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Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle CHARACTER GUIDE

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Sakura is the princess of Clow Kingdom, which is ruled by her older brother, King Tōya. Her childhood friend Syaoran is a young archaeologist. Sakura is revealed to have strange powers when she has a vision of a mysterious symbol and places she has never seen. Meanwhile, Syaoran discovers the same symbol at the ruins he is excavating. He sees Sakura standing on the symbol on the ground. Ghostly wings appear on her back and a mysterious force begins to pull her into the walls of the ruins. Syaoran rescues her in time, but her wings are scattered across dimensions. The High Priest of Clow Kingdom, Yukito, immediately realizes that Sakura's "feathers" were the manifestation of her soul and memories; without them, she will die. In order to save Sakura, Syaoran must journey to retrieve her wing's feathers, the fragments of her memories.

Yukito sends Syaoran and the unconscious Sakura to the Dimensional Witch, Yūko, who is one of the main characters in xxxHolic. There he meets Kurogane, a rough-mannered ninja banished from his world by Princess Tomoyo, and Fay D. Flourite, a magician who fled his world to avoid King Ashura. Each of them must pay with what he values most in order to gain the power to cross dimensions. For Kurogane, it is his sword Ginryū, and for Fay, it is the tattoo on his back which regulates his control of his magic. Syaoran, on the other hand, must pay with his relationship with Sakura: even if he is able to retrieve all of her memories, she will never remember anything about him or their relationship. (This sacrifice also pays Sakura's "toll" to Yūko, because what Sakura values most are her memories of and with Syaoran.) Only when the three agree to her terms does Yūko present them with the power to cross dimensions; a white creature named Mokona Modoki.

While traversing through worlds to find Sakura's feathers, the four travellers and Mokona are forced to overcome many dangers and opponents, some of whom are figures from Syaoran's past who wish to collect Sakura's feathers for their own reasons as they are seen to be objects that hold great power.

The manga adopts darker and more complex tones in the latter half of the story.

Because of the crossover characters with xxxHolic, the two manga occasionally intertwine with each other.

SYAORAN ~ the clone
In Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, Syaoran is an archaeologist who is excavating ruins in the country of Clow. When his childhood friend, Princess Sakura, visits the ruins with him one day her body triggers a chain of mysterious events that lead to a desperate situation. To save Sakura he must pay the price of "their relationship" in order to cross through worlds and collect her memories.

But for what's just the beginning for Syaoran and Sakura is already the middle for "Syaoran" Li who has been waiting seven years for his story to continue. Although imprisoned "Syaoran" has been watching Syaoran's journey through their shared eye and so when the time comes to break free of Fei Wong Reed, "Syaoran" begins fighting for the sake of more than one person who is Sakura.

As a young child he was found in the street by the kindhearted archeologist, Fujitaka. At that time he had no name, no memories of his past, and no sight in his right eye. Fujitaka readily adopts him as a son and names him Syaoran. The two travel across the country for excavation work which leads Syaoran to meet Princess Sakura of Clow Country. Even though Syaoran is blunt and emotionless from his mysterious past, Sakura takes an immediate interest in him. Instead of pitying him or rejecting him for not having memories or a birthday, Sakura readily gives Syaoran her birthday (April 1st) so they can share it and tells him that it doesn‘t matter if he has no memories--they can create many happy ones together. Because of her warm friendship, Syaoran is able to smile for the first time and her friendship becomes the thing he cherishes most in life.

Although he does become increasingly cheerful and friendly, Syaoran feels he is a burden to others because of his inferiorities and is constantly concerned about worrying his father or upsetting Sakura when he hurts himself. And though Sakura urges him not to hide his pain and tells Syaoran to let her worry about him, even later in the journey Syaoran hides his true feelings because he doesn’t want to trouble others or make them sad. Sakura at one point warns him that if he continues keeping things to himself “nothing will change.”

To compensate for his lack of reliable depth perception (due to being blind in his right eye) he asks for fighting lessons from Seishiro in exchange for translating books. Syaoran is shown to be an excellent fighter despite his blind eye, and his style is centered around his devastating kicks. Later on in the journey he also asks Kurogane to teach him swordsmanship so that he can become stronger. The sword Syaoran uses is called Hien, "scarlet flame."

Heavily due to his bond with his adoptive father, Syaoran is also an aspiring archaeologist with the attendant skills and experience of a hardened adventurer somewhat reminiscent of Indiana Jones. One of his quirks is taking an animate interest in history and is often very excited when they stumble on new books or artifacts in the countries they visit. His knowledge is useful on their journey so that he can read on leads to Princess Sakura’s feathers.

It's obvious in the first chapter that Syaoran and Sakura are both in love with each other romantically and though Sakura is on the verge of confessing, Syaoran seems embarrassed at her wish to be called "Sakura" instead of "Princess" and he tells himself it's wrong to be in love with a Princess. He even turns down Sakura's offer to live in the castle with her after Fujitaka died, because he said only people with royal blood should live there. After she loses her feathers, Syaoran takes an uncomfortable backseat as her protector instead of "precious friend," and when Sakura shares with him the memories she gains (which exclude him) he's noticably hurt.

Although body memories aren't explained until Sakura unconsciously kisses Syaoran's sore eye, they can be seen much earlier in the series. She isn't supposed to know him, but Sakura is often shown intimately taking his hand, leaning towards him, or touching his face. And though most of these body memories result in excessive blushing, some are caused by Syaoran hiding his pain from her or pushing himself too hard.

But despite the misery he feels from the fact that Sakura will never remember him, Syaoran continues to fight passionately for his “most precious person.”

The Revelation

These desires come to a complete stop when the magical seal in his right eye breaks. It’s revealed that Syaoran is actually a clone of “Syaoran” Li II, and was created by Fei Wong Reed in order to collect Princess Sakura’s feathers. The seal on his eye also contained a piece of “Syaoran”’s heart but the exact impact this heart had on Syaoran isn’t entirely clear yet.

Although “Syaoran” tells him “the reason you consider that Sakura most precious to you doesn’t come from my heart, it comes from you!” Syaoran loses that part of himself completely in exchange for his desire to collect feathers. Kakyō and Seishirō both comment that he ignores “pain of the body and the heart” in order to achieve his goal. This, along with the magical eye he steals from Fay D. Flourite, makes Syaoran impossibly strong but horribly ruthless. After he ignores Sakura’s heartbreaking pleas of not leaving, Syaoran is depicted as an emotionless figure covered in blood while he stands in the devasting aftermath of the worlds he effortlessly destroys for feathers.

While searching for feathers in the Dream World Syaoran impales Sakura with his sword but his body refuses to kill her completely because of his body memories. He aims to kill “Syaoran” for the feathers instead but Sakura throws herself directly in the line of both their swords, resulting in Syaoran inadvertently stabbing her through the heart.

Syaoran is last seen screaming in agony and clutching a Sakura petal. His current location is unknown.

The original Syaoran appears as a tattooed figure floating in a tank in Fei Wong Reed and Xing Huo's headquarters (who, instead of being blind in his right eye, was blind in his left due to him ripping it out and putting it in the clone's right eye). He was kidnapped and held captive by Fei Wong Reed so that he could make a clone of 'Syaoran.' Because 'Syaoran' knew of Fei Wong Reed's intentions, he was sealed in a chamber while The Clone is sent to Clow Country without any memories. He remains in this tube for roughly 120 chapters, until he regains his power and escapes. With the assistance of Xing Huo, he is sent to the Witch of Dimensions, Yūko Ichihara (he can be seen making a cameo appearance in Volume 9 of xxxHolic). It is then revealed that he is the original Syaoran and was captured and cloned by Fei Wong Reed.

After The Clone becomes an antagonist, Syaoran takes the role of protagonist of the series (now simply known in the series as "Syaoran") and becomes a "leader" of the group, like The Clone was, in order to stop Fei Wong's plans. However, as Syaoran continued to lead the journey with Sakura and the others; Sakura acts very distantly with him and did not see him as a new companion. It is revealed that she acted so coldly towards him because of a vision she saw when Fay touched her back in Tokyo. She finally does call him "Syaoran-kun" (which she used to call the Clone) at the end of the Infinity Arc, saying she heard from Mokona that he too is called Syaoran. Syaoran at first attempts to deny it, saying, "No, I... Right...". Sakura's addressing of Syaoran causes Syaoran to think she was leaving because of him. She denies this, but then Fay, possessed by a curse, stabs her. It is later revealed by Fei Wong Reed (and Sakura, in xxxHolic), that Fay was supposed to stab Syaoran, but Sakura changed the future so that the curse was activated before this event.

hen Sakura was stabbed, she split up her body and soul. Yūko tells Kurogane, Fay, Mokona, and Syaoran that the body should be rescued first, then the soul. The group then travels to Celes country (where Fay is originally from) to retrieve Sakura's body. Syaoran develops a severe headache upon arrival, and collapses due to it. This headache is connected to Watanuki, as shown in xxxHolic. It, however, does not stop him from protecting Sakura's soulless body from Ashura, who uses his magic to show Syaoran, Kurogane, and Mokona visions of Fay's dark past.

After King Ashura's defeat, the Tsubasa group returns to Nihon Country where Syaoran wakes up to find Sakura's soulless body in a magical sakura tree which heals the wound Fay gave her. This puts Syaoran at ease for the time being until the arrival of Seishirō, who had sensed Fay's vampire blood. He then goes into battle against his clone's former teacher, proving he too has learned from him by looking through The Clone during his captivity. Before the fight, Seishirō remarks how much Syaoran is like his father, referring to Syaoran's true father and not Fujitaka. Syaoran enters this fight to get back the feather from Outo country. After Syaoran unleashed his ultimate spell (all four of his elemental spells combined) on Seishirō, he reclaimed the feather and was sent into the Dream alone to rescue Sakura's soul.

Within the Dream, Syaoran found Sakura and encounterd The Clone, who had just entered, looking for feathers. The Clone sensed the feather from him and both of them quickly summon their respective blades. The Clone attacked both Syaoran and Sakura, despite Sakura's pleas for The Clone to stop. Syaoran then placed Sakura in a protective wind barrier and then announced to The Clone that since they are one in the same, he will end their dispute once and for all.

As they both reach to grab the feather and strike each other, Sakura gets in the way and saves him from being stabbed by The Clone. As he screamed out in horror, she told him that she was not the real Sakura, merely a clone [a clone of both body & soul]. The Clone Sakura said to the real Syaoran, "Your Sakura is waiting", then she falls into the arms the Clone and confesses her love for him.

After that, Syaoran fell down as he was released from the black goop that invaded the area for the short time Kyle appeared. Fay rushed over to help Syaoran up and then Syaoran glares hard after Fay informs them that The Clone disappeared.

After this, the clone situation regarding Sakura is explained further. Syaoran asks Yuuko to tell them where both of the Sakuras are. He then confidently remarks: "I'll never allow Sakura to die". Kurogane, Fay, and Mokona then agree to help him on what appears to be their final stop. Of course Yuuko says there is a price, which has already been paid for by Watanuki. He paid his memories of his past which is why when he was in the Dream World with Sakura's clone soul he didn't remember his parents' names at all. It was paid beforehand.

He later then sits on a roof remembering Sakura and thanks Fay for being a form of a big brother to her. When the group prepares to leave, Fay and Kurogane wearing their original outfits, Syaoran makes an appearance. The surprise is what he is wearing: the clothes from Clow Country, which Clone Syaoran has only worn beforehand in Tsubasa. Mokona mentions "Those clothes.." and Yūko continues on to say that they are Syaoran's clothes that she had held on to. As well, it should be noted that the outfit 'Syaoran' is wearing is exactly the same as the controversial scene from the beginning of Tsubasa, with 'Syaoran' and Original Sakura separated in a tube. This leads to assumption that 'Syaoran' is about to meet Original Sakura in the tube later. He, Kurogane and Fay then depart to Clow country to save Sakura.

In a flashback, "Syaoran" is revealed to be the son of individuals also named "Sakura" and "Syaoran". He was sent to Yuko by his father because his mother had a prophetic dream of someone waiting for him. His mother pays the price to allow him to travel to Clow Country, and he then meets Princess Sakura there. He was told by Yuko he would only be able to remain there for seven days before he was transported back to his world: after that, Syaoran would have to make a choice. Syaoran always gives his name as "Li Syaoran", which is his father's name. His sword is also revealed to be his father's original jian sword. His father gave it to him before he was sent to Clow Country.

Nadeshiko and Fujitaka (Sakura's parents) claim that both "Syaoran" and "Sakura" will change each other's destiny

Later, Sakura takes Syaoran up to the top of the castle, to show him the stars. Her eyes suddenly go blank, and her body rises up in the air - she hears the sound of bells coming from the ruins (similar to what happened in chapter 1).She warns him it's too dangerous, and to stay back; although Syaoran doesn't know what it could be that is dangerous.

Syaoran is aware that something bad is going to happen on the 7th day, and he has been granted permission to go to the cleansing grounds with Sakura on that day; in order to protect her. The cleansing grounds have permitted his presence, so he is able to enter - even though nobody else (not even the priest) is allowed in the 7th day.

During the seventh day, Syaoran enters the Ruins with Sakura, who seems to remember nothing of the previous night's vision. When inside the Ruins, Fei Wang opens a rift and attempts to abduct Sakura, but the water protects her. Syaoran runs towards Sakura, yelling at her to open her eyes, before screaming her name. Syaoran suddenly remembers how he cannot touch her, and hesistates. Fei Wang tells Syaoran that his moment's hesitation right there decided his path from here on. Black "goop" forms the shape of wings around Sakura, sealing the "Seal of Death" onto Sakura. When the seal fully covers her body, 'that moment will be the last'. A furious Syaoran asks him as he has to do on Sakura and uses his spell Raitei Shourai on Fei Wang. Fei Wang quickly counters, knocking Syaoran to the ground using just a finger. At the end of the chapter, Syaoran is seen disappearing back into his home world, uttering Sakura's name.

In chapter 197, Syaoran was returned to Yuko's shop dying (he used his strength to stop the dimension traveling). Syaoran was cured by Yuko with a price which his father paid. But then, Syaoran wished to go to Clow country to remove the seal of death in Sakura. Yuko's price is that Syaoran would never go back to Japan while there exists none in Clow Country who can cross dimensions. At the end of the chapter, Syaoran agreed thus, leaving his family and the happiness he is bearing.

When Syaoran arrives back in Clow Country, he is reunited with Sakura. Seven days have past since the cleansing finished. Beginning to tear up after seeing the seal on her chest, he grabs her hand and pulls her close into an embrace. Sakura blushes madly, but eventually hugs him back. They are shown holding hands, until Syaoran has a talk with Sakura's mother, and Sakura goes off to tell her father of Syaoran's arrival. Although Sakura's mother explains that she can only see the seal of death, Syaoran claims that he can see it as well - most likely what Fei Wang Reed intended. Enraged with Fei Wang Reed, Syaoran states that he will search the country for a way to remove the seal, and won't allow Sakura to die.

The next flashback occurs seven years after. Syaoran returns from visiting another country, trying to find a way to remove the seal. The scenes shown here are almost identical to the scenes shown in the first chapter, but instead of picking up a photo of Fujitaka, Syaoran picks up a photo of his parents, just as Sakura arrives. The two talk for a while, with Sakura about to tell Syaoran something, before deciding that it can wait until her birthday. As she leaves, Syaoran notices the black wings have almost fully grown.

In the next chapter, Syaoran went to the castle. He was chatting with the royal family when Sakura came(she had done the cleansing). Just then, Sakura was enveloped by her black wings. Syaoran and Sakura's mother were the only ones who saw the black wings, so Sakura's mother stopped the time to give Syaoran enough time to stop the seal.

Syaoran appears in xxxHolic in two forms, a clone self and his real self. The clone self appears throughout both the xxxHolic and Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle timelines via Mokona, who acts as a communication apparatus for Yūko.

The real Syaoran enters the xxxHolic manga storyline in Volume 9, when he visits Yūko after being freed by Xing Huo. In order to travel to the world where his clone is currently located, Syaoran pays with "the relationship", "the freedom" and "the time" (aka the time he spent in captivity, and the relationship with Sakura paid by the other Syaoran). It is later revealed that Syaoran was one of three people who paid a price (i.e. his freedom and time) to Yūko in order to save Watanuki's life after he had fallen out of a window.

In Chapter 140, Watanuki realizes he cannot remember his parents' names, and holds his head in pain, in the exact same way as Syaoran in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. Syaoran is also shown telling Watanuki, "Don't disappear." What exactly this connection means has not yet been revealed.

In Chapter 146, a hand was hovering behind Sakura. Watanuki runs towards her, and the real Syaoran enters, indicating that that hand was the real Syaoran's hand. He comments that it is a dream, when suddenly, cherry blossoms begin to blow rapidly. A second hand appears, and before Watanuki is able to run to Sakura, the cherry blossoms slowly cloud his vision. The real Syaoran, as he holds Sakura, says to Watanuki, "No matter how painful it might be... I'll do everything in my might! So please..." Unfortunately, Watanuki does not hear the rest as he awakens in his own world.

In Chapter 174
of Tsubasa, it is revealed that Syaoran says, "So please... you, too, act according to what you believe in!"

In Chapter 181 of Tsubasa, it was revealed that Watanuki paid for the price to know the location for both of the Sakuras, his price was his memories of his past. That's why when he was in the Dream World with Sakura's clone soul he forgot his parents' names when Sakura asked something about his parents. Watanuki did this to pay back Syaoran after he paid a price to help save him when he fell out the window.

In Chapter 201 of Tsubasa, during Syaoran's flashback explaining his travel in time in order to save Sakura (among other concepts), a key piece of information is revealed about the relationship between Syaoran and Watanuki. According to the chapter, Watanuki was created in order to fill the time Syaoran turned back and to fill in the void left by the relationships that Syaoran paid as his price to travel back in time. Watanuki is, in essence, "another Syaoran", as it is said by Fei Wong Reed to Syaoran that "He is no brother. He is you yourself." Watanuki becomes the son of Syaoran's true parents, as Syaoran's relationship with them was sacrificed. Fei Wong Reed says that the "distortion" between Syaoran and Watanuki would cause pain to both Syaoran's parents and Watanuki himself; however, Yūko contradicts him by saying that the future has yet to be ordained.

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In Tsubasa Chronicle, "Syaoran" has more power and more control over his spells than his father had, such as using wind-based magic to fly and create protective barriers. He also appears to have a spell that is a combination of all four of his spells; whether it has a specific incantation or if it is a summoning of four spells separately to attack in unison is still unknown. He also does not need the paper seals to perform the spells. One reason to him seeming to be more powerful may be because he is older in this story than his father was in Cardcaptor Sakura. It is possible that his powers are greater because he was born from the magical lineages of both Syaoran and Sakura from Cardcapter Sakura.

"Syaoran's" incantations and spells from Tsubasa: RESERvoir CHRoNiCLE:
Lightning Based Raitei Shourai! Wind Based Fuuka Shourai!
Fire Based Kashin Shourai! Water Based Suiryuu Shourai!

* In The Hanshin Republic of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Syaoran's kudan is identical to the mashin Rayearth of Magic Knight Rayearth.
•Syaoran Li's cross-dressing in Cardcaptor Sakura, where he played the role of Sleeping Beauty in a play, is repeated by the clone in Tsubasa when Syaoran stays with the performing Troupe in episode 33 and 34, and also in the manga.
•The original Syaoran summons and uses his father's Jian sword in the manga, as well as his trademark "Shourai" spells.
•Seishirō, in Tsubasa chapter 170, remarks that the real Syaoran is just like his father. Who Syaoran's real father is remained a mystery until the release of chapter 189, which revealed that the real Syaoran's parents are Sakura Kinomoto and Syaoran Li.
•There is a contrast between "Syaoran" and Watanuki in that when entering Yuko's shop, Watanuki gives his real name (and hence birthday, (四月一日 , Watanuki ?)is written as April first), which in Clamp lore offers Yuko control of his destiny, whereas "Syaoran" gives a fake name. The scenes where they meet Yuko are very similar in most other respects (i.e Yuko's outfit, Maro and Moru's behaviour). Likewise, the scenes of both Watanuki and Syaoran recovering in Yuko's bed after their respective accidents are visibly similar.

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Sakura (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle)
Princess Sakura

At the start of the series in both manga and anime, Sakura is the princess of the Kingdom of Clow who has feelings for Syaoran, her childhood friend.

When she is about to confess her feelings, a mysterious force causes her own dormant magical powers to manifest in the form of feathered wings. When her feathers are scattered across time and space, Syaoran vows to recover all of them because each feather represents a memory Sakura has had since birth and are connected to her heart; without the feathers, she will die.

Fei-Wong Reed (the mysterious villain in the series) reflects on the ability of people like the High Priest Yukito, Princess Tomoyo of Nihon, and Yūko to cross dimensions and comments that the power concealed within Sakura and the ruins in Clow Country surpasses them all.

A relationship between Sakura, Kimihiro Watanuki (to whom she shares a birthday) and Kohane Tsuyuri has been hinted at, in a similar way to Syaoran's relationship to Watanuki.

The Clone - Sakura
In order to cross dimensions, Sakura must pay Yūko the thing most important to her and she pays Yūko in an indirect way but her price is pretty much the same as Syaoran - her memories of him. When she awakes in the Hanshin Republic the first person she sees is Syaoran, but she does not remember anything about him, asking "Who are you?"

At times, such as in Ōuto, Sakura comes extremely close to remembering Syaoran but it is quickly erased once more from her memory. Syaoran, having known this would happen previously, will never tell her anything about their previous relationship. At most, all Sakura knows about Syaoran is what she has relearned from the adventures together with Mokona, Fay, and Kurogane, although she knows she knew him previously and he was very important to her. It is also clear that she is falling in love with him once more.

Sakura possesses unnaturally good luck; both Chun Hyang and Yūko call her "a favored daughter of the gods". This is what allowed her to travel dimensions safely until Yūko asks for her good luck as a price. According to Yukito and Syaoran, Sakura also has the ability to "hear" the voices of those who cannot be heard, such as spirits of nature, and to see ghosts. Such as the time in the Country of Jade, she can see Princess Emeraude while others couldn't. She can also see the future in visions, though this ability is unreliable and nothing she has control over.

In the anime, at some points when she is asleep, she will unknowingly go out and search for her feathers. She will seem to be awake, talking and interacting with others and her surroundings, yet is actually completely out of it, like she is unconsciously searching for her own feathers.

In Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle anime, Sakura's personality is passive and weary, exhausted from her loss of memories. However as the series goes on, she becomes stronger and more independent. Syaoran states, even though she's lost most of her memories, she'll never change. She helps the group whenever she can, whether it's washing dishes or saving their lives.

However in the manga, her personality undergoes a change after the clone Syaoran leaves her. As she voices to Fay, no matter how identical the two Syaorans may be, the real Syaoran is still not the one she knows. Subsequent chapters show Sakura with a much darker personality, and wearing gothic clothing.

In the Infinity Arc, the group spent a few months fighting in a tournament, supposedly wanting to use the prize money to restore a world the clone Syaoran destroyed. However, the truth is that she was after the real prize - a robot (who is identical to Freya from Chobits) who can let one person and one person alone travel across dimensions.

It is later revealed that Fay is under a curse that forces him to kill if he ever meets a person that is stronger than him. And in volume one, the reader can see that Yūko was not hit by the rain, nor did she touch any of the people directly; this was because she was in another dimension to prevent Fay's curse from being activated. But when Sakura receives two feathers in the Infinity Arc, she was made stronger than Fay's halved magic and so he stabbed her, seemingly possessed. Sakura had a vision that after killing her, he would go insane and kill everyone else, eventually committing suicide, but she used the robot to transport her soul to a dream world, thus saving herself and stopping Fay from going insane.

Later, it's revealed that she was not the original target of the curse, as the real Syaoran was. This is explained further in her appearance in xxxHolic; she changed the future so that Syaoran would not be killed. As she explains to Watanuki (Xxxholic chapter 140), her coldness to the real Syaoran was because she was trying to follow the dream as close as possible up to that near fatal event. It's later learned that Sakura can still be saved. The two places where her body and her soul went contains two feathers. Her soul went to the world of dreams, her body to Celes. So the real Syaoran, Fay, Mokona and Kurogane went to Celes Country to rescue the body of Sakura, as Kurogane said they'd get the body first; then the soul. Her body has recently been saved by the group. In chapter 173, Syaoran had gone to the dream world, to try to rescue Sakura. On the final page of this chapter (chapter 173), a hand is seen reaching out towards Sakura in the dream world. In chapter 145 of xxxHolic, while walking to school Watanuki suddenly falls into the dream world and sees the exact same thing. In chapter 146 of xxxHolic it is shown that the hand belongs to "Syaoran".

Syaoran, having already retrieved the feather Seishiro had, falls under attack from The Clone, who strikes without care for Sakura's well being. It states it is to retrieve the feathers, no matter the circumstances despite Sakura's pleas for it to stop. The two battle, Syaoran summoning his Jian and The Clone summoning Hien. Syaoran encapsules Sakura in a protective wind barrier right away, and declares that he will personally destroy The Clone. As The Clone starts to overpower Syaoran, Sakura screams out his name in horror as he is surrounded by flames. She does not scream out "Syaoran-kun" though, which is what she called The Clone and Real Syaoran before this event. Instead, she screams out "Syaoran" without the suffix which indicates that she is very close to him. This could mean she thinks of him as a very close friend, or it may have a deeper meaning, such as her realizing he is the Original. She only called The Clone "Syaoran" without the -kun before she lost her memories.

When the Clone advances on her and the fallen Syaoran, she attempts to cradle and protect him, no longer being held back herself by Syaoran's protective spell. When the Clone demands she step aside, she only hugs him tighter and refuses to do so. In response, it stabs her in the shoulder. She weakly says "Syaoran-kun" in an attempt to reach out to him, but it falls on deaf ears as it moves to finish her off upon the orders of Fei Wong. However, it is subconsciously stopped by itself, just as Yūko comments that even if a heart loses its memories, they can still persist within the body.

Sakura then tries to convince The Clone not to kill Syaoran. She said something will end, that includes the Clone Syaoran and the herself. It isn't clear what that means. Syaoran then awakens.

As Syaoran and his Clone jump to deliver their last blows, Sakura interferes, getting stabbed at her heart by the Clone's Hien, even shocking the Clone. Syaoran calls out to her, but she tells him "Your Sakura isn't me" and dissolves into cherry blossom petals. In a flashback sequence, Fei Wang reveals to Xing Huo that Sakura up until now is in fact a clone herself, both body and soul.

From what the real Syaoran said when they were in Tokyo," What treasures *that* Sakura the most isn't 'my heart'! It's yours!" So Sakura had a feeling that the real Syaoran already knew she was a clone and the real Sakura is waiting for him.

Sakura then falls into the arms of the Clone, telling him "Even if we are just creations... we are the same... if those two (real Syaoran and Sakura) keep on living it won't y..." and dissolves into cherry blossom petals. The Clone, still shocked, holds in his hand the last petal and screams. While Kyle steals Sakura's body, the real Syaoran manages to move out from the dream, falling flat on his face after Kyle's departure.

Fay confirms the clone Sakura's statement (in which she is made like the clone Syaoran, but a little differently) in explaining that Syaoran only had his body cloned, while Sakura had "both her body and heart" cloned. Yuuko explains further that if the clone Sakura would fail, Fei Wang could keep creating more clones, as long as he had the original (whether Sakura was a clone or not, the feathers would still respond to her). However, Yuuko comments that he is killing innocent lives, even though they are only creations. Though the clone Sakura seems to have died, the real Syaoran requests from Yuuko to grant him another wish for him to pay: the whereabouts of both Sakuras, in order to save them.

The Original - "Sakura"

The whereabouts of the true Sakura's body and soul are yet to be found out (note that Fei Wong Reed stated that when he cloned Sakura, the original body fell apart), although the end of Chapter 178 shows her wearing the outfit Clone Sakura was previously wearing in the dream world (although this image of her was a flashback to after Real Sakura was switched with the clone). It has been slightly hinted that the Original Sakura may be in the Kingdom of Clow, and Fei Wong Reed has her captive there. He is using her to make clones of her when the other clones of her died, he still has the original to make even more clones. But also important to notice is that the body of the original is with Kyle, while the soul is in the glass tube still unconscious. So they have to save her body and soul the same way when the clone had her body and soul were separated.

In chapter 181 of Tsubasa, Sakura's body is with Fei Wong Reed, but it was confirmed that the body was the clone's. Further explaining this, Fei Wong Reed has Sakura's body in his hands. He has told Kyle when he cloned the real Sakura, both the body and soul, it was different from when he cloned Syaoran. So then the real Sakura's body has disappeared, only the soul of the real Sakura was left and the cloned body is used after Sakura gains her wings. What's also confirmed by Yūko is that Fei Wong Reed is in a "cut-off time" Clow Country with Sakura's cloned body and real soul. Yuuko found out his location only recently, in volume five of xxxHolic during the soul stealing incident. By following the souls, which Fei Wang Reed has been stealing; it is possible to discover his location (though, by her discovering his location, Fei Wong also found out Yuuko's location). Syaoran, Fay and Kurogane have recently set off to Clow Country for the "final battle" and to rescue Sakura.

The group arrive in 'cut-off time' in Clow Country, which is revealed to be at a time very close to Sakura's seventh birthday; which is a shock to the group. Syaoran then reveals that the original Sakura has been by his side all the time up until he was captured. He also reveals that he had known Sakura since "seven days before her birthday, right up to the age you see me now." Syaoran explains further that time was reversed by way of a price to Yūko.

In 'Syaoran's flashback, it is revealed that he gave his name to Sakura as 'Li Syaoran', the same name as his father. It is also revealed that Sakura's mother was Nadeshiko, and that Fujitaka was Sakura's father, not Clow Reed. In chapter 191, Syaoran tells Sakura that she looks exactly like his mother (Sakura Kinomoto of Cardcaptor Sakura) and shares the same name as his mother as well, to which Sakura responds "But.. My name..", thus hinting that, like Syaoran, Sakura may not be her real name. Syaoran responds with a typical "eh?", and Sakura shakes it off, changing the subject.

She goes on to ask if she can call Syaoran "Syaoran", without a -"kun" at the end. He says sure, and Sakura calls him by "Syaoran", to which he responds by blushing.

The original Sakura appears in the very beginning of Tsubasa with the Real "Syaoran", wearing the same dress the clone wore in the dream world. They are both trapped within a glass tube similar to that seen in Yūko's shop. This scene is likely to reappear in a later chapter as "Syaoran" attempts to rescue Sakura, but most certainly will be referred to in the future. An emphasis seems to be put on how "Syaoran" and Sakura cannot touch. Due to the cleansing before her birthday, Sakura is not able to be touched. At the beginning of Tsubasa - in the tube, "Syaoran" and Sakura are separated by glass; not able to touch. However, cover of volume 23 and the splash page of chapter 183 has them holding hands.

At the end of chapter 193, Sakura takes "Syaoran" up to the top of the castle, to show him the stars. Her eyes suddenly go blank, and her body rises up in the air - she hears the sound of bells coming from the ruins (like chapter 1). In chapter 194, a page is shown of what Sakura is seeing in the future, which includes "Syaoran" running towards her desperately in the ruins. Returning back to the present, "Syaoran"'s running figure is reflected in her eyes (she is still seeing the future); and she screams out "SYAORAN!!". Sakura falls down suddenly, to "Syaoran"'s horror. She tells him it's too dangerous, and to stay back; although Syaoran doesn't know what it could be that is dangerous.

"Syaoran" is aware that something bad is going to happen on the 7th day, and has been granted permission to go to the cleansing grounds with Sakura on that day; in order to protect her. The cleansing grounds have permitted his presence, so he is able to enter - even though nobody else (not even the priest) is allowed in the 7th day.

During the seventh day, Syaoran enters the Ruins with Sakura, who seems to remember nothing of the previous night's vision. When inside the Ruins, Fei Wang opens a rift and attempts to abduct Sakura, but the water protects her. Syaoran runs towards Sakura, yelling at her to open her eyes, before screaming "SAKURA!!" as he had in the vision.

Sakura in xxxHolic

Sakura first appears in the manga in an unconscious state, held by Syaoran. She next appears when Watanuki's dream connects him to the world her "soul" resides in. She does this several more times, each time holding a short conversation with Watanuki. In one such conversation, she explains that she changed the future in such a way that Syaoran would not be stabbed and so that everyone would still live, including herself. An important occurrence in another dream is the emphasis put on Sakura's, Clone Syaoran's, and Watanuki's birthdays – they are all on April 1st. Clone Syaoran's birthday was not an actual birthday, although, it was just a birthday given to him by Sakura. Real Syaoran's birthday is not known.

After the first of these meetings, Yuko tells Watanuki that if Sakura's soul is separated from her body too long, she will die.

She has also appeared in xxxHolic when Watanuki falls into the Dream world again, and a hand pops out behind of Sakura. The hand belonged to the real Syaoran, then another hand pops out and the cherry blossoms fluttering around are blocking Watanuki's view so he doesn't know who's hand that was (It actually belonged to the clone Syaoran). He then eventually went back to his world.

Although it wasn't intentional, one of Sakura's feathers ended up in the body of Kohane Tsuyuri, giving the young girl the power to exorcise ghosts. It was subsiquently removed from her as the price for a wish to Yuuko (she wished for happiness). However, as Yuuko noted herself, the time that Kohane received Sakura's feather and the time that the feathers were scattered doesn't match up, meaning that the time-space continuum is beginning to collapse.

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A ninja from feudal Japan (Nihon), he sports a black outfit (which is part of the reason why Fay D. Flourite calls him "Mr. Black", additionally the first character of his name means "black") and he carries around a katana named "Ginryū" (meaning "Silver Dragon"). He is one of the two original main characters in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, not having coming from any previous CLAMP work, the other being Fay D. Flourite.

Kurogane is a samurai warrior directly under the service of Princess Tomoyo (a crossover character from Cardcaptor Sakura's Tomoyo Daidōji) of Shirasagi Castle. While he is undoubtedly the most powerful warrior in Nihon (the Kingdom of Japan), he shows no mercy to any assassins who try to invade the castle, killing them on the spot, even though Tomoyo has asked him numerous times not to kill them. Short-tempered and a dear friend/servant to Tomoyo, the princess eventually decides that he needs to be sent to Dimension Witch Yūko Ichihara in order to discover true strength. Before she sends him off, Tomoyo curses him such that whenever he kills someone needlessly, he will grow weaker.

Kurogane, upon his arrival in the shop of the Dimension Witch, is the least informed as to who she is, but the most certain about what his wish is: he wants to return to his own world. Like his soon-to-be travelling companions, he must pay with what he values most to gain the ability to traverse dimensions. For Kurogane, it was his sword Ginryuu. He reluctantly agrees to give up the sword, but asserts that he will come back for it someday.

Kurogane is serious and extremely perceptive, being able to quickly discern Syaoran's fighting ability (along with Syaoran's blind right eye) as well as Fay D. Flourite's true nature and fighting capabilities. While he seems rather irreverent, he is also very loyal, especially to Tomoyo. He is likely the most experienced fighter in the group and wiser than he appears. He becomes Syaoran's sword fighting teacher, presenting the boy with the same philosophy he believes in: a sword is used to cut only when needed and not used to cut anything if it is not necessary. While serious, Kurogane is very easily irked by others, especially by Mokona Modoki and Fay, who keeps calling him ridiculously cute nicknames such as "Kuro-puu", "Kuro-wan-wan" or "Kuro-rin". He is wary of his new companions at first, only staying with them because Mokona is the only one who can help him travel back to his own world, and Mokona will only travel between the worlds if the feathers in their current world are found. Kurogane is also ill at ease with Mokona since he is not used to cute things and refers to Mokona as 'white thing". However abrasive and ruthless Kurogane may seem, he has a compassionate nature and a desire to protect. An example of this would be how Kurogane continually questions Fay on his actions and character, and lets the wizard know that he should stop hanging onto his past and embrace the future with his new companions. Or, Kurogane's own statement that "If someone wants to take away the ones I want to protect, I'll kill them too."

He had told Syaoran in their first world, the Hanshin Republic, that the quest has nothing at all to do with him. In the next world they visit (Koryo Country) however, Kurogane offers his services to help raid the castle of an evil lord, and stays behind in battle to let Syaoran go on ahead. Eventually, he risks a loss in strength to avenge his comrades' "death" (they were of course still alive) by defeating their killer in battle. It is noted that after he finds out Fay and Syaoran are still alive, he lost his passion for the battle.

He obtained a new sword in Ōto called the Sōhi (Blue Ice) and taught Syaoran the skills of sword fighting and sensing attacks from the left. Thanks to Fay, Kurogane could summon his sword from his left hand in a similar way to Syaoran in case Mokona was not there to give him his sword. However, he sacrified this arm along with Sōhi to let Fay escape from Celes after hearing Tomoyo speak to him through telepathy, saying "If you wish with all your heart to keep him by your side, exchange for him that of equal magic.". Kurogane shows much more inner compassion from his actions in the latest chapters, such as the aforementioned rescuing of Fay from Celes.

Early life
Kurogane grew up in the province of Suwa in Nihon. His father was the lord of the province and a great warrior whose job was to protect Suwa and its people. His mother was a miko who also protected the land with a magical barrier or protective ward (called a kekkai) that prevented demons from entering.

Kurogane was an energetic and outgoing child who never wanted to disappoint his mother and wanted to be just like his father. Under his supervision, Kurogane was trained in the use of the katana and also learned his father's special technique, Hama Ryū-ō Jin, which later on became his trademark. His ambition was to become stronger, not for the sake of being strong, but so he could use his strength to protect the people of Suwa and his parents.

When Kurogane became a teenager, trouble began. His mother had tuberculosis and would often collapse, coughing up blood, and Kurogane would strain himself to make sure she felt comfortable. His father was also away most of the time to fight against the demons. Finally, one day, Kurogane came home to find his father seriously injured and his katana in shards. Seeing that he needed more power, Kurogane's father decided to take the katana Ginryū (silver dragon), their family heirloom, to fight the demons. With the blessing of Kurogane's mother, his father left to fight, leaving Kurogane to protect his mother at home and told him that he should always use his strength to protect the ones he loves.

Right after he left, Kurogane's mother collapsed again. Even though she was in a critical condition, she insisted that she be taken to the Inoriba (meaning Place of Prayer) to pray for success against the demons. Moments later, Kurogane found his mother in the Inoriba, impaled by a large sword with a peculiar bat-like carving for its hilt that had suddenly appeared out of a void and disappeared before Kurogane could react. Despite his efforts, he could not stem the blood flow and she died. At the moment of her death, the kekkai broke and the demons swarmed through the province. One of the demons approached Kurogane carrying his father's severed arm, the hand still carrying Ginryū in its death-grip. As the demon devoured the arm, the katana fell to the ground. Kurogane's resolve broke and, in fierce rage, he took up his father's sword and charged towards the demons.

Hours later, the Empress of Japan, Amaterasu (Kendappa-ō of RG Veda), arrived with her army. She deduced that both the lord and the lady of Suwa had died, and demons swarmed the province as predicted in the dreams of her younger sister, the miko-princess Tsukuyomi. They found that all the demons were killed with Kurogane still in the ruins of his home. As Amaterasu approached Kurogane, who was too shocked to fully comprehend all that had happened and was still carrying his mother's body, he attempted to attack her. The empress ordered her ninjas to attack, but soon realized that Kurogane had lost his sanity and would do more harm than good when he killed all her warriors with ease. Amaterasu decided to personally subdue him, but was interrupted by Tsukuyomi.

Rather than let her sister subdue Kurogane, Tsukuyomi suggested that she do so. Using her magic, she stopped Kurogane from attacking her, knelt beside him and whispered, "Let's let your mother sleep, shall we?" as she closed the dead miko's eyes. At those simple words, she managed to snap him out of his madness. Realization swept over him and he broke down in tears, and finally, exhausted, he fell asleep.

When he woke up, he found himself cleaned and his hand in bandages. Beside him, little Tsukuyomi, carrying Ginryū in her lap, explained that he was in Shirasagi Castle. She introduced herself as Princess Tomoyo; Tsukuyomi was a hereditary title given to the miko princess of Shirasagi Castle. Kurogane asked that Ginryū be buried with his mother's body since his father had no remains. Tomoyo agreed to grant his request and also informed him that she would commission another katana exactly like Ginryū for him so that he may continue to fulfill his father's wishes.

Later, Kurogane was accepted as a ninja of Shirasagi Castle, yet he still continued to search for the carrier of the sword that killed his mother. He never found another sword like it and only recently discovered (from Syaoran accidentally viewing Kurogane's memories in the Book of Memories in Rekord) that the one responsible for his mother's death was the same person (Fei Wong Reed) who attacked Sakura when her feathers appeared in the Kingdom of Clow.

Fei originally intended to turn Kurogane into his "pawn", similar to what he did with Fay. However, Yūko foresaw this happening and used her powers so that Kurogane would fall under Tomoyo's command, avoiding Fei's grasp.

At the beginning of the story, Kurogane told Syaoran that he would not help in finding Sakura's feathers, since it was not related to him. However, he ended up aiding Syaoran and the others anyway, teaching Syaoran how to fight and use a sword as well.

Kurogane showed a strong reaction when he saw another Tomoyo in Piffle World. After hearing how she met Princess Tomoyo in a dream, he hesitantly asked her how Princess Tomoyo is. Just before he left, he affirmed that he will definitely go home.

In the Tokyo arc, Kurogane was involved in a short fight with Kamui. Later, he wished to Yūko to save Fay's life, after Fay's eye was ripped out by the clone Syaoran. Through an arrangement by Yūko, Kurogane and Kamui mixed their blood and forced Fay to drink it. Fay thus became a vampire and survived. Since it was not Fay's wish to live but Kurogane's, Fay can only take blood from Kurogane. Fay refrained from calling Kurogane nicknames from then on, in an effort to distance himself from Kurogane. Fay felt that by calling him the nicknames he had "crossed the line" that he himself had drawn to avoid getting too close to anyone, though it is inevitable that their relationship will change.

Kurogane noticed that Fay and Sakura were up to something in the Infinity world, but did not say anything. After Sakura left, however, he finally spoke up, refusing to let Fay give up his eyesight to go to Celes. Kurogane told Yūko they would all pay a fourth of the price to go save Sakura's body from Celes.

In the latter parts of Volume 20, Ashura used his magic to show Syaoran, Kurogane, and Mokona visions of Fay's tragic past. This caused an angry Kurogane to unsheath his sword and attack Ashura and Fay. He and Fay fought fierce battle that devastated the room around them. In the mayhem, Kurogane destroyed the body of Fay's twin and managed to overpower Fay in that moment of weakness. Kurogane then turned on Ashura, demanding to know why he'd shown them Fay's memories. The king responded by saying that he only wanted Fay to "grant his wish" and kill him. Ashura then launched vicious spells against Fay, Kurogane, Syaoran, Mokona, and a defenseless Sakura's body in order to force Fay's hand to kill him. In the chaos that followed, one of the massive ice stalagmites that he conjured pierced Kurogane through his lower right side.

Kurogane is then apparently spared the damage due to the protective spell that placed upon him before leaving Japan by Tomoyo. He then stabs Ashura, and after the king's death, Fay's second curse activates.

Fay's second curse caused him to suck up the world of Celes, to destroy it from the inside; Fay tries to transport Kurogane and the others out of the small sphere that Celes has become, but he doesn't have enough magic to do so. He only succeeds in transporting Syaoran, Sakura, and Mokona. Then Mokona's earring (a magical tool made by Yūko) was able to drill a hole into the sphere Fay and Kurogane were being held in, but only one person could pass through. When Fay told Kurogane to leave him, Kurogane cut off his left arm and pulled Fay through, leaving it and Sōhi as a sacrifice to rescue Fay.

In Chapter 167, Kurogane wakes up and finds himself back in his country, with Princess Tomoyo by his bed. Tomoyo welcomes Kurogane home and asks him if he has found out the true meaning of strength, to which he replies that he doesn't know. However, he explains to Tomoyo that he doesn't regret giving up his arm to take Fay with him, and tells her that he knows that some things can't be protected only by (physical) strength. This surprises Tomoyo, but she acknowledges that Kurogane has definitely realized the true meaning of strength. She then lets Fay into Kurogane's room. Kurogane seems genuinely pleased to see Fay, while Fay doesn't express much emotion, until suddenly - he punches Kurogane. Kurogane doesn't quite react to this, far too startled. Fay then smiles at him, saying "This is payback, Kuro-sama." The smile seems like the real thing, and Fay has gone back to using suffixes on Kurogane's name. Kurogane grins back, promising to beat Fay up for that. Their relationship seems to go back to normal after this, melting the ice that was lodged between them and deepening their bond.

In Chapter 169, Kurogane is approached by Fūma who has come to Nihon Country with an artificial arm from Piffle World, however Kurogane refuses the arm by saying that he "will not pay anything to that witch for it." Fay replies by saying that he had agreed to pay the price while he slept, and gave up the last of his magic. In the second to last page of 169, Kurogane is seen with the arm attached, but claims that it "feels weird." He then allowed Syaoran to battle Seishirō and enter the dream world alone.

Recently, Kurogane has decided to go with Fay and Syaoran to find the Real and Clone Sakura. In order to find out the location of the Sakuras, they must pay a price. The price has been paid for by Watanuki as he wanted to repay Syaoran for saving him.

Kurogane later talks to Tomoyo about how Fei planned to use him but Tomoyo reassures him that he wouldn't be easy to control thinking back on how he would never listen to anybody. He then requests the real Ginryu from Tomoyo, stating he'll have to commit the sin of digging up his mother's grave. But Tomoyo reveals that before his mother died, she requested that Tomoyo hang onto it until her son needed it. Kurogane, with the real Ginryu in hand, leaves for Clow Country with Syaoran and Fay.

•'Kurogane' means black steel in Japanese.
•In the Hanshin Republic, Kurogane's kudan resembles Magic Knight Rayearth's mashin Celes.
•An omake in the manga explains that Kurogane is hooked on reading ninja manga he finds in different worlds.
•Another omake explains that Kurogane doesn't move when he sleeps. Yūko remarks that it would be funny for a ninja to have strange sleeping patterns.
•Yet another omake reveals that milk doesn't agree with his digestive system (he may be lactose intolerant).
•In another omake it is revealed that Kurogane attempted to give Yūko a demon as his White Day present but was denied and thus still has to get her a gift.
•In the anime his childhood name is Haganemaru; it is discarded when he comes of age. This name is not an official CLAMP name. His original name, Youou, was eventually revealed in Chapter 182 of the manga.
•In the Tsubasa Character Guide, Kurogane's fighting abilities are scored as a perfect 500/500, making him the best combatant in the series in terms of physical prowess (as rated by himself). In the same character guide, his early character designs are seen as an older-looking version of himself (although his outfit is identical to the one drawn with it).

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Fay D. Flourite
Fay D. Flourite is a character in the manga Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle by acclaimed manga artist group Clamp. The romanization of his name has also been expressed as Fai D. Fluorite, Fye D. Flowright, or any combination of the three, but in the character guide published by Clamp, the name is officially represented as FAY D. FLOURITE, although this represents an error in spelling on Clamp's part because it is stated in the manga that he is named after the stone fluorite. His name is pronounced by rhyming Fay with 'eye'. The Del Rey editions of the series began release in English before the proper romanization was published. He is one of the two original main characters in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, not having coming from any previous Clamp work, the other being Kurogane.

Fay is first shown sealing away King Ashura of Celes country at the bottom of a pool. He transforms his creation Chii (originally from Chobits) into a net-like shield, instructing her to alert him if King Ashura should awake. He then uses his magic to transport himself through dimensions, to the shop of the Dimension Witch, Yūko Ichihara.

Out of his traveling companions, Fay's motives for joining the group are the least clear. He is the only one to arrive at Yūko's shop purposefully, by use of his own means. His wish is to never return to Celes country, but as the price for this would have been too great, he travels worlds with the group instead. He fears King Ashura’s awakening, believing King Ashura would chase him through different worlds.

In "Horitsuba Gakuen", an alternate universe storyline created by CLAMP, Fay is the happy-go-lucky chemistry teacher at a prestigious private school in which Yūko is the principal, Kurogane is the gym teacher, and Sakura and Syaoran are students. He and Yūko frequently team up to fool and pull pranks on people, especially Kurogane, who labels them, "A demon and a witch".

Of Syaoran's group of allies, Fay is the most enigmatic. He appears to be happy-go-lucky and good-natured, and acts very carefree. He often teases Kurogane, calling him ridiculous nicknames such as "Kuro-rin" and "Kuro-chan". However, Fay has been shown to be as perceptive and a skilled fighter as Kurogane. He also appears to carry a deep emotional burden, and values his own life very little. In battle, Fay doesn't bother to fight very hard for his life, and will only do so if someone he cares for is in danger. Though he hides his unhappiness well, Kurogane is able to sense the disguise. When he confronts him about it, Fay usually gives very dark and enigmatic answers. His past is a profound motivating factor for his actions and is something Fay cannot seem to overcome; instead he masks it all with a smile.

Fay is emotionally distant, refusing to allow anyone to become too close to him. Despite this, Kurogane has noted that the mage has become attached to Syaoran and Sakura. Fay's behavior changes significantly after he becomes a vampire and is forced to regularly drink Kurogane's blood to survive. Fay becomes much colder and very solemn around everyone, and begins addressing Kurogane by his real name. However, after the events in Celes, Fay seems to have gone back to the way he was at the beginning of the series, as he once again addresses Kurogane with strange nicknames, and he seems to give a real smile.

Fay worries about his companions and would go as far as breaking his own personal vows to ensure their safety. Kurogane confronts Fay about this, and states that Fay should figure out what he's doing with his present and future, because his past has nothing to do with either Kurogane or their younger companions.

When Fay's past is finally revealed, as his real name is Yuuy. It is shown that "Yuuy" was born in Valeria Country, with a twin named Fay. Though the birth of the second prince's son was highly anticipated, the birth of twins was considered to be a bad omen. Shortly after their birth, the second prince died, and their mother committed suicide out of guilt for giving birth to them. In addition, the country suffered many misfortunes, and the twins, when combined, bore powerful magic that rivaled that of the current king.

The king decided that making them unhappy was the only way to break the "curse", and since each refused to kill the other, they were locked up separately in a place where magic is ineffective and time does not flow: a tower residing in a deep valley. Fay was imprisoned atop the tower, and Yuui was confined at the base of the tower. Both were condemned to stay there "until the world's destruction."

Despite their unhappiness, the number of bodies dumped into the base of the tower began to grow. Yuuy tried endlessly to climb up towards Fay, so they could escape, but he did not succeed. Eventually, the king became insane, and he executed every person in the country, except for Yuui and Fay. He then jumped into the valley himself and committing suicide in front of a horrified Yuui, reminding him that their birth was the reason for the country's misfortune, and that they would now "pay for that sin" by being the only people alive in Valeria.

Eventually, Fei Wang Reed appeared from another world, and offered to free one of them. Fay chose to save Yuuy, resulting in Fay being thrown from the tower to his death. Fei Wang then tampered with Yuui's memory to make him think that Yuui had chosen to save himself at the cost of his brother's life, allowing Fei Wang to use Yuui's guilt in order to turn him into his servant. In order to bring his twin back to life, Yuui allowed Fei Wang to bestow two curses upon him, one of which was removed from Yuuy's memory. Fei Wang then told Yuui that someone would free him from the valley, and that he would have to go on a journey, protecting "a princess" (Sakura), and killing any obstacles along the way. Fei Wang then tells Yuui that when he finds a magical feather, he should put it into Fay's body to prevent it from rotting, and that he should begin his journey when he finds a second feather, which he should give to Sakura.

Later, King Ashura came to Valeria from another world in order to retrieve Yuui and took him to Celes. When Ashura asked what Yuuy's name was, Yuui said it was "Fay". Ashura later gave Fay the last name "Flourite", the name of a precious talisman mineral, and he eventually earned the title 'D', given to the highest magician in Celes. And thus, Yuui became the protagonist "Fay D. Flourite". He found his two feathers while helping villagers during an avalanche, and decided to use one to create a person in his mother's image; Chii.

Ashura eventually tutored Fay in magic and comforted him whenever he felt unable to overcome his dark past. When Fay discovered that he could only learn "magic that kills people", Ashura told him that his smile held the ability to heal others. In exchange for everything that he had done for him, Ashura asked Fay to promise that he would eliminate anyone who threatened Celes.

Due to Fay's first curse, Ashura traced a magical seal on Fay's body in the form of a Phoenix tattoo, which suppressed his powers from growing any further, and though Fay protested, Ashura told him that Fay's first curse would break after it was fulfilled once, and he wanted to be the one that Fay would kill. Ashura then erased what he had told him from Fay's memory.

Several years later, a mysterious and deadly monster began to kill Celes's innocent civilians. Fay swore to defeat the beast, but found out that Ashura was the monster. Fay, at first, blamed himself for what happened to Ashura, thinking that "the curse of the twins" was what had caused Ashura to kill, but Ashura told him that his magic grows when he kills, and that he always knew that he would become a murderer, even though he was not sure why. Fay realized that Ashura had brought him under his care for the sole purpose of killing him when he reached this state. Unable to bring himself to kill Ashura, Fay cast a spell on him, putting him into a deep sleep. However, no magic spell was permanent, so the king would eventually awaken. In order to avoid having to face Ashura when he woke, Fay used his magic to teleport himself to the Dimensional Witch, where he began his journey.

Abilities and magic
Fay's greatest strength was his magical abilities. Unlike previous magic-using characters created by Clamp, Fay's magic is "written" out as he casts it, either by using a magical staff or his hand, rather than summoning a magic circle like Yūko Ichihara, Clow Reed, and Sakura Kinomoto. The extent of Fay's power is only alluded to throughout most of the series as he refused to use it. However, he was the strongest magician in Celes prior to its destruction, and as a child, was as strong as his country's king when his magic was combined with that of his twin brother's. He is also able to fight toe-to-toe against Kurogane and Ashura while using only half his magic, as the other half of his magic was stolen by the clone of Syaoran.

Also, upon meeting Seishiro in the beginning of the series, Fay's curse which forced him to kill those with magic stronger than his own did not activate, therefore it's possible that he was stronger than Seishiro in terms of magic (before his magic was halved, then completely taken away). There also seems to be an emotional element to his magic; the stronger his emotions are, the more powerful his spells. In an emotional breakdown after he discovers that he stabbed (and presumably killed) Sakura, his magical energy alone destroys the surrounding area.

The source of Fay's magical powers are his blue eyes. Since his powers are directly connected to his eyeballs, a loss of vision leads directly to a loss of magic. His powers are effectively halved when the clone Syaoran gouges out his left eye and consumes it in Tokyo. Now, the clone Syaoran possesses half of Fay's magical powers. Fay's powers will disappear when he dies, regardless of who is in possession of his eyes. Additionally, according to Seishirō, the magic of Fay's right eye diminishes the more it is used, while that of his left eye grows stronger.

In addition to magical powers, Fay is also a strong and agile fighter able to knock back multiple opponents in battle just as easily as a Syaoran and Kurogane. Since becoming a vampire, he has also gained a healing factor as well as enhanced strength and speed. He no longer has any magic since he gave up the rest of his magic in Nihon country.

Types of magic

Though sworn off magic, Fay is able to sense magic passively, such as detecting barriers. For example, he detects the source of power in the castle in Hanshin, and in the Central Library of Rekord. He is also able to detect magic within people, so he knew the Syaoran he met at Yūko’s shop was a clone and that Seishiro also possessed magical powers. Fay writes off these instances of detection as ‘intuition’ and common knowledge for anyone with a basic understanding of magic.

In addition to various forms of offensive magic, Fay has aptitude with seals, having sealed Ashura under-water at the beginning of the series. Additionally, Fay is able to create protective barriers by whistling,[6] as demonstrated in the group's escape from Rekord country. He later claims that magic using sound is not the type of magic that he typically uses.

Fay confesses that he is unable to use healing magic after Sakura is injured in Tokyo. Though he has tried to learn many times, he always forgets the spells afterwards. He is also able to teleport to dimensions on his own, though for most of the series, he pretends that he could only do so once. Fay has also used magic to magically seal Kurogane's sword Souhi into his left hand, saying that if Mokona is not around or if they are separated, he could take it out of his hand in the same fashion as the real Syaoran.

Fay's magic is powerful enough to slow his aging process; however, according to his behaviour there are no reasons to suggest that Fay is much older than he looks. He was supposed to die if he were to lose all his magic as his life itself depends on it but later he was spared from this effect due to vampire blood.

Fei Wang Reed had placed two curses on Fay, however, he is now free of both these curses.

The first curse causes him to kill anyone possessing greater magical power than himself; this curse activates automatically, leaving Fay in a trance-like state and powerless to control his own actions. The curse is activated when Sakura gains two more feathers in the Infinity arc, but she saves herself by using a robot she had won to transport herself to another dimension. Since this curse can only be fulfilled once, it has now been broken.

The memory of the second curse was erased from Fay's memory because Fei Wang felt that he had "no need to remember it". This curse is activated when somebody other than Fay kills Ashura. Later, it is revealed that the second curse is that he would use his magic to suck up the world of Celes and trap everyone inside.

Magical objects
Phoenix tattoo: At the beginning of the series, Fay sports a tattoo in the shape of a phoenix across his back, which he pays to Yūko as the "most precious thing" in order to have Yūko grant his wish to travel across dimensions. It is later revealed that Ashura bestowed this tattoo onto Fay, in order to suppress his magical powers; as Fay's powers grew, the tattoo's effects would weaken (his use of magic also weakened it). The tattoo itself would completely disappear when Ashura dies.

Magic staff: Fay first traveled with an ornate, magical staff, which facilitated his spell casting. After he vows to not use magic without his tattoo, he makes a trade with Yūko: his staff in return for a method to enter the castle in Koryo Country.

At the beginning of the series, Fay vows that he would not use his magic again without the tattoo on his back, but breaks the vow when he creates a shield in Rekord Country around the group in order to save them. In the Tokyo arc, he again uses his magic to try and reseal, the living heart of Clone Syaoran. The clone then proceeds to eat Fay's left eye, which contained half of Fay's magic, saying he needed Fay's powers in order to get Sakura's feathers for himself. Brought to the brink of death from the shock of losing one eye, Fay resists attempts to save himself, reasoning that the clone would be unstoppable with his powers, but that the magic would perish if Fay dies.

Fay's request to die is ignored by Kurogane, who saves him by following Yūko's advice. Fay is then fed Kamui's blood and turns into a vampire, one with accelerated healing abilities but who needs to consume blood to survive. Because it is Kurogane's wish and not Fay's that he should live, Kurogane from then on has to take responsibility for Fay's life: the blood Fay received was mixed with Kurogane's blood, so that Fay can only feed from him. Fay now has to drink Kurogane's blood on a regular basis in order to survive; he literally needs to depend on the ninja to live. After these events, Fay stops addressing Kurogane by silly nicknames and begins to use his full name in order to distance himself. Fay confesses to Yūko that he had not realized how close the two of them have become, and that, if he forgives him for saving his life, they would be even closer.

Fay's outward behavior becomes much colder in the following volumes. He drops his joking and happy-go-lucky demeanor, and smiles less. His interactions with the rest of the group becomes very distant and formal. The exception to this is Sakura, whose behavior (at the time) is as dark as his. Fay grows close to her in their mutual suffering and pledges loyalty to the princess. When Sakura informs him of her wish, he promises to help her without informing the others and without asking for more details.

At the end of the tournament in the Infinity arc, it is revealed that Fay had a curse placed on him: he would kill anyone with magical abilities that surpassed his own. Seemingly possessed, Fay stabs Sakura after she receives two additional feathers; one from Chii, and another from a robot resembling Freya from Chobits. Yūko states that the additional feathers increased Sakura's magic, thereby surpassing Fay's halved magic. Sakura foresaw this in a vision, however, and made a wish to Yūko to prevent herself from dying: her body is taken to Celes and her soul to a dream world.

It is later revealed that Fay has lied to the group on several occasions. He lied about the whereabouts of two of the feathers; the first one, which he seemingly removed from Syaoran's clothing in Volume 1, was actually with him from Celes. The other one was the one he had used to make Chii, which he pretended to know nothing about. After this revelation, he resolves to return to Celes in order to save Sakura's body, but a price had to be paid for the four of them to go to a specific country. Fay offers up everything that could be seen with his right eye in order to return to Celes, meaning that he would go blind. To prevent this, everyone agrees to offer up a fourth of the price by handing over their tournament money. Fei Wong Reed, who is secretly watching the group, then states that Fay was supposed to have stabbed Syaoran after the latter regains his original powers, but Sakura foresaw this and created a situation to activate Fay's curse before that happened. He also reveals that, even though Fay's first curse is now broken, he has yet another curse which only works in Celes.

Later, after entering Celes country, Ashura uses his magic to show Syaoran, Kurogane, and Mokona visions of Fay's tragic past. This causes Kurogane to unsheathe his sword and attack Ashura and Fay. Though Fay is horrified that his comrades now know the extent of his secrets and betrayal, he decides to fight back with magic to protect Ashura, and also due to his vow not to die before he saves his brother. The two engage in a fierce battle, and in the mayhem, Kurogane damages the body of Fay's twin, and in that moment of weakness, manages to overpower Fay. Kurogane then demands Ashura to tell him why he showed them Fay's memories, and he responds by saying that he only wanted Fay to "grant his wish" and kill him. Ashura then launches vicious spells against Fay's comrades in order to force his hand, which causes one of the massive ice stalagmites that he conjured to pierce Kurogane in his right side. Angry, Fay attacks Ashura, retrieves Sakura's body, and places her with Syaoran for protection. Fay then decides to kill Ashura for the sake of both their wishes, but Fay's lack of a will to live and the loss of his eye prevents him from fighting at full strength. Ashura overpowers him, and tries to kill Syaoran and Sakura in order to draw out his true power. However, Kurogane intercepts the attack and stabs Ashura with his sword, killing the king. The feather in Fay's brother's body then shows Fay the true reason for his death. It returns to Sakura's body and the corpse disintegrates, finally at rest.

Just when Mokona begins to transport the group to the next world, Fay's second curse activates, which causes Fay's magic to create a form of cage, trapping the group in Celes. Fay then declares that his magic does not get stronger the more he uses it -- in fact, the more he uses magic, the closer he is to death. With everyone unable to transport to another world, Fay attempts to use the last of his magic to transport his comrades, intending to sacrifice himself in order to save them. However, due to his halved magic, Fay is only able to transport Sakura, Syaoran, and Mokona. Using a magic earring Mokona wears, Syaoran creates a hole in the sphere where Fay and Kurogane are trapped, but Fay's curse uses him as the spell's anchor, meaning Fay cannot leave. Since Fay had used up all his magic in evacuating the others, Kurogane cuts off his own left arm, which Fay casted magic on earlier, and leaves it behind in the sphere in exchange for Fay.

In Nihon country, the next world, Fay punches Kurogane, smiles, and playfully tells him that it was for revenge while addressing him as "Kuro-sama," which shows that Fay is willing to call Kurogane nicknames again, reinvigorating their relationship. Fay then trades his remaining magic to Yūko in exchange for a false arm for Kurogane, and because he lives off of Kurogane's blood, Fay does not lose sight or die from offering up the last of his magic.

Later, when Sakura is killed during the two Syaoran's battle, he reveals that he knew Sakura was a clone all along. He then offers to go with Syaoran and Kurogane to save both Sakuras.

That night, Fay goes to meet Syaoran, who was sitting on the roof, and tells him that he should rest. There, Syaoran thanks Fay for taking care of and supporting Sakura. When leaving the Nihon country, Fay is seen in the clothes he wore at the beginning of the series.

In chapter 183, the group finally enters Clow Country, where they end up repeating the same day over and over again due to a spell. During one of the days, Fay finds out that Kurogane's new arm is causing him pain, leading Fay to punch and scold Kurogane for not informing him. Their relationship returns to normal after this, even though Fay promised he wouldn't get close to him again.

Celes and Leval Castle
In the beginning of the series, Fay is revealed to have come from the country of Celes. Little is known about his world except it seems to be a magical based country. Two of Sakura's feathers had fallen into the Celes world, and with that feather's power he was able to create Chii, who he made in the image of his mother to comfort the inanimate corpse of his twin brother. He also imprisoned Ashura in a deep slumber, which Chii guarded until Ashura's awakening.

It is cited that Ashura resides in Leval Castle, a floating castle with wings. Celes country is covered in what appears to be an eternal blizzard.

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Mokona Modoki
Mokona Modoki is the name given to the two rabbit-like creatures from Clamp's sister series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and xxxHolic (Also appearing in one of their earlier works, Magic Knight Rayearth). The name Mokona Modoki (or simply Mokona) refers to any or both characters, as they are never called by their real names. The Black Mokona’s real name is Larg, while the White Mokona’s real name is Soel . However, the Mokonas always refer to themselves in the third person.

Larg and Soel are copies of an original Mokona, who appears in Magic Knight Rayearth (another Clamp series). The two were created by Yūko Ichihara and Clow Reed (who appear to be aware of the existence of Sakura Kinomoto and all of the events in her world). One day, Yūko and Clow encountered the original Mokona, who was traveling through different worlds, and Mokona provided Yūko and Clow with the knowledge of alternate dimensions. After learning that one day a Sakura and Syaoran from an alternate world would come to their world to ask for help, Yūko and Clow created the two Mokona, basing them on the original but with slight differences, such as difference in size and the ability to talk (whereas the original Mokona would only say "Puu!"). Each Mokona was also given an earring which matched the color of the gem on its forehead, the blue earring seals magic power while the red earring boosts magic power. It has never been discovered what exactly a Mokona is. The original Mokona was identified as the creator of the universe, but it is unknown whether the original was part of a species or not, which also raises the question as to where the name Mokona came from in the first place. The most common answer to the question 'What is Mokona?' is: 'Mokona is mokona!'(which isn't really an answer).

In Chapter 133 of Tsubasa, Yūko explained to the TRC group that the two Mokona were created in order to stop the plans of Fei Wong Reed's wishes.

The full story of the two Mokona is told in Clamp’s Soel to Larg: Mokona=Modoki no Bouken (Soel and Larg: The Adventures of Mokona=Modoki).

We also learn in the Drama CD provided with the first Kei DVD that the Mokonas chose the 14th of February for their birthday.

White Mokona (Soel)
White Mokona is the manju-bun -like creature from Clamp’s Tsubasa Chronicle that possess several astonishing abilities, such as traveling to different worlds, teleporting objects from one world to another, and sensing strong auras. Mokona was what Yûko gave Syaoran and the others in return for the prices they paid, enabling them to go to different worlds in the search for Sakura’s feathers, and as we later find out, without Mokona they wouldn’t be able to communicate (except for Syaoran and Sakura, as they are from the same world) because they all come from different worlds and speak different languages. With the help of Black Mokona, White Mokona is able to stay in contact with Yûko, and in the manga there is an illustration showing Mokona talking to Black Mokona in the background.

Mokona is also responsible for locating Sakura’s feathers, and whenever one is around it goes ‘mekkyon’ (scary face) for an instant, which alerts the others. Mokona is a very cheerful, optimistic and energetic being, and loves to tease Kurogane, who occasionally uses violence to get back at him. Similar to Larg, Soel has a strong fondness for alcoholic drinks. The name Soel comes from the rune Sôwilô meaning sun. The Soel Larg book shows that it comes from "Sigil".

108 Secret Skills

Mokona has stated that it has 108 Secret Skills. So far the ones that have been revealed are:

1. Voice Imitation
2. Translator
3. Acting
4. Breaking In
5. Travel Between Worlds (Black Mokona lacks this ability; only White Mokona can travel between worlds)
6. Super Disguise
7. See Ghosts (White Mokona lacks this ability; only Black Mokona can see ghosts)
8. Understanding Lonely People
9. Super Suction Power (able to vary the strength)
10. Super Aspiration
11. Drawing Capabilities
12. Time Traveling
13. Feel the Feathers' Wavelength
14. Clairvoyance
15. Flirting
16. Singing
17. Tease
18. Writing kanji (Black Mokona is good at it)*
19. Communicating Between Different Worlds (as seen in Tsubasa Chronicle)
20. Making Friends
21. Super Strength
22. Super Transformation (as seen in Tsubasa Chronicle)
23. Inhibit Magical Curses (Black Mokona can seal magic with his/her earing)
24. Augmenting magic (White Mokona can increase magical powers with his/her earing)
25. Teleport items between the Mokonas
26. Immune to bad luck
27. Drink alcohol
28. N'CHA Cannon (a reference to the manga series Doctor Slump)
29. Play Chess*
30. Knit *
31. Know when someone is sad.
32. Super Deductive Reasoning
33. Eating Apples Whole
34. Super Dramatic Power
*Shown in "Larg to Soel" book

Black Mokona (Larg)
Black Mokona isn’t quite as enthusiastic and energetic as White Mokona, but nevertheless a teaser. He usually calls Watanuki 'Watanuki April Fools' which results in a reaction from Watanuki similar to Kurogane's. Little is known about Black Mokona, except that it is able to see ghosts, something the White Mokona cannot do, and that its main purpose is to stay in contact with the White Mokona, so that Yûko can know where the group is and assist them if necessary. Also, Black Mokona is used for teleporting things to the White Mokona, which it does by swallowing them. Yuko has also remarked that of the two Mokona, the red earring on the white one possesses the ability to enhance magical power while the blue earring on black one has the ability to seal magical power. In chapter 157 of xxxHolic it was shown the sealing ear ring is sealing away both Sakura's memories of Syaoran and Watanuki's memory of his past. It also apparently has the ability to devour spirits and compress them into a ball, although it is not evident if the White Mokona possesses this ability either.

Like Yuko, Black Mokona loves to drink sake and thus is often her 'drinking buddy' and has a intimate relationship with her. The two often drink together. The name Larg comes from the rune Laguz meaning water. The Soel Larg book shows "Lagu" then may have further unreadable letters.

•Mokona was named after one of Clamp's members, Mokona (formerly Mokona Apapa).
•The name "Mokona Modoki" may be a Japanese pun meaning "fake Mokona" or "replica Mokona".
•The preferred Japanese counter for a number of Mokona is "Mokona", not "hiki/biki/piki" typical of small animals.

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Recurring characters

Yūko Ichihara
Also known as the Dimension Witch or the Space-Time Witch, who resides in modern day Japan, but her shop is technically connected to all dimensions, including the Dream World. She owns a shop in ×××HOLiC, which can grant people their wishes if they in pay the equivalent price. Although Yūko is extremely powerful, to the point of being able to create gods, she cannot act without the request of another beforehand, regardless of whether the events she wishes to pass are selfless or not. She works against Fei Wong Reed.

A mysterious traveler from Syaoran's past who also gained the power to travel between worlds from Yūko. He is currently searching for the vampire twins and, like his younger brother, he is a treasure hunter, not a vampire hunter like originally believed. His abilities include summoning Oni to fight for him. He is able to perform these abilities with the help one of Sakura's feathers, which Syaoran failed to retrieve in their encounter in Ōto country. An experienced fighter, Seishirō was also the one to teach Syaoran his kicking techniques, and apparently can kick just as well.

Later, he has appeared in Nihon Country and discovered that Fai had vampire blood. Initially he thought Fai and his friends knew the location of Subaru, but they didn't. With this revelation, he intended to leave Nihon, but was challenged by Syoaran for the feather. Seishirō remarks how Syaoran is like his father, Syaoran Li, implying that he has met him during his travels

After Syaoran unleashed his ultimate spell (all four of his elemental spells combined) on Seishirō, he reclaimed the feather and was sent into the Dream alone to rescue Sakura's soul. With this, he reveals to Fūma and the others that he was planning on giving the feather to him anyway and starts revealing a kinder, nonviolent side of himself to Fai and Kurogane. He then starts a conversation with them about how dangerously powerful The Clone is becoming; but not before he tells them that Syaoran is becoming more powerful as well.

He was last seen viewing the battle between The Clone and Syaoran (both, in a sense, former students of his) before leaving to search for Subaru.

Seishirō is a crossover character from Tokyo Babylon and X.

He first appears in chapter 42.

One of the vampire twins that Seishirō is hunting, he seems to be the only one whom Seishirō is interested in. Upon arriving in the world 'Tokyo', Subaru fell asleep and does not awaken until Syaoran and his friends arrive. He is the protagonist of the manga Tokyo Babylon and also plays an important role in X where he is one of the seven seals.

The other of the vampire twins whom Seishirō is hunting. His true identity is revealed when he attacks Syaoran's clone in an attempt to use his blood to awaken Subaru. Kamui is originally the protagonist in the manga X. He and Subaru gained the power to traverse dimensions together from Yūko.
It should be noted that while Subaru really had a twin in the original Tokyo Babylon and X stories, it was not Kamui; in fact Subaru and Kamui were not even of the same age. Instead, Subaru had a twin sister named Hokuto, who, even though she was a major character in Tokyo Babylon and also appeared in X, has yet to make an appearance in Tsubasa.

Seishirō's younger brother, who is also a treasure hunter and apparent leader of the people of the Tower. He arrived in 'Tokyo' four years earlier along with a feather of Sakura's. Little is known about him right now, but he does seem to have an interest in Kamui and he seems to be friends with Yūko, for whom he retrieves items for whenever he traverses to different dimensions.

Fūma later appeared in the Nihon Country to give Kurogane a robotic arm. He then stayed to witness the battle between his brother and Syaoran. Afterwards, he teased his brother about his strange actions.

Fūma was the antagonist in X, opposite protagonist Kamui. In the original story he and Seishirō were merely on the same team and not blood related at all.

NOTE: Fūma/Kamui and Seishirō/Subaru are two pairs of characters with deeply intertwined storylines in their own original manga, X and Tokyo Babylon respectively, which also crossed over. Their relationships are paralleled in Tsubasa.

Princess Tomoyo
The princess of a feudal country called Japan/Nihon who sends the ninja Kurogane on the quest that causes him to join the dimension travelers. Tomoyo is the Tsukuyomi, a powerful miko sorceress responsible for maintaining the wards of Nihon that protect the country from demons. She is also a yumemi (dreamseer) with the ability to see into other people's, to enter another's dreams, can send trans-dimensional messages through dreams and is able to see the future in her dreams. However, she gave up her dreamseer power to Yuuko as the price for bringing Kurogane, Fay, Syaoran, and Mokona to Nihon. Another incarnation of her appears in Piffle World, where she retains much of her nature from Tomoyo Daidouji in Cardcaptor Sakura. A crossover character from Cardcaptor Sakura.

Princess Tomoyo's bodyguard, Sōma is a kunoichi, female ninja, of Nihon working alongside Kurogane to protect Tomoyo. She appears to be very loyal and protective to Tomoyo, yelling at Kurogane for getting mad at her.

When the Tsubasa gang came to Nihon country, she welcomed them and was present to view the battle of Syaoran and The Clone. Recently, Tomoyo revealed that Sōma always worries about Kurogane due to his brash actions.

An alternate version of her was seen in Ōto country where she was an oni hunter alongside her partner. Her weapons were a pair of boomerang daggers.

Sōma is a crossover character from RG Veda, where she is one of the Six Stars and in love with Kendappa-ō, who appears in Nihon country as the Empress Amaterasu.

King Ashura
The King of Celes, who brought Fay up. Fay places Ashura in an enchanted sleep at the beginning of Tsubasa and transforms Chi to serve as Ashura's guard. Ashura is the reason why Fay seeks to travel to multiple dimensions and avoid returning to Celes. Fay, at one point, says that Ashura 'took him out' of someplace, later revealed to be the place Fay (then Yuui) and his twin were imprisoned in their native country. King Ashura finally wakes up from his sleep in chapter 140. It is then revealed that Ashura regularly went on killing sprees among his subjects, and he intended to invoke Fay's curse (which is to kill anyone stronger than himself) to kill him. He placed a tattoo on Fay which would prevent the growth of his powers, while his own grew with every murder, and he would one day be stronger than Fay. He is later killed by a combined effort from Syaoran, Fay, and Kurogane.

King Ashura is a crossover character from RG Veda and should not be mistaken for another crossover character from RG Veda, Ashura-ō of Shura Country, who is this Ashura's son in RG Veda. (Ashura-ō means King Ashura and is a title also used as a name in RG Veda, which both of these characters bear, though there the son is usually referred to as "Ashura".)

Clow Reed
The sorcerer who is tied to the storyline, but does not appear directly as he is already deceased before the story begins. Clow Reed was the creator of the Clow Cards and the original Card Sealing Wand (as seen in xxxHolic' volume 1) and the co-creator of the two Mokona Modokis. A crossover character from Cardcaptor Sakura. He and Yūko appear to have had a strained but close relationship. Another incarnation, who is also deceased before the story begins, is the father of the Sakura and Tōya of Tsubasa.

Kimihiro Watanuki
Watanuki has appeared numerous times in more recent chapters of Tsubasa: RESERvoir CHRoNiCLE. A connection between Watanuki and Syaoran has been emphasised, but it is unclear what the connection is. Watanuki has paid all of his memories before meeting Yūko as a price to locate both Sakuras. A crossover character from ×××HOLiC.


Fei Wong Reed
A mysterious and powerful villain who is after Sakura's feathers. He is later revealed to be a direct descendant of Clow Reed and well aware of the powers of the Dimension Witch. He was the one who imprisoned the real Syaoran and created the Syaoran who is the protagonist of Tsubasa. Though he already possesses the power to cross dimensions like the High Priest of Clow and Princess Tomoyo, he seeks the power of Sakura's wings to "bring back a dream that has already ended" which is foreshadowed in TRC and ×××HOLiC to involve reviving someone who has died (possibly Clow Reed himself). He is ruthless in pursuing this dream and not care on how much blood has to be shed to get that power; those he has killed (or arranged to be killed) include Kurogane's mother, Xing Huo and the real Fai. His true objective is not to obtain Sakura's feathers; rather, the scattering Sakura's memories was to force her to travel between dimensions so her physical memories would contain a map of the dimensions. This is necessary, in combination with the ruins below Clow country, to grant Fei Wong's wish. In Chapter 122 of xxxHoLiC, Yuuko reveals in a monologue that he is responsible for the soul stealing entities featured in Volume 5. Also, in chapter 181 of Tsubasa, Yuuko also reveals that this was when she discovered his whereabouts and that he needs the souls for the sake of his dream. Following the souls leads to his location.

It has also been revealed in chapter 178 of Tsubasa that the Sakura travelling with the Tsubasa group is, in fact, a clone. He has kept the real Sakura's soul alive for the sake of his dream, but the body has "disappeared" (although, in another translation it says her body was "destroyed"). Clone Sakura's soul has been killed, though he still needs her body which was taken by his assistant Kyle Rondart.

In chapter 181 a revelation was made: His location. He is located in a "cut-off" time of Clow Country, from the words of Yuuko.

Xing Huo
Fei Wong's assistant. Not much about her is known besides the fact she is Fei Wong's assistant and was somewhat also a "failed creation". However, as the story progresses her character has more depth. In Volume 15 of the manga she helps the real Syaoran go to Yūko after he awakened (Volume 09 of ×××HOLiC), but stated she can only do it once. Her reason to him was "If the dream does not end." She is killed by Fei Wang shortly afterwards, using a blade similar to the one that killed Kurogane's mother. Her helping Syaoran was inevitable, as Fei Wang Reed states "Considering your origins, I suppose it couldn't have been helped". In Chapter 178 she make an appearance in a flashback of her and Fei while he was explaining the clone soul of Sakura, along with other girls who are also cross over from other Clamp works.

Kyle Rondart
An agent of Fei Wong Reed, first introduced in Jade country as the good doctor who was helping the village with their problems around the time the children started vanishing. He seems kind and sincere at first, but we later find out that through hypnotism he was the one that sends the children (most of them his patients) to the old castle to dig out Sakura's feather. He re-appears in Piffle World as the very same person, knowing that Syaoran and his friends will likely assume he is just another incarnation of himself. In Piffle World he tries to sabotage the race to get Sakura's feather, but later escapes without it. Kyle has recently returned, kidnapping the Clone Sakura's body and taking the feather after her soul was destroyed. Upon his leaving, Syaoran desperately calls out for him to wait, but it is too late. In chapter 181 he is seen along with Fei Wang and Clone Sakura's body.

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Crossover characters
Tsubasa contains various crossover characters from various Clamp series, including Cardcaptor Sakura, RG Veda and ×××HOLiC. It should be noted that, excluding the Dimensional Witch and related characters, none of these characters are the same characters from their original works, but new incarnations of the same ones. Noticeable names and faces show up including Miyuki of Miyuki-chan in Wonderland who appears in almost all the major worlds the group visits usually with a piece of toast in her mouth or another bread product.

Clow Country

* Tōya (Cardcaptor Sakura)
* Yukito (Cardcaptor Sakura)
* Fujitaka (Cardcaptor Sakura)
* Clow Reed (The former King, Sakura and Tōya's father, no relation to the Clow Reed tied to the story) (Cardcaptor Sakura)

The following characters are seen when the group return to Clow Country in the final arc:

* Miyuki (Miyuki-chan in Wonderland)
* Syaoran Li, the father of 'Syaoran', shown in flashback, face is obscured (Cardcaptor Sakura)
* Sakura Kinomoto, the mother of 'Syaoran' mentioned in flashback (Cardcaptor Sakura)
* Nadeshiko (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Kingdom of Japan/Nihon

Note: The Province of Suwa is also a part of this world and initially appears in a book Syaoran opens in Rekord which shows Kurogane's past.

* Princess Tomoyo (Tsukuyomi, Miko Princess of Shirasagi Castle) (Cardcaptor Sakura)
* Sōma (RG Veda)
* Amaterasu, Empress of Nihon (Kendappa-ou) (RG Veda)

Celes Country

Note: Celes is also known as Ceres, Seles, and Seresu (from the Del Rey translation). The country itself is named after the Mashin Celes of Magic Knight Rayearth

* Chi (Chobits)
* Ashura-ō (RG Veda)

Note: King Ashura (Ashura-ō) is based on the dead master of the Guardian Warriors of Heaven, father of the protagonist Ashura, in RG Veda. This Ashura is not to be confused with the Ashura who appears in Shura, who is based on Ashura the protagonist of RG Veda.

Japan (Modern Day)

* Yūko Ichihara (×××HOLiC)
* Watanuki Kimihiro (×××HOLiC)
* Marudashi (×××HOLiC)
* Morodashi (×××HOLiC)
* Mokona Modoki (Mokona) (Magic Knight Rayearth)

Note: The white Mokona (who travels with Syaoran and the others in Tsubasa) is named Soel while the black one (who remains with Yūko and Watanuki in ×××HOLiC) is named Larg.

Hanshin Republic

* Sorata Arisugawa (X/1999)
* Arashi Arisugawa (Arashi Kishuu) (X/1999)
* Kudan (The Rune Gods - Rayearth, Celes, and Windam) (Magic Knight Rayearth)
* Shōgo Asagi (X/1999: The Movie)
* Masayoshi Saitō (Clamp School Detectives)
* Masayoshi's Kudan (Sang Yung) (Magic Knight Rayearth)
* Tomoyo Daidouji (Cardcaptor Sakura)
* Toya Kinomoto (Cardcaptor Sakura)
* Yukito Tsukishiro (Cardcaptor Sakura)
* Primera (Magic Knight Rayearth)
* Miyuki (Miyuki-chan in Wonderland)

Koryo Country

* Chun'yan (Chun-hyang) (Legend of Chun Hyang)
* Girl on the Magazine Cover (Ringo Seto) (Angelic Layer)
* Chun'yan's mother (Wol-mae) (Legend of Chun Hyang)
* The Kiishimu (Debonair) (Magic Knight Rayearth the anime)
* The Amen'osa (Nokoru Imonoyama, Suoh Takamura, Akira Ijyuin) (Clamp School Detectives)
* Miyuki (Miyuki-chan in Wonderland)

Country with the lake

* Miyuki (Miyuki-chan in Wonderland)

Jade Country

* Princess Emeraude (Magic Knight Rayearth)
* Miyuki (Miyuki-chan in Wonderland)

Ōto Country

* Minoru's maid persocoms (Chobits)
* Blanche (Angelic Layer)
* Yuzuriha Nekoi (X/1999)
* Inuki (X/1999)
* Kusanagi Shiyuu (X/1999)
* Ryū-ō (Ryuu-ou) (RG Veda)
* Sōma (Souma) (RG Veda)
* Eri (Erii Chusounji) (Duklyon: Clamp School Defenders)
* Kentarō (Kentarou Higashikunimaru) (Duklyon: Clamp School Defenders)
* Takeshi (Takeshi Shukaido) (Duklyon: Clamp School Defenders)
* Caldina (Gardina) (Magic Knight Rayearth)
* Fusion of Rayearth, Selece, and Windam (As I-1 Oni) (Magic Knight Rayearth)
* Oruha (Ora) (Clover)
* Misaki Suzuhara (Angelic Layer)
* Ōjiro Mihara (Ohjiro Mihara) (Angelic Layer)
* Tamayo Kizaki (Angelic Layer)
* Karura-ō (Karura-ou) (RG Veda)
* Garuda (RG Veda)
* Qiang Ang (Chanan) (Magic Knight Rayearth)
* Sang Yung (Sanyun) (Magic Knight Rayearth)
* Utako Ōkawa (Utako Ohkawa) (Man of Many Faces)
* Makoto Ōkawa (Makoto Ohkawa) (Man of Many Faces)
* Hinata Asahi (Suki)
* Shirō Asō (Shirou Asou) (Suki)
* Vayu (RG Veda)
* Varna (RG Veda)
* Attacked civilians (Umi Ryuuzaki's parents) (Magic Knight Rayearth)
* Sumomo (Plum) (Chobits)
* Kotoko (Chobits)
* Miyuki (Miyuki-chan in Wonderland)
* Seishirō Sakurazuka (Tokyo Babylon, X/1999)
* Chitose Hibiya (Chobits)
* Toya (Cardcaptor Sakura)- in anime only
* Yukito (Cardcaptor Sakura)- in anime only
* Other possible crossovers
o Seiichirō Aoki (Seiichirou Aoki) (X/1999)
o Kōtarō Kobayashi (Koutarou Kobayashi) (Angelic Layer)
o Sōhi and Hien (Souhi and Hien) (aside from the two swords) (X/1999)
o Although not an actual character, a cat with curled ears appears which is based on an actual cat CLAMP owns and has appeared on the cover of (The One I Love)

Edonis Country

* Chitose (Chitose Hibiya) (Chobits)
* Hatoko Kobayashi (Angelic Layer)
* Miyuki (Miyuki-chan in Wonderland)
* Shuuko Suzuhara, as a Fairy Park's employee (Angelic Layer)
* Shouko Asami, as a Fairy Park's employee (Angelic Layer)
* Madoka Fujisaki, as a Fairy Park's employee (Angelic Layer)
* Kaede Saitou, as a Fairy Park's employee (Angelic Layer)
* The Receptionist of the training center, as a Fairy Park's employee (Angelic Layer)
* Arisu Fujisaki, as a Fairy Park's visitor (Angelic Layer)

Shara Country

* Karen Kasumi (X/1999)
* Yasha-ō (Yasha-ou) (RG Veda)
* Gigei (RG Veda)
* Ashura (RG Veda)
* Miyuki (Miyuki-chan in Wonderland)

Shura Country (Shara's past)

* Ashura-ō (Ashura) (RG Veda)
* Yasha-ō (RG Veda)
* Kumara-ten (RG Veda)

Piffle World

* Tomoyo Daidouji (Cardcaptor Sakura)
* Tomoyo's bodyguards (Cardcaptor Sakura)
* Shouko Asami, as one of Tomoyo's bodyguards (Angelic Layer)
* Ryū-ō (RG Veda)
* Yuzuriha Nekoi (X/1999)
* Nokoru Imonoyama (Clamp School Detectives)
* Suoh Takamura (Clamp School Detectives)
* Akira Ijyuin (Clamp School Detectives)
* Shōgo Asagi (X/1999: The Movie)
* Masayoshi Saitō (Clamp School Detectives)
* Sorata Arisugawa (X/1999)
* Arashi Kishuu (as a photograph) (X/1999)
* Chun'yan (Legend of Chun Hyang)
* Erii Chusounji (Duklyon: Clamp School Defenders)
* Kentarou Higashikunimaru (Duklyon: Clamp School Defenders)
* Takeshi Shukaido (Duklyon: Clamp School Defenders)
* Karura-ō (RG Veda)
* Karen Kasumi (X/1999)
* Oruha (Clover)
* Miyuki (Miyuki-chan in Wonderland)
* Ohjiro Mihara (Angelic Layer)
* The Announcer (Angelic Layer)
* Tamayo Kizaki (Angelic Layer)
* Tatra, as one of Tomoyo's bodyguards (Magic Knight Rayearth)
* Tetra, as one of Tomoyo's bodyguards (Magic Knight Rayearth)
* Takashi Yamazaki (Cardcaptor Sakura)
* Shūko Suzuhara (Angelic Layer)
* Ringo Seto, as a Tomoyo's bodyguard (Angelic Layer)
* Chitose Hibiya (Chobits)
* Ichirō "Icchan" Mihara (Angelic Layer)
* Takashi Yamazaki, as a sports caster (Cardcaptor Sakura)
* Tokiko Magami (X/1999)
* The doctor who made Nataku (X/1999)
* Primera (Magic Knight Rayearth)
* There is also a blimp resembling Cerberus' sealed form.

Rekord Country

* Miyuki (Miyuki-chan in Wonderland)
* Yuzuriha Nekoi (X/1999)
* Kaede Saitou, as a Central Librarian (Angelic Layer)
* Sai Jounouchi, as a Central Librarian (Angelic Layer)


* Kamui Shirō (X/1999)
* Fūma Monou (X/1999)
* Nataku (X/1999)
* Kazuki Toujyou (X/1999)
* Kakyou Kuzuki (X/1999)
* Yuuto Kigai (X/1999)
* Satsuki Yatouji (X/1999)
* Kusanagi Shiyuu (X/1999)
* Sorata Arisugawa (X/1999)
* Arashi Kishuu (X/1999)
* Seīchirō Aoki (X/1999)
* Karen Kasumi (X/1999)
* Yuzuriha Nekoi (X/1999)
* Daisuke Saiki (X/1999)
* Subaru Sumeragi (Tokyo Babylon, X/1999)
* Miyuki (Miyuki-chan in Wonderland)
* Toshihiko, as one of the people in the Tokyo government office (Kobato)


* Eagle Vision (Magic Knight Rayearth)
* Lantis (Magic Knight Rayearth)
* Geo Metro (Magic Knight Rayearth)
* "Humpty Dumpty" (Miyuki-chan in Wonderland)
* Rabbit Referee (Clover)
* Miyuki (Miyuki-chan in Wonderland)
* Empress of TV Land (Miyuki-chan in Wonderland)
* Koumoku-ten (RG Veda)
* Hikaru (Angelic Layer)
* Freya (Chobits)

As of May 2007, Wish and Shirahime-Syo: Snow Goddess Tales are the only Clamp titles to not have a crossover with either ×××HOLiC or Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.

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There... hope that helps, infos can be seen too at (thanks to the site). I know some are still wondering who is who and what is what and why is why - so i provide some infos here... hope this helps...

I'll also put the XxxHolic characters under the XxxHolic:Kei Groups... ^^

Thanks and enjoy

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