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Posted 10/11/08 , edited 10/12/08

As you know, our group needs a good avi, so--

Help us~desu! We want to become popular~desu!



1) The photo must be appropriate, PG-13 at the most. We'd like to keep everything appropriate.

You already said that~desu.

2) The photo needs to have both of us on it~desu. The group is called "Seki TWINS Fans Unite," not "Suiseiseki Fans Unite," or "Souiseiseki Fans Unite," OR "Shinku Fans Unite!"
Shinku fans?
You know what I mean~desu!

3) Please put the name of the group on it. Like Suiseiseki said, don't put anything else as the title.
Unless you want to write, "JOIN US~DESU!" at the bottom~desu.
That's a good idea! We need a catch phrase for our group--
Something with the word "desu" would be nice~desu.

4) Do whatever you want with it! Funky, creative, modern--that's what we'd like to see. Creativity is everything. May the best man--
Or woman~desu!
--win. Good luck and have fun!
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