problem is that they are Mazoku while the others are not, Yuuri says there are a lot of things to learn from other people but Waltorana is serious and disagrees.
He asks Yuuri if he thinks Shinou would be ok with his behaviour and Yuuri says he think Shinou wouldn't be against that...Gwendal in the meantime starts to fake a cough...

Then Stoffels adds that Mazoku and Humans have nothing in common, then, all the others speak, they are a little splitted between saying that it was ok what Yuuri did and some said it was not ok.
Yuuri's chair moved to be always in front of the one that was talking.
Basically they start discussing between themselves while Yuuri is spinning from one part to another.

In the end they resolve to hear what Yuuri has to say but he is feeling sick so they stop for the moment.

While eating Wolfram tells Yuuri he has to eat but Yuuri says he was spinned around so much that he is not hungry at all.
Wolfram continues saying that Yuuri can't look down at the ten aristocrats because they supported the Maou for a long time (I think he means he needs their support and doesn't have to understimate them)

Then Wolfram starts talking about them and Gunter follows they explain a little Yuuri about the aristocrats, (I'm in a hurry and edit the summary with all the descriptions later)
It's not a long description, while they talk Yuuri asks Gwendal why he coughed when Yuuri was talking, Gwen answers that it was because he spoke about Shinou, at that point Murata and mini Shinou enter.
Shinou explains that Yuuri shouldn't talk about him with the aristocrats because they had the biggest respect for Shinou and he knows it, but they need to have respect for Yuuri, so no mention of Shinou, they have to approve and swear their loyalty to Yuuri.

Derkian (Julia's brother) is in the garden admiring flowers, Conrad goes to him, Derkian apologizes for Rinji's behaviour the last time they met.
Conrad asks him if Rinji is ok and they talk a little about him.
Derkian says that somehow Rinji is similar to Julia (btw there are 4 type of flowers in the garden...not 3...) Conrad says maybe he understood,he saw the truth, not matter what place they are and how one thinks to not be good enough, everyone has to live and be judged for who he is..

Yuuri and Wolf are walking and Yuuri is not happy that the meeting will start again.
Wolfram says if only he would be able to attend he would prot...(he meant to say "protect")
But he gets interrupted by the arrival of one of the aristocrats, Radford.
He asks Yuuri if he feels fine.
Then they see Anissina trying to fry a poor chicken and her brother trying to save it.
Radford says it's been like this since they were children, one couldn't understand if they liked or hated each others.
Then Wolfram remembers that when they were young they used to play in that same garden that Game "Shinou kakushi" (the can game)
Radford says that Wolfram always lost that game XD

Yuuri thinks about something and tells them to go first.
Then he asks Conrad what is this game and he explains it.
Since Conrad was not witrh the others Yuuri explains him that Shinou said the aristocrats have to support him and he wonders if he is good enough, he doesn't know them, he didn't spend any time with them too...there are so many things he is not aware of...
Conrad says that to know each others it doesn't matter how much time you spend with them, Conrad asks Yuuri if he would let him give him proof of this.


Yuuri then comes inside the room and tells the aristocrats that he wants to play the Shinou kakushi game.
He says that a lot of them don't know him and so they can't support someone they don't know.
He wants to play with everyone the game and spend time with them.

So they starts XDDD
Gunter explains the way they have to play.
It involves also singing.
Basically one starts kicking the Kohi head, the others hide and one with the head has to look for the others, the first who gets the kohi head without being caught by who is looking for the others has to sing.

Waltorana is hidden and not exactly happy about this idea, but then he remembers the past.

Young Waltorana is walking and absolutely not interested in the game.
Then he sees something sparkling in a bush and checks, it's Julia and she is hiding for the game.
She tells him to stay quiet and invites him to play.
He says how can they play while their parents are having an important meeting.
Julia says that she thinks the meetings have no meaning, being all together and smile it's what makes people enjoy their time, it makes them understand each others.
Waltorana says it's a game for children and she asks him if he is afraid to lose, that's ok he is scared to lose against someone younger than him.
Waltorana says he wouldn't lose

End flashback

Waltorana sees the same sparkle from some bushes and finds Yuuri.
He asks him about the pendant, Yuuri says it's an talisman so that he won't be found.(so I think he took it out for that?)
He says that the bushes are good for hiding and he can also see everyone and understand them, there is Stoffel who is asking Raven to find the others, some of the others are having fun, others have their own pace...

Stoffel left a little behind the Kohii head so Yuuri says "let's go Waltorana!" and Waltorana has this flashback with Julia running and saying the same thing.

Young!Waltorana says to stop, Julia is...blind how can she run...but then he realizes it, she can see the truth.
He thinks the same words Conrad said before, someone who lives and is judged for himself without thinking of the place he is given.

Yuuri gets the Kohi and is ready to sing but he realizes he doesn't remember the song!
Then, Waltorana goes near him and starts to sing.
During the song when it comes to say "to support Shinou " he stops and sings" to support the Maou".
Everyone sings and they all replace Shinou with "Maou"
They then continue to play.
It's the end of the day and everyone is leaving but before, Waltorana tells Yuuri that someone once told him that running and smiling together is what make people enjoy and understand each others..
Yuuri comments saying that whoever said that said something very good.
Then they all leave.

At Shinou's temple Shinou says he wanted to play too but Murata replies that it would be...scary to have Shinou playing the Shinou kakushi game XD

Waltorana remembers being called by Julia "a child" and says that maybe it's love also that an adult, called "child" supports a "child" Maou.
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