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Posted 10/11/08 , edited 10/11/08
i know this is such a random topic, but as an aries and a dragon sign i have a major temper problem it sort of freaks me out. Little things sets me off like when people don't listen or when things aren't done properly and when they say stuff that isn't true about you.

Theres more for me, but i'm just wondering what sets people off and how they calm down, i end up throwing stuff to calm me down, mostly at the person saying it.....hehehehehehe......

it's just i wonder about the whole temper i know most of it is so stupid but i can't help but get pissed and it last for a while as well

so annoying is it just me or can some one relate

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Posted 10/23/08 , edited 10/23/08
I know what you mean but most likely the only reason I shout is because I get stressed easily lol but I do know how you feel
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Posted 10/27/08 , edited 10/27/08
i'm proud being an aries cause we are really good ppl but the thing is ..no one understands us ..and that's probebly the main reason for me why ppl say that i have temper problems...i just hate being judged before knowing the real me..so i get a bit agressive and looks like i don't have feelings .. but the truth is..although i look angry and say mean things..and what ppl don't know that deep inside me.. i'm completely brocken. i don't know if this is just me... or all aries feel the same..
Posted 10/27/08 , edited 10/27/08
oh god i feel the same, people just don't understand i hate it they just think your angry all the time. But i'm guessing it's only because we're so passionate and things do effect us more then other things. As a sign of a war lord i think it's only becasue we need people we trust around us, we are sensitive but that just shows how loyal we are towards our friends and how much the people we care about mean to us. I just hate putting up a front for people to understand me , but people are understanding me more since they know a little more about me.....don't worry your not the only that has this.....it's just so hard been so sensitive....but i just love been an aries it makes me who i am and i love it
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Posted 10/29/08 , edited 10/29/08
the main issue that i really dislike about myself when it comes to temper is friends.

like most of us here, it really sets us on fire [not sure if that's the right term to describe it] when someone doesn't understand us or say they do and make all these stupid comments about things we do/like etc. i think it's probably just me or a few of us who has short friendship span due to their tediouness and i really hate it when someone comments about me when i'm reading saying for eg. "oh, she's so dedicated to her reading she'll prolly just sit there when there's a party going on or when the world is set on fire." i only read because either my friends bores me, i have no interests in talking in the conversation with the friends or when i'm tryna get the anger out of my system [i absolutely hate it when someone tries to pry answers out of me as to why i'm mad].

reading calms me down [when i pick the right books or whatever] because then, at least i can take my anger out of the characters mentally and not just blow up when my friends say/ask me something.

true to what others say about us making friends easily, it's just we don't have a lot of them who actually understands us, what we're feeling and can keep us talking. i love starting new friendships with many people but i just really hate myself when i have to end things just because i'm bored or tired of them getting on my nerves since they don't and can't relate to what i'm feeling and thinking.

don't you just despise things when you take the iniative to start a conversation or making new friends, it doesn't go right and just seems like it's not worthwhile anymore? everything seems fine and dandy at the start of things but towards the middle or end it just seems... horrible.

"just ignore and don't take to heart when someone say things that are not true about you" - it gets really tiring and frustrating for me when i have to contain my anger just so that person will be happy. not everyone takes kindly to all "jokes" but some people just don't seem to get it. i admit, i'm mostly hard to read when i keep my straight "i-don't-care" face on just because i don't want people to see me crying. [i cry when i'm angry so it gets me more angry that i'm crying over it when what i really want to do is yell and put on the most ferocious-looking face i have on.] it's difficult letting others get their ways; it's not a natural thing for aries to do but i'm trying my best so that my friendships don't end so abruptly like it always does. i mean, we always get over our anger quickly right? no use in trying to approach it if we'll just keep getting mad over things all over again. but i just don't have the heart to tell someone off <--- it just isn't my character so maybe that's why i'm so stupid when it comes to these things.

ah, sorry my grammar and english is dodgy [weird/retarded]. i'll shut up now [i prolly gave you guys an eye-sore] or else people will think i'm always angry of the world lols. i'm a really happy person at heart when i'm really energetic and joyful ^o^

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Posted 11/27/08 , edited 11/28/08
When people wake me up and I get up grumpy; uhoh~
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Posted 12/3/08 , edited 12/3/08
Well i have been known to have a temper that people dont need to mess with that is because i become aggrive and i am as strong as an ox or so saids my uncle. i used to have a major problem with fighting and getting angry, i almost broke my sisters neck when i youner over her Dominating the computer but i mostly now have gotton over most of it i still every now and again get ticked off but not as bad i mostly stoped caring what people think about me and that has really helped but there are still some things that if people keep doing they are asking for a fight cuz i wont put up with it.
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Posted 12/6/08 , edited 12/6/08
well what set me off is girl with annoying voice screaming in the lunchroom! DAMN! it's already loud as hell! people not giving me what i want and when other girls flirt with my man. to calm me down is either crussing the other person off or give me candy to cool down...but my friends know that when they give me candy, i'm light a bomb. keep tick and you'll don't know when it's gonna go off. when i go off, it'll be hell! when i get candy, i'm like a retard psming woman. but if they want to calm me down they have no choice but to give me candy. either way not giving me candy or giving me candy it'll just end up as hell. the candy that cool me down fast it cotton candy. one of my friends reggie told me that the cotton candy i eat is like a drug to me. you know how cotton candy is suger with air blowing into it? well he said that my cotton candy is not sugar, it's crack. what a silly thing! it's not crack, it's crystal! just joking.
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Posted 12/12/08 , edited 12/12/08
i get mad easily n dere r lots of reason behind dis:
wen i hav 2 wait
wen sum1 is not listenin 2 wat im saying
attention of ppl
loud noise
sum1 continuosly saying my name
wen sum1 disturbs me wen im in middle of sumthing(i.e. reading, writing, drawing or listening 2 music)
wen sum1 forces me 2 do things dat im not intrested in :excl:................................. and many more
wen sum1 is ticking me off n im angry i actually feel like crying but not wanting 2 show my crying face 2 others i try 2 cover it wid laugh but if tis 2 much den it is a must 4 me 2 hit sumthing or if its becuz of sum1 i use my most of de force 2 hit dem but others juz only scolds me without even knowing de reason......................at first i 2 try explaining things 2 dem but dey wud juz ignore me which juz makes me feel even angrier so nowadays i dont even feel like explaining things 2 dem n if dat kind of things happens i juz go sumwere quiet where none is n hit sumthing wid my full force ........................ its so frustrating !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted 1/15/09 , edited 1/15/09
wow hmm I think thats the problem of all aries...form me personaly I easy get mad and I fell so not in place if I don`t get the anger out and because of that the sport helps me A LOT lol --_--` but other way I`m a good and kind person and like to make ppl laugh and happy but I can`t find a lot of ppl who can understand me and make me laugh...for me my friends are preshuse but I really don`t like to tolk with the boring once *sorry* The bad think is that most of the ppl can`t handle my temper and the bad thing here is I get mad but easy calm and never forget LOL
Posted 2/3/09 , edited 2/3/09
wow i can understand what everyone is saying, i think the temper things means where highly emotional people and we dont want to get hurt or be told turthful things.

it's like when you know when people are lieing, for it's my best friend right now it's like she hangs out with other people and she'll go meet them up, but when i ask her to come over she doesn't or when i tell her to hang out she's to busy or she's scared she might get in trouble. she doesn't even try, and thats a classic example for me to get angry.

i also hate when people dont understand me, like when you know your telling the truth but the other person knows their wrong, but instead of admitting it, they make you feel bad.

I consider myself violent, and i come up with a million ways to kill someone when i'm soooo angry, i just cant control it i'm almost 21 and it's so hard. Maybe it's the people around me or it's just me but when people dont understand somthing and complain about things and dont admit to their fault and find other things to blame gets me sooo worked up TT_____TT
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Posted 6/13/09 , edited 6/14/09
I have the same problem as you. Aries do have a bad temper and I'm Aries, I'm also a dragon sign and they also have bad temper. Aries has the worse temper in the western astrology and dragon is the worse in Chinese. All my friends said that i have a really bad temper and i noticed that as well. I try to be lessen my hot temper but it just doesn't work. I go off on everything and explode when anyone attack my family and friends. People think that we are aggressive and rude, but what they don't see is that we are just speaking our mind. I don't think before i speak cause i say what i think and people don't like it. i personally think that is being real cause i dont hold things back. A lot of people think that im mean, rude, disrespectful and inconsiderate and that hurt cause im probably the nicest person you meet. I think Aries are the most honest sign of them all and that why i cant stand fake people and those who lies. I also cant stand injustice and will defend those who need help. I don't understand why other people don't understand us, because i think that aries are the easiest sign to understand cause we speak our mind, say thing that other wish they have the guts to say and do the stand up what what we believe in. I sometime dont get it when people say that they dont understand me when i tell them that what you see is what you get. So i do feel the same way as you cause it tough being a Aries and a dragon. In the end I think that our temper make us who we are and i think we are proud of it. So to end this, i think Aries are strong, honest, speak our mind, caring,passionate, friendly, optimistic, do anything for family and friends and very generous and yet, no one seem to understand.
Posted 6/30/09 , edited 6/30/09
omg you read me like a book, it's like you try but they just dont understand it from our prospective. We are probably the most staright forward people that anyone will ever meet, and yesh we get hot head but we are in control of it but it feels like the whole in justice thing that people who have done wrong should not get off lightly. sometimes i do run my mouth of slightly and just have a go at someone for not taking in other peoples feeling, it's like i see it so many times when someone is doing something wrong no body bothers to let them know or what is common they get scared and don't approach the problem. As an Aries and a Dragon sign we are more confident and honorable in what we do and believe in.
I've been saying this for the past 5 years of my life that no one takes me seriously since they fail to understand what i'm feeling, and i personally believe that Aries have a much stronger intuition then most people, they can feel what others are feeling and have a much higher empathetic response. I believe we know whats going to happen even before it does, because we over think things and are quick on laying out the problems and possibilities. We should live life to the fullest and want everyone to enjoy themselves with out hurting anyone in the process.

well thats my natter on the subject, thank you all that have posted so far and please feel free to use this thread to relieve some stress, guess an aries will understand an aries, but i'm sure the closest person to you can calm and cool you down to your happy self.
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