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Her mother's chocolate brown eyes, her father's strong face and black hair, the traits she had inherited from them, and would be remembered by. They had disappeared off the face of the earth never to talk or see her again, the images of them were still alive in her thoughts. She felt the coldness and solitude, of the house and room. ^Come Back^, she thought, ^Please^, those words kept playing back to her, the night was young, Mistress Sage Vandraven had not slept at all. So many emotions ran through her mind she tried to close her eyes but felt this heavy weight in her chest, she knew something was going to happen so, she laid there and started to think about him.She felt alone in her room, she knew that her bodyguard Sebastian Michaelis was downstairs sleeping and she wanted to call him to see that pale face and those red eyes again. But she didn't she looked outside the window and stare at the full moon that was shining in through the big window panes, she sighed ^Do I call him or do I not?^, Sage sat up in her bed and pulled the sheets close to her chest and looked around her room. All of this felt like nothing without somebody to share it with, as if Sebastian had been listening to her, he had knocked on her door.She said "Come in". Sebastian had walked in, his features in the moonlight seem flawless and it made her heart skip a beat. He stood there in just pajama pants. He looked at her and said "Mistress, are you okay?", his voice was like velvet when he spoke and she shivered and had to recompose herself again, she answered "yes I am fine, thank you Sebastian". He smiled, and stood there, Sage couldn't help but stare at his body and his face it drove her insane. Sebastian closed the door behind him and approached her, as he came closer and cupped her face in his hands. His musky scent made her bit her lip,Sage had a chill go down her spine. He spoke "I don't mind spending the night here, Mistress". Sage was in shock when those words had rolled out of his mouth, she spoke "Yes I understand but its up to you". Another smile played upon Sebastian's lips, he started to trace her face with his finger and he stared at her, his finger felt cool against her skin. Sage knew that it was against the rules in the house, but she was rich and had power and she didn't care about the gossip or anything else that happened. Sage moved in closer so that she was close to Sebastian, he then started to caress her shoulder and said "Beautiful like an Angel's skin". His fingers moved to her face and it was then he kissed her, Sage kissed back and it was then that it had happened. Sage had wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer to her, she twined her fingers in his long black hair, they both fell back into the bed.Sebastian had rolled on top of her and he started to kiss her neck, it felt like a dream in Sage's mind the way he start from her neck and then trailed down her body. She felt his cold touch which made the experience much better. It was the moment she waited for so long after everything that happened she felt alive. Their bodies had became melted into one another full of passion and Lust. Each of them had some fire that was finally let out of their system. Sage had to keep her blood lust in control and not bite Sebastian. They screamed and moaned through out the night making it go from still to a lustful atmosphere. The hours had passed by and she didn't know until Sebastian had spoken to her, she rested across his chest. Her long black hair covered her back and under the sheets they laid in sweat. Sebastian was stroking her back softly, and trailing his fingers gently up and down her spine. Sage was in bliss she looked up at Sebastian and smiled she saw he was very pensive. Sage asked "what's wrong?", he turned to look at her and his eyes held her face, he responded "well love we have a long day tomorrow and i wishing it didn't have to happen and I was also thinking about how tonight was one of the most incredible nights of my life". His sounded somewhat sad and also jealous. Sage laughed and propped herself up on her elbows, she spoke "Darling look i wish the same thing as well, but you know that my mother wanted this for me and it would be wrong for me to against those wishes and you have nothing to worry about because I might not even find him yet". Sage stroked his hair and kissed him again, Sebastian pulled back gently and spoke "I understand, Mistress". Sage smiled "Good", she shifted and moved to Sebastian's chest, she laid there again and got chills from the coldness of his chest. Sebastian had wrapped his arms around her and he stroked her hair again. Sage was on the edge of sleep, and relieved of dealing parts of the pain she lived with, Sebastian was asleep and it was then she had fell asleep as well.

Chapter 1 Impulsion
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