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Nick Reyes was your average teen. He had a suckish job, he lived in New York City, had great friends, loves a rich famous girl and wants to disappear. Nick is 17 years old and hates his job. His job is being a bell hop boy at the Lopez Plaza who the owners are the parents of the girl of his dream. That girl is Vanessa Lopez was sucks is he has been working there for a year now and she has said hi to him. He work there with his 4 best friends Zac, Lucas, Haley, and Chris. Nicks' best friend is Haley. Even though Nick hated his job he loved being there. Not only because of Vanessa because he never wants to go home. His father left him and his mom for some slut he met at a bar who by the way was his mother's best friends. His mother is an acholic and is dating some guy named Jim who abuses him. To Nick his life couldn't get any worse, but he was wrong.
Nick life isn't the only one that sucked. Vanessa Lopez hated her life too. Sure she had everything that a girl can have, but to her she was still missing some important things. Vanessa had almost all the money in the world, but her step mother Brenda cared more about her boyfriend Rick than her own daughter. Her father died when she was 12 years old and her mother died of lung cancer when she was 4. To her the only real family she has are her 2 best friends Maddie and Melissa. What's even worse every time she steps outside there is a shit load of guys drew after her which she hates. One day Vanessa wanted to escape her so calmed perfect life so she grabbed the keys to her porsche and drove to her and her fathers secret place. Just on the other side of New York her father bought her an apartment before he died for anytime she wanted to leave or escape. When she finslly got the her pain in the ass step mother called her.
" Damn it,"said Vanessa picking up her phone.
" Hello," said Vanessa.
" Where the fuck are you? You know I don't like leaving with no one in our suite. Those maid like to steal we both know that,"said Brenda.
" No I wouldn't know about that because they are very loyal to evryone that stay at the suite. Even the bitches that treat them like crap,"said Vanessa referring to her.
" Watch your mouth now come home I have to tell you something," said Brenda.
"Whatever,"said Vanessa. Then hung up upset as hell. When Vanessa arrived at the hotel she quickly glaced at Nick then went to her suite. Nick didn't take his eyes off of her.
" Hey weirdo," heard Nick from behind him. He smiled and turned around.
" Hi Haley," said Nick giving her a hug.
" Watcha up to?," asked Nick
" We've got ourselves a new job," said Haley all excited," You are gonna love me for this, but Mrs. Lopez is leaving on a so called buisness trip for two weeks and she leaving her darling daughter here. She wants two employes to watch her you know follow her every move. I said we would be perfect for the job so we start today."
" Great are you ready,"asked Nick?
" No I'm scared of course I'm ready you re-re,"said Haley sarcasticly. She jumped on his back and they were about to until Zac called Haley's name. Haley quickly jumped off Nick's back and rushed to Zac and gave him a kiss.
" Ok lovebirds I know you Guys are dating and all and it's weird for me, but we gotta job to do," said Nick
" Ok relax. Bye zacy see you later,"said Haley jumping back onto Nick's back.
Vanessa layed down on her bed after her mother told her the news. She took a quick shower and put on some jeans and a T-shirt and heard a knock on her door.
" Great the two morons are here to take care of me," she said to her self. She opened the door and got lost in a teens beautiful brown eyes. She got off of cloud 9 when she saw a beautiful brunette on the guy's back. She slid down off his back and introduced herself.
" Hi I'm Haley you must be Mrs.Lopez," said Haley.
" Hi I'm Nick nice to meet you Mrs. Lopez," said Nick.
" Hi Nick Haley, but you guys can call me Vanessa,"she said staring at Nick.
" Come in and make yourselves at home," she said. In one hour Vanessa was positive that Haley and Nick were an item. She never has never met people with so many things in common and so connected. Now she had to look for another brown eyed hunk.
" So I'm gonna go for a jog which one of you are coming along?," she aked hoping for Nick to answer
" I'll come," said Nick. They jogged in Central Park quietly until they sat down on a bench.
" Do you want a hot dog?," asked Nick
" Uh, sure why not," replied Vanessa. He bought two hot dogs and two bottles of water.
" Wow I haven't had a hot dog in years" said Vanessa taking a bite.
" Really how come?," asked Nick
" Well ever since my dad died my step mother wouldn't let me have normal food. No hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries, not even macorni and cheese which used to be my favorite," she said with a tear rolling down her eye.
" I'm sorry for your lost," he said. When he noticed the tear rolling down her face he wiped it off and kept his soft hand on her baby face. They both got lost in each others brown eyes. All of a sudden a flash of cameras made they stop staring and look to the side. They saw the paparazzi flashing pictures.
" Shit Nick run now!!," exclaimed Vanessa
" OK whatever you say," said Nick. They began to run as fast as they could to the plaza. When the got to the plaza they started to laugh the whole way to the suite. When they got upstairs they saw a tall handsome guy standing in front of the suite.
" Nick can we go some where else?" asked Vanessa trying to avoid the guy.
" Why. The paparazzi is out there after you," said Nick.
" Is it because of that guy there?," asked Nick
" Is he your boyfriend?," asked Nick feeling sad. She looked up at him and noticed his face.
" No he's my ex. It doesn't matter anyway you are with Haley anyway," she said.
" Are you kinding me. Me and Haley have been friends for 12 years and only friends she is dating my friend Zac not me I'm single," he said shocked.
" Vanessa!," they heard from a man's voice.
" Oh my god Nate!," she said acting excited, " Now seriously what the fuck are you doing here. Do you remember I broke up with you for cheating and told you to stay the fuck away.," said Vanessa pissed as hell
" Hey relax ok. God it's not my fault I got lonely and you were giving what i wanted so what. Any way it's not like I'm the first guy who has been in bed with you. You might hate me, but at least people don't find me as a SLUT!," exclaimed Nate.
" Hey don't call her that asshole," said Nick. Nate and Vanessa looked at him. Vanessa was shocked that he or anyone stood up for her.
" What did you call me punk," said Nate pushing him.
" Nate leave him alone," said Vanessa mad.
" Why he your pick of the week," said Nick.
" Shut the hell up," said Nick.
" Huh punk you're messing with the wrong guy," said Nate. Nate punched Nick in the face. Nick punched back and hit so hard in the eye it was like you were in an explosion. Then Nate jumped on to Nick and repeatedly punching him. Vanessa tried to get him off of Nick, but was pushed onto the wall. Then Haley came out and hit Nate with her PSP. Nate slapped Haley to the floor. He punched Nick until he was knocked out. Then he grabbed Vanessa and threw her into the suite and locked the door.
" What the hell do you want from me. Do you want money. Take my money just leave me alone," said Vanessa scared and worried.
" You are so cute when you're scared. I don't want your money I want a second chance." said Nate with a smirk
" NO hell no are you a moron i will never go out with you ever again," said Vanessa.
" Fine, but you'll one day be lonely and you'll come to me you'll see," said Nate leaving," Oh by the way tell your little friend to watch his back. Both of them." After he left Vanessa rushed to Haley and Nick. Haley got up when Vanessa went to her and they both dragged Nick to the room. While they were dragging him a trail of blood was on the floor. A maid past by when they closed the door.
" I'm not clean that up," said the maid walking away. They layed Nick on the couch and cleaned him up.
" Oh I'm I'll take him home since our shift is over," said Haley
" He can stay here if it's ok with you," said Vanessa
" Ok, anyway I have a date with my boyfriend," said Haley," See you tomorrow."
A few minutes later Nick woke up and he was laying down on Vanessa's bed. When he walked to the kitchen Vanessa was in her pjs eating ice cream.
" Hey you ok?," asked Vanessa
" Yeah did Haley leave?," asked Nick
" Yea you can stay here for the night," said Vanessa. Nick grabbed a pillow and a blanket and layed down on the couch.
" Goodnight," said Vanessa.
" Goodnight," said Nick. The next day Haley called in sick and Vanessa and Nick got really close that day. When Nick turn on the T.V he woke up Vanessa and on Extra the headline was " Vanessa Lopez's New Hunk". When Vanessa saw the T.V she got upset.
" God I hate my life," she screamed. Nick quickly turned around. She went to her room and slammed the door then the phone rang. She picked it up and 5 minutes later Nick heard crying from her room. He knocked on the door and walked inside to see Vanessa sitting on the edge of her bed crying.
" Hey what's wrong?," asked Nick
" Um I.... you know what never mind you probably have more important things to think of," replied Vanessa. Nick sat down by her and turned her head towards him.
" My life sucks and right now you are what matters to me the most. So what's wrong?," asked Nick
" Ok um I got a call from my mom. She um getting married and I told her how can you do that how can you try to replace my dad. And she said so what he's dead anyway," she said with tears rolling down her face. He wiped the tear off her face and passed his hand on her back.
" Don't worry you will be fine. Trust me," said Nick smiling at her. Vanessa rest her head on Nick's shoulder. They spent the whole day in the suite and Vanessa asked Nick if he can stay the night and he said yes. They had chinese food and watched T.V. that night Vanessa asked Nick to lay down on her bed with her until she fell asleep. He went to her bedroom and layed down beside her. She rested her head on his chest and he past his hand through her hair repeatedly.
" Nick thank you so much," said Vanessa. She looked up at him and they moved closer and a few seconds later they were sharing a passionate kiss. They fell asleep in each other arms. The next morning Nick woke up to a kiss which lasted a long time. Haley came in and walked in on them kissing.
" ALL RIGHT NICKY YOU GO DUDE," yelled Haley. They quickly pulled away and started to blush. Nick got up and walked to Haley.
" Haley I thought you were sick," said Nick.
" Na I just wanted to go to the carnival that finally opened. So you two obviously got close while I was wasn't here," said Haley smiling. Nick just hugged her and then gave her 40 bucks to leave and get anything she wanted. He went into Vanessa room and aked if he could use her shower. He took a quick bath, but had nothing to wear.
" Hey Vanessa do you have any guy clothes that I can wear?," he yelled from the bathroom
" Yea hold on a sec," she replied. She got a tag top and a pair of jeans. She knock on the door and walked in and her eyes widen when she his muscular arms and his 12-pack.
" Here you g..... go," said Vanessa.
" Thanks," said Nick smiling. Vanessa walked out the room and bite her lip. Then she got a call from her friends Melissa and Maddie saying they have to cancel their plans because they are going to paris for two weeks. She also had a missed call on her answering machine. When Nick came out he was on the phone with Chris. When Vanessa looked at Nick he had a tear rolling down his face.
" Please tell me you are lying," said Nick. He walked outside the suite so Vanessa wouldn't hear, but she followed him anyway.
" So you are telling me that Lucas left with all my money,,,, my own BROTHER LEFT ME!," yelled Nick furious
" Yeah I'll head home and talk to them thanks Zac," said Nick. He turned around to see Vanessa there.
" Hey you ok?," asked Vanessa
"Not really because right now I have no one, and at 8:00pm I have to go to my house. God I can't believe he did this," said Nick.
" Hey you're not alone. You've got me and Haley," said Vanessa smiling. She brought him inside and they shared some Cookie Dough ice cream. Around 7:30pm Nick was ready to leave.
" Hey do you want me to go with you?," asked Vanessa worried.
" Na I'll be fine, but thanks for asking," said Nick grabbing his coat. Vanessa gave him a hug and he kissed her before he left. 25 minutes later he arrived at his house. He walked in and saw his mother in the kitchen drinking and her ass of a boyfriend watching T.V.
" Hey mom," said Nick going to give her a hug.
She pushed him off and said with anger," Where the fuck have you been huh."
" The hotel," he replied," I see he still here."
" So," she said.
" Did you hear about Lucas?," asked Nick. She didn't answer and was actually thinking.
" YOUR GOD DAMN SON MOM!," yelled Nick.
" Shut the fuck up will ya," said Jim chogging down a beer.
" Why don't you," replied Nick.
" What you say freak," said Jim getting up.
" Listen I and your mother can give three fucks about you and your idot of a brother," said Jim.
" SHUT UP!," yelled Nick. All of a sudden Jim punches Nick in the gut.
" Jim not now please," she said. Jim started kicking and punching and slamming Nick into things. He finally stop when Nick could barely move. They left the house for the whole night leaving Nick there in pain and suffering. They didn't come home that night or morning. Vanessa was still in the plaza with Haley and barely slept that night, so she decided to go to the house with Haley. She ran inside to find Nick on the floor bleeding and barley moving.
" Oh my god," said Vanessa. Haley and Vanessa took him to Zac's place. He stayed there that night and Haley stayed there while went back home because of emergency. When Vanessa got to her suite she was shocked to see her mother and her fiance standing there.
" What.... What are you doing here?," asked Vanessa unhappy.
" Well we missed you and we have to plan for the wedding," said Brenda.
" We also got a call from Nate saying you are seeing someone," said Breanda worried.
" Yeah I am," said Vanessa.
" He actually works here," said Vanessa.
" Really," said Brenda. The next morning Vanessa's mother and Rick her fiance came into the room. Brenda left Rick in charge, but Vanessa still didn't listen to him. She went to Zac's place to see how Nick was doing. When she got over there all she saw was Haley upset and Zac hands load with cash.
" Um where's Nick?," asked Vanessa worried
" Well your mom showed up today and paid dufus over here money so she can talk to him privately," said Haley.
" Say no more I'll find him don't worry," said Vanessa pissed. With Brenda and Nick well it wasn't looking to good for Nick.
" You will break up with my daughter if you want your job end of story," said Brenda walking away. The next day Nick came in to work early and headed to Vanessa's suite to talk to her. He knocked on her door and when she opened the door she right away hugged him.
" Hey what happened to you?," asked Vanessa sort of already knowing.
" Hey um I have bad news," said Nick.
" What is the bad news?," asked Vanessa
" Your mom gave me two opinons. To either quit and stay with you or break up with you and keep my job," said Nick looking towards the floor.
" Well I guess this is goodbye," said Vaneessa with a tear rolling down her cheek.
" Are you nuts I QUIT. Do you actually think I would choose anything over you," said Nick.
" I ... I can't let you do that no matter how much I want this relationship to continue I can't let you quit I'm sorry. Nick it's over," said Vanessa closing the door in his face.
" Vanessa! Vanessa open up we can make this work," said Nick banging on the door. Then Brenda came staring at Nick. She walked into the suite laughing. She stuck her head out of the door to tell him something.
" You know what so funny. You not only are single again, but you don't have a job and in a couple of days Vanessa will be over you and she'll probably be back in bed with Nate," said Brenda. She called secruity to take Nick out of the hotel, but Brenda thought Nick was stupid. Nick has seen everyone who is in the hotel so he said he was someone who was already staying and that he lost his key. Now it's his turn to enjoy the rich life. That whole week was the best week of Nicks life. He drove in limos, could order room service, the last thing on his list for things to do is to get Vanessa. The way he was gonna do that is go to Nates party actually sneaking in to his party. All he needed to do is past secruity, conviced Vanessa to get back together, and lastly not get beaten by Nate again sounds easy. The night of the party Nick was standing outside and he could see Vanessa dancing with Nate. Then a drunk guy named Edward Bloom came out and Nick pulled him to the side.
" Hey you ok?," asked Nick
" Yea yeah I'm just gonna go home," said Edward.
" Hey what's your name?," asked Nick
" Edward...Edwars Bloom," said Edward. Nick called him a cab walked up to the man with the list and said he was Edward Bloom. The man let him in, but when Nick went to find Vanessa he saw something he really didn't want to see. Nate and Vanessa were kissing and when Vanessa pulled away Nate grabbed her hand and walked towards Nick and Vanessa was in shock that Nick was there. Nick started to walk away when Vanessa went after him.
" Nick wait!," yelled Vanessa
" What. Why do you want me to stophuh. So I can fucking see you and that asshole kiss again!," yelled Nick
" What do you want from me Nick?," asked Vanessa
" Is it that hard to see. I WANT YOU Vanessa I want to be with you," replied Nick.
" I guess that you can have," said Vanessa smiling. Nick smiled back and kissed her.
" Secruity can you escort this fake out," said Nate smiling at Vanessa wrapping his arm around her waist," Don't worry baby i'm taking out the trash so we won't have any interruptions."
The secruity through Nick out onto the side walk and made sure he couldn't go back in. So what Nick did was take out his sidekick and began to text Vanessa.

N: Hi r u ok

V: yea im srry about wat happened

N: its ok its not ur fault listen im now livin at the hotel dont ask how and maybe u can come over tonight

V: ill love too wats the room number?


V: k see u there

N: k bye

V: bye :>}

It was already 9:00pm and Vanessa said she will be there by 8:00. Nick called her and someone else anwsered. It was Nate.
" Hey don't call Vanessa trying to sleep she'll call you tomorrow ok," Nate whispered.
" What the hell are you doing there?,"asked Nick.
" Oh you know just taking care of her something you should try doing," said Nate.
" Where are you in her bedroom of course she had something to drink and you know what don't worry she's in good hands bye," said Nate hanging up. Nick got upset and head down the hall and around the corner to Vanessa suite. He knock on the door and when Nate anwsered he punched him in the face. He walked into Vanessa room and went towards to pick her up.
" Nick," whispered Vanessa sounding hurt.
" It's me don't worry I'm going to take of you," said Nick. When Nick picked Vanessa up he heard her groan. he didn't notice, but she had bruises on her. He walked her to his room while Nate was knocked out on her floor. He set her on his bedroom.
" I'll be right back," said Nick.
" You promise you'll come back," whispered Vanessa in pain.
" I promise," said Nick. He went to Vanessa's room and threw Nate against the wall.
" Where did she get those bruises!," yelled Nick pissed off.
" Look I only hit her once because she was hitting and pushing me off her bed the rest was her step father," said Nate. Nick punched him two more times than left back to his suite. Vanessa was laying down watching MVP on soapnet. Nick got a cold towel and placed them on her bruises.
" Why?," asked Nick
" Why what. Ow," said Vanessa.
" Why didn't you tell me about your step dad V," said Nick.
" Since did you call me V Nate always came me something stupid like Van or...," gets interrupted Nick.
" Don't changed the subject on me," said Nick.
" Ok. My step dad said that if I told anyone he will throw me and my mom out once he gets authority of the hotel," Said Vanessa tearing up," Nick I don't know what to do please let me stay tonight."
" V you can come over whenever you like to," said Nick. They shared a passionate kiss and drifted to sleep. The next morning Vanessa's phone rang and it was her mother. It looks like Nate gave her mother the info on Nick little drop by. When Nick woke up Vanessa was about to walk out the door.
" Where you heading?," Nick asked
" Back to the suite my mom is getting worried," said Vanessa.
" Can you stay a little longer?," asked Nick
" Look i'll stop by again to night ok I promise," said Vanessa smiling.
The next morning Vanessa's phone rang and it was her mother. It looks like Nate gave her mother the info on Nick little drop by. When Nick woke up Vanessa was about to walk out the door.
" Where you heading?," Nick asked
" Back to the suite my mom is getting worried," said Vanessa.
" Can you stay a little longer?," asked Nick
" Look i'll stop by again to night ok I promise," said Vanessa smiling.
" Can I at least get a kiss?," asked Nick with puppy eyes. She gave him a quick peck on the lips and went to face her mother. Vanessa went to her suite and when she walked in the room her mother slapped her across the face and looked at her with anger in her eyes.
" What the hell is your problem!," exclaimed Vanessa on the ground holding her the side of her face.
" Listen to me you stuck up brat you are gonna break up with Nick at once!," yelled Brenda.
" Why?," asked Vanessa finally getting up.
" Nick is not your type he is so poor and Nate parents are more wealthier than use I mean in the future this would be great for you," said Brenda.
" You mean he's your type and it will be great for you. You can care less if I don't love him all you care about is his money well guess what mom. I not breaking up with Nick and there is nothing you can do!," yelled Vanessa feeling like she has won the battle, but she was wrong.
" Then you leave me no choice Vanessa," said Brenda. She called out to Rick to try and convince her. When Rick came out he looked mad and Brenda just walked out of the suite and didn't come back for a while.
" You know I HATE IT when you fight with your mother!," yelled Rick grabbing her arm.
" Please don't. PLEASE don't I promise I won't argue with her," she begged while trying to get out. She kicked him the balls and tried to escape, but couldn't. Rick hit repeatedly until she couldn't get up. He left her in a corner in her room and left. All of a sudden there was a knock on and the door opened. Vanessa was scared that her punishment wasn't over and when the door opened and Vanessa closed her eyes. All of a sudden she felt someone grab her and left her up. She didn't want to open her eyes until she heard Nick's noice in her ear. When she finally opened she saw Nick smiling at her.
" Hey beautiful, are you okay?," he asked looking worried.
" I'm scared," she said.
" Ok look go take a shower and i'll get your clothes ok," he said and when he got up Vanessa got up and pulled his shirt.
" Nick don't go he's gonna find me he always does," said Vanessa even more scared.
" He won't I promise I won't let him near you ok I will be back ok don't worry," he said smiling.
" Nick one more thing can you bring me all of my clothes I'm gonna stay at a private apartment that he doesn't know about," said Vanessa heading to the shower.
" You know you can stay her with me for a while if you like," said Nick.
" I'd like that thank you," said Vanessa. So, Nick left to get V's clothes and when he had return she was on his bed in a towel waiting for him.
" Here you go," Nick said handing her her clothes.
" Thanks Nick," said Vanessa. She stood up a kissed Nick like if they were never going to see each other which woriied Nick. When she turned around she grabbed her clothes and headed back to the bathroom. When Nick looked and Vanessa's back all he could was turn away. Vanessa had cuts on her back like a bear had scratched her in the back. When she came out she started to watch T.V with Nick.
" V are you sure you are ok because you have so many bruises and sctratches on your back I'm just really...," get interrupted by Vanessa hand.
" Please stop. I really don't want to talk about this ok please just stop," said Vanessa keeping her eyes on the T.V.
" Ok I'm I just don't want to see you scared or hurt cause of me," said Nick.
" It's not your fault ok they just want me to date Nate cause he has money that's all ok, but you're the only one I want to be with ok. So don't blame yourself," said Vanessa holding his hand.
" I ...I love you Vanessa," he said staring her into her eyes.
" It's about time you said that I love you to Nick," she said as she leaned in to kiss him. A hour later Vanessa fell fast asleep in Nicks lap so he carried her of to bed and slept on the couch. The next morning there was a knock on Nick's door. When Nick opened it there were 2 girls standing behind Haley.
" Hals what's going on?," asked Nick looking worried.
" Well these two chicas are looking for you," said Haley with a help me please look on her face.
" Ok come in," said Nick.
" Hey Nick," said Haley.
" What," anwsered Nick.
" Put on a freakin shirt," said Haley looking disgusted.
" Fine,"said Nick," Um who are you girls anyway."
" My name is Melissa and this is my best friend Maddie and we are here to stop Vanessa from ruining her life with you," she said smiling.
" Oh i'll be right back," said Nick walking into his room where Vanessa was slepping.
" NO don't leave me here!," screamed Haley.
" Sorry," said Nick closing the door.
" Oh oh you are so not my best friend anymore," said Haley. Nick went to go get his shirt and accidently woke up Vanessa.
" Good morning V," said Nick giving her a kiss.
" Morning where did you sleep?," asked V.
" I slept on the couch," said Nick.
" God Nick stop acting like if we were 10 you are aloud to sleep in your own bed and if you feel uncomfortable i'll slepp on the couch k," said Vanessa.
" Ok your heroes are in the living room to save you from me I guess i'm Dr. Doomsday to them," said Nick smiling.
" What," replied V getting out of bed. She put on a robe and looked over at Nick.
" What you doing?," asked V seeing Nick put on a shirt.
" Putting a shirt on," answering V obvious question.
" That's not very wise it's not gonna be on the body for long," said Vanessa with the Brooke Davis smirk. When she walked out of the room followed her, but almost got ran over when Maddie and Melissa ran over to Vanessa.
" What are you guys doing here?," asked V shocked
" We got a called from Nate saying you needed our help cause this thing over there kidnapped you," said Maddie.
" Woah guys I broke up with Nate along time ago and I don't need saving from Nick," said Vanessa smiling.
" Oh sorry. So what's up girl I haven't you in months," said Melissa.
" Nothing much why?," asked Vanessa.
" Because I've been dieing for a shopping spree!," said Melissa squealing.
" I'm in how about tomorrow," said V.
" K we meet you there and sorry Nick about pretty much calling you evil," said Melissa.
" It's ok bye guys bye Hals," said Nick.
" Bye!," said Maddie and Melissa at the same time while Haley just stood there with her arms crossed on her chest.
" Bye Haley," repeated Nick.
" Not yet mister you haven't called explain yourself," said Haley.
" I've just been busy that's all look me and you will go to the movies k promise," said Nick.
" Fine i'll see you tomorrow bye," says Haley. She gives Nick and V a hug and leaves.
" So what did you mean when you said that my shirt isn't gonna last very long?," asked Nick
" You'll see," said Vanessa said with the Brooke Davis smirk again. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her passionately. She smiled and grabbed his hand and lead him to his room. Nick layed on top of V and they started to make out, but there was another knock on the door.
" Nick," said V, but Nick just continued to kiss her neck.
" Nick," repeated Vanessa again.
" What," said Nick looking up at her.
" The door go get it," said V.
" Fine," said Nick getting off Vanessa and opens the door. At the door was the police.
" Are you Nick Reyes?," asked the officer.
" Yea is there a problem officer?," asked Nick.
" Yes you are under arrest for the kidnapping of Ms. Vanessa Lopez," said the officer putting on handcuffs. Vanessa walked out after hearing all the commotion.
" We got her Nate son we found your fiance," said said the officer.
" Thanks dad hey beautiful did he hurt you at all," said Nate smiling. Nate placed his hand on her cheek and she slapped it off.
" I was NOT I repeat NOT kidnapped and he is not my fiance," said Vanessa pissed off.
" Oh really so he never hurt you ever?," asked Nate with a face saying he as a good plan.
" Yes, he as never layed a hand a hand on me," said Vanessa more upset.
" Can you please go now there is no crime," said Nick. They took off the handcuffs and were about to leave when Nate told Vanessa something.
" Show me your arm Van," said Nate smiling.
" Don't call me that and no," said V. Nick was getting more upset.
" Are you kidding me. Ok, fine if I show you her arm can you please leave?," asked Nick.
" Yeah but, if there are any marks we are taking you with us," said Nate smiling. Nick reached for V's arm but, she pulled away.
" V what's wrong?," asked Nick.
" I need to talk to you," she said walking into his room. Nick followed her with a worried look on her face.
" V what's up?," asked Nick.
" Look when my dad died I had a hard time and my mom didn't take good care of me and I became friends with the wrong people one of them were Nate. I had gotten into a fight with my mom and she told me that it was my fault my dad died in the car crash. She said it was my fault cause I had told my dad to go to the apartment that he had for me to get my suitcase so me and him can escape this crazy world. So, I was so depressed I well I started to cut myself.," said Vanessa. She pulled out her right arm and showed Nick her arm. Nick was speechless.
" I'm so sorry Nick I didn't want you to find out like this I hope you can forgive me cause now he's gonna take you to jail and it's all my fault i'm really sorry," cried V. Nick just grabbed V and hugged her tight in his arms.
" I forgive you ok don't worry i'll bail myself out and i'll come back here to you and we..we can watch your favorite movie and eat ice cream ok and tomorrow we can act like the police never came i'll go with Haley and you can go with your friends ok," said Nick smiling at her.
" Ok lets go," said V. they walked out hand in hand and V showed the police her arm and they arrested him. Nick was out of the station in two hours and they watch W.A.N.T.E.D and had vanilla ice cream. The next day Vanessa went shopping while Haley and Nick went to the movies to see Dark Knight. When the movie was over the also went to the mall.
" So Nicky how are you and Miss Rich?," asked Haley smiling at him.
" We are fine Haley," said Nick laughing. So Vanessa's and Nick's went well for a year until Nick's old high school friend and ex came to see him.One day Nick and V were in their suite making out on the couch when their was a knock on the door.
" Who is it!," yelled Nick still laying down on Vanessa.
" Your girlfriend silly," someone replied.
" What!," said V. She got up and walked to the door but, Nick ran to her and grabbed the handle before she did.
" Trust me I don't have another girlfriend you're the one for me ok," said Nick. He opened the door and a girl just attacked him with a hug.
" Oh My God Nick its been to long," said the girl.
" Wow Patricia it's been a long time since I last saw you," said nick all nervous.
" Hmm let me think the last time I saw you said we were over and left for three years oh the good times," said Patricia with her hands on her hips.
" Hi I'm Vanessa Nick's girlfriend nice to meet you," said V staring at Nick.
" Oh I didn't know Nick had a girlfriend," said Patricia.
" I didn't know Nick had an ex-girlfriend," said Vanessa. A couple of weeks pasted and Vanessa's and Nick's relationship went down hill. One day Nick and Patricia were in the elevator. Patricia was dropping Nick off at his suite but, they didn't know V was there. They got to the front door and Patricia slid her hand down his arm and grabbed his hand.
" Patricia what are you doing?," asked Nick.
" You know something we haven't done in years," said Patricia moving closer to him until they were inches away.
" What's that?," asked Nick. Then Patricia kissed Nick he tried to pull back but, she had him trapped. With Vanessa she heard a load thump on the door then on the wall. She walked to the door and when she opened the door she was just in shock.
" Nick!," yelled Vanessa. Nick struggled out and pulled away.
" V.. Vanessa I can explain ok just hear me out," said Nick.
" No you hear me out Nick It's Over," said Vanessa. Patricia left and Vanessa went into Nick's room and started packing. Nick followed her and tried to convice her to stay but, she left anyway. Nick hasn't seen Vanessa in four years. Nick is now dating Patricia and Vanessa is dating someone new named Trevor. One day Nick went over to Haley house to chills for a couple hours. Nick never knew that Vanessa and Trevor were her roommates. So Haley went out and left Nick in the house. Then Vanessa and Trevor brust into the room laughing. When Vanessa turned around she just froze once she got a glimps off Nick.
" N...N...Nic...Nick," said Vanessa.
"Hi V how you dooing," said Nick smiling.
" Fine this is Trevor," said V.
" Her boyfriend," said Trevor taking out his hand. Nick didn't shake his hand he just stared at him.
" Look Van I got to go to my parents tomorrow so I'm heading off to bed," said Trevor. He kissed her right in front of Nick and went off to bed.
" I should go to so um goodnight," said Nick he headed to the door.
" Nick! When can I see you again," said Vanessa blushing.
" Friday night okay," said Nick smiling.
" No how about tomorrow okay," said V
" Perfect," said Nick opening the door to see Haley. They both looked at her evily.
" Ice Cream," said Haley holding up a box of drumsticks yummmmmmmyyyyy.
" You suck you know that right?," said Nick.
" Yeah I know." said Haley walking off.
The next day Nick was over at Haley's place early like around 1:00pm. He was sitting on the counter making breakfast when Vanessa walked in.
" Hi V," said Nick putting the food on three plates.
" Hey you're here early," said Vanessa.
" Hey sorry do you want me to leave or?," asked Nick
" No! No not at all I just mean I thought you'll be here later tonight that's all I'm glad you're here actually," said Vanessa. They each smiled and started moving towards each other until they were inches away. Vanessa slid her hand down his arm and grabbed his hand. Nick moved in closer until they were once AGAIN interrupted by Haley.
" I smell BACON!," yelled Haley as she slid down the hall in her saw t-shirt and socks. Haley noticed she interrupted something and laughed.
" God you guys really suck at this meet up makeup thing aren't you," said Haley taking her plate and walking off.
" I swear one of these days I'm gonna choke her or make her lose voice you'll see," said Nick staring and Vanessa.
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They both laughed at ate their breakfast. Later that night they went out on there date and were now walking in the park.
" Nick we need to talk about us,"said Vanessa.
" I know you need to let me explain please," said Nick stoping her from walking.
" Fine ok explain," said V.
" Ok me and her were shopping for a gift for you and she trapped me and kissed me. V you have to believe me ok I would never hurt you like that," said Nick.
" Ok I believe you, but I've moved on you're dating the bitch and I'm dating Trevor," said Vanessa.
" He's cheating on you V!,"called out Nick to her.
" What the fuck are you talking about Nick?," she asked
" Forget it I got to go," said Nick.
" You are just jealous that someone actually loves me unlike you," said V. He went back to thehis offical and real suite and looked at the dark sky on his balcony. The next morning Nick woke up on the floor of his balcony and saw trevor leaving the guest room in his underwears.
" Yo ass get out of my suite!," yelled Nick.
" Chill I'm leaving right now oh and don't tell Van," said Trevor. Then Patricia walked out and looked at Nick in disgust.
" Hey Nick," said Patricia opening the door for Trevor. When she opened the door Vanessa was there surprised. Nick went to his room to let V and Trevor talk.
" What the hell," she said.
" Look Van...," he said putting on his pants.
" DON'T CALL me that and just leave it's over Trevor we are done," she said.
" Ok um Patricia tomorow same time," said Trevor.
" Yeah, but Nick is kicking me out and the motel k bye," she said and closed the door on him.
" You bitch," said Vanessa.
" Oh shut up you spolied little brat. Why don't you go to your daddy and jump off a bridge oh wait he's already dead," she said. Vanessa punched the crap out of her. Patricia was going to strike, but Nick grabbed her and put her out of the suite. He gave her all of her stuff and some money and closed the door in her face. He then walked to his room without saying a word and slammed the door. Vanessa felt bad and walked into his room and sat on the edge of his bed. He laid there and just stared at her.
" Nick I'm I'm so so sorry k I was just mad and confused I'm sorry please forgive me now," said V.
" Ok I forgive you," he said sitting up.
" God I'm an idoit aren't I," she said crying. Nick hugged her and passed his hand on her head kissing her head.
" You are not the idiot he is he doesn't know that he is missing out on the most beatiful girls I have ever laid my eyes on," he said looking into her eyes.They moved closer to each a FINALLY met each others lips. That night V slept over at Nick's place and was happy for first time in a long time. The next morning V woke up and saw she had a text message from her mom. She tried to move, but Nick put his arm around her waist and she couldn't get out of his grasp. She smiled and shook him until he finally woke up.
" What's wrong that you had to wake me up on a Saturday at 10:00 in the morning?," asked Nick Looking at her confused.
" You not letting me go that's what," she said finally getting up. She checked the text it read:
Vanessa you need to come this instants ok I don't care where ur leavin or anything get back to this suite or i'll send your FATHER after u!
" Great," she said getting her purse and putting on her shoes.
" Hey hey where are you going V," he asked confused.
" My mom wants me again and I guess she got married, but it won't last anyway it never does," she said walking out of his room. Nick grabbed a shirt and ran after him.
" But V..," said Nick whining and putting on his shirt.
" Don't worry baby I'll be back later with movies and popcorn promise and what have I told you about the shirt uh it never lasts on," said V doing the Brooke Davis smirk. She finally arrived at her suite and she saw some new dude standing with her mother.
" Who that," she asked pointing to the guy.
" This is Chad your father and we got some great news," said Brenda.
" Well spit it out cause I got to go," she said pointing to the door.
"Ok well WE ARE MOVING!," Brenda said jumping up and down.
" Congrats I'm so happy for you to we are you guys moving to," Vanessa said smiling.
" Very funny Vanessa, but you are moving with us isn't that awesome," Brenda said smiling.
" I can't believe it," V said walking out of the suite. She went back to Nick's suite and sat on the couch without a word just her mouth hanging open. Nick came out with a towel wrapped around his waist and stared at her.
" ok V," said Nick.
" I'm..... I'm moving," she said.
" When?," he asked.
" I don't know," V replied.
" Where? Why?," he asked
" I..I don't know," she said as a tear rolled down her cheek. Nick sat down next to her and hugged her as she cried.
" Let's go and talk to them because you are 20 and I'm 21 you can live by yourself okay let me get dressed and we'll go talk to them," Nick said getting up. He got dressed and they went over to her parent's suite.
" I'm not moving," Vanessa said bursting through the door.
" Yes you are you are my child," said Brenda.
" Not unless I get a divorce of you and that thing over there," she said smiling.
" If you do that you are gonna seriously regret it you know that right," Brenda said moving closer to her.
" Guys look all we are saying is she is over 18 she has her rights," Nick said putting one arm around her waist.
" Hey retart get your hands off of her and get out you are not apart of this," said Chad.
" Hey why don't you shut up okay," said Vanessa.
" What did you say to me," said Chad standing up and walking up to her. Nick quickly stood in front of Vanessa and then was pushed by Chad. Nick pushed him back.
" Back off man," said Nick.
" Nick let's just go I'm not moving anyway," said Vanessa. When Nick turned around Chad grabbed Vanessa's arm and pulled her back.
" Let her go!," Nick yelled
"No! She lives here and is staying here and if you don't leave the next time you are gonna see she's gonna have some black and blues," said Chad.
"Nick just go k I'll talk to you later," said Vanessa as she walked to hug Nick.
" Do we run right now," he whispered to Vanessa.
" You know it on the count of three 1...2...," right then they ran out of the suite into Nick's. They locked all the doors and slouched onto the couch.
" I hate my mother so much," V said laying down on Nick's shoulder.
" It's V we just need a vacation for example a trip to Hawii for 2 months and we could leave in 2 days," Nick said holding out two plane tickets.
" Oh My God you completely rock I love you I love you so much," V said jumping up and down on the couch.
" Relax V ok you got to go get your stuff from Haley's and pack up k I'll wait for you here," Nick said smiling.
" Okay can I have your car keys please," V said.
" Yeah sure," Nick said handing her the keys. She gave him a kiss and left. A couple of minutes later Nick heard a knock on the door. When he opened the door someone slapped him.
" Ow Hals what was that for?," he asked
"For not taking me with you to Hawii you ass," said Haley pissed.
" Wow she actually slapped you I thought you were joking," V said laughing.
" Haley I got you a ticket as well okay I'm not retarted. You are in first class with us okay you happy now," he said rubbing his cheek.
" Oh well then I'll start packing thanks Nicky," Haley said messing up his hair and leaving.
" Wow she must really hit hard," V said laughing. The next day Nick and Vanessa went to go pick up Haley to leave to the airport.
" I still can't believe you got us find you got us find class to Hawii!," V said excited.
" Did I tell you we are staying at a five star resort," Nick said looking for there seats.
" Are you serious?," V said shocked.
" Yeah. Come on we sit here. Hals you are two rows behind us," Nick told them.
" Can I get the window," V asked with her puppy dog face.
" FINE," he replied with a groan. After 3 hours they finally arrived. When they got to the resort Haley pretend to faint into Nick's arms when she saw her own suite.
" It has a bar in it. A BAR NICK!," Haley yelled while jumping on the couch.
" Congrats Hals," said Nick said putting on a fake cheeky smile. They left the suite with the jumpy Haley inside and went to the next floor to their suites.
" Okay V this is your room and mine is right next to yours. There is a door that connects the rooms so if you need something here's the key k," Nick said smiling.
" Thanks Nick see you tomorrow," V said. They went into their suites and unpacked everything. That night Vanessa heard something in her room so she went to Nick's room.
" I heard something scary," V said in a 3 year old voice.
" Did it scare you?," Nick asked.
" Yes," V replied in the same voice.
" Oh I'm sorry come here you can sleep here tonight you poo baby," Nick said in a motherly voice.
" Thank you," V said all perky. She crawled onto his bed and layed down next to him. The next morning Nivk and Vanessa were having breakfast in his suite.
" So how did you sleep?," Nick asked.
" Great actually, but um when you are asleep try to keep your hands to yourself," Vanessa said laughing.
"My bad I didn't," Nick said, but gets interrupted.
"I liked it," V said getting up in a flirtious mood.
" Really," said Nick geetting up and standing up behind her.
" Yep it's comfortable to me anyway," said V. Nick wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck.
" And how do you feel about this?," Nick asked as he searched on her neck and began to suck on it.
" Really, really, really good," she said. They began to makeout on the couch until they were interrupted by a knock on the door.
" We are busy," Nick said laughing at V's epression. They kept knocking on the door.
" I'll get it," Vanessa said still laughing. When she opened a door she saw a guy she knew and closed the door and had a flashback**

" Ryan get off of me!," V yelled crying.
" Shut up damn it," he yelled as he put a cloth over her mouth. The next morning V woke up naked and saw Ryan in a rope laughing.
" Wow those pills do work,"Ryan said smiling.
" Wha... WHAT DID YOU DO YOU ASS!," V yelled putting on her clothes.
" Do worry, but if you tell the next guy u get is dead," Ryan said opening the door for her to leave. V left crying.**

A tear rolled down her face after the flashback. Nick noticed something was wrong when she cried so much she was on the floor.
" V what's wrong," Nick said worried.
" He he's back," she studdered.
" Who," Nick said helping her up. He opened the door and saw a guy with a smirk on his face.
" So does she have a kid or not," Ryan said.
" What! Uh who the hell are you?," asked Nick shocked.
" I'm Ryan and also the father of her child and the guy she lost her viginity to and you are," Ryan said leaning on the door.
" I'm the guy who is gonna kick your ass if you don't leave!," Nick said with a stern voice.
" Okay okay. Hold up a sec. V remember what I told you," Ryan said leaving.
" V what is up," Nick said closing the door and sitting by her. Vanessa stopped crying and Nick the story.
" After my step mom found out I was pregenant she hated me ever since. I wasn't gonna go through with it because I knew eveytime I would look into those eyes I would get a flashback of what he did to me. I just couldn't and he told me if I told anyone he would kill my next boyfriend," V said. She started the cry into his chest.
" I think I'm gonna talk to that bastard," Nick said getting up.
" No Nick don't do that then he gonna know I told you and he's gonna hurt you please don't go," she said crying.
" Why! So he can get away with he did to you. You won't be able to sleep," Nick said leaving. Nick went to the front desk and found out where Ryan's suite was. He stormed into the suite to find Ryan standing there pointing a gun at him.
" I knew she was gonna break what a hore," Ryan said.
" Shut the fuck up you bastard!," Nick yelled.
" Wow now look does she got a kid," Ryan said putting a grape in his mouth.
" NO," Nick said.
" GOOD thank god now leave and enjoy your last days on earth dick," Ryan said. Nick charged at him, but Ryan pulled the triger and shot him in the arm.
" Ouch that had to hurt," Ryan said as NIck grabbed his arm in pain. Ryan then threw him out and locked his door. When Nick got to the suite V was sleeping in his bed. Nick went to the bathroom and cleaned up since the bullet went through. He was in so much pain, but knew he couldn't get Vanessa to worried. When he climbed into the bed he accidentally woke Vanessa up.
" What the hell happened to you?," V asked grabbing his arm softly.
" Nothing just go back to sleep okay," Nick said laying down.
" Nick I'm really scared. I don't want to lose you or anyone else," she said laying down next to him.
" You're not gonna lose anyone ok I'm gonna tell the hotel they are gonna get rid of him and we are gonna enjoy ourselves k," sai Nick bringing Vanessa into a hug.
" Okay goodnight Nick," V said.
" Goodnight," he replied. The next morning the hotel secruity escort Ryan out of the hotel.
" So what happened to the baby?," Nick said curious.
" I had an abortion y?," V asked.
" Just wondering. Now since he is gone me and Hals want you to come to the club that they opened up tonight and I don't want to go alone," Nick said with puppy eyes.
" I guess so maybe I'll meet a really hot guy," Vanessa said with a smirk.
" NOT FUNNY," Nick said. That night they went to the club. They were enjoying themselves, but didn't know that Ryan got back in.
" Hey V want a drink?," Nick asked.
" Sure why not," V replied. While Nick was getting a drink a girl started flirting with him. When he sat back down V just glared at him.
" Are trying to make me jealous?," V asked.
" Is it working," Nick whispered in her ear.
" NO now i know I can make you jealous so I think I'm gonna dance," V said standing up.
" Same here," Nick said. So the whole night they played a game Nick was grinding with a girl and V was grinding with a hot guy. Nick had a bad feeling about the guy since he kept touching her hips and thighs.
" I guess some things never change always end up coming to me," the guy whispered in her ear.
" What?," V asked confused. She turned around and took off the guys hat and saw Ryan.
" You ass," V said.
" Shut up," Ryan said. He put his hand over her mouth and when Nick wasn't looking took her to his suite. After 2 minutes Nick couldn't find Vanessa.
" K Hals you look down her and the girls bathroom I'll look in the suites," Nick said.
" K meet you where here or tomorrow," Haley said.
" Tomorrow," Nick said. Haley couldn't find Vanessa and Nick didn't see her in the suites. He right away knew where she was. He ran into Ryan suite to see Vanessa tied up to a chair. Ryan was there holding a gun at her head.
" Choose. You or her, but if you choose yourself I'll let her go after SHE shoots you. If you choose her she dies and you walk off like nothing happen," Ryan said.
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" Dude, just let her go okay no one wants to die," Nick said moving closer.
" You see that's where you are wrong. I told her not to tell I guess she doesn't really love you if she knows I said that that person will die and that's you," Ryan pointing the gun at him.
" Nick that's not true I do love you I never wanted you to get hurt," V said crying.
" I know I know," he said. Now Nick was standing next to Vanessa.
" Look Ryan let me let her go then me and you will handle this I just want her to be safe," Nick said to Ryan.
" Fine untie her and she can leave," Ryan said pointing the gun at him. Right away Nick bent down in front of her and untied her. He whipped away her tears and helped her up. Nick was pissed off when he saw black and blues on her body and her bleeding.
" Nick you don't have to do this okay we could do something else okay anything please I can't lose you to I just can't," V whispered crying.
" This is the only way okay I Love You you know that right," Nick said whipping a tear away.
" I know that I love you too. I'm gonna miss you," V said.
" I'm not gonna go anywhere I'll find away out just wait for me in the suite and I'll be there," Nick said. He kissed her and lead her to the door. She hugged him and left running.
" Okay Nick you choose pistol or rifle," Ryan said.
" How about me kicking your ass because you hurt her," Nick said charging at him. They began to fight while Vanessa went to a person she knew that worked at the hotel. Nick punched Ryan in the face, but Ryan then wacked him the the rifle. Ryan stood up and pointed the gun at him.
" GET UP!," Ryan yelled. NIck stood up and looked at him.
" Turn around so I can kill you," Ryan said. Nick turned around and closed his eyes. *BANG!* Then Nick and Ryan both fell to the floor. When Nick looked up all he saw was V standing there with a shotgun.
" Damn it V!," nick yelled
" What he was gonna kill you," V said.
" No not that. Next time you use a shotgun learn how to aim," Nick said.
" Oh thanks for the advice like I'm actually gonna use one again," V said helping him up.
" Ow ow stop you are hurting me," Nick whined.
" Oh stop being a baby," Haley said from the door way.
" Let's go the cops are on there way," V said. They told the cops everything then V and Nick went back to the suite to clean of his leg. A month past and V and Nick were back in his suite planning V's birthday.
" So what do you want to do for your b-day?," Nick asked.
" Nothing really," V said.
" What why don't you want to do anything for your birthday?," Nick asked.
" I just want to be with you," V said flipping through the channels.
" You will be with okay, but I know you want to see your friends again," Nick said.
" Okay I'm in," V said. A week past and it was V's birthday. Everyone was drinking and dancing at the club. V and Nick were sitting down Haley.
" So, V you cut your cake you are offically 21 what do you want to do now?," Nick asked with some excitement.
" Well go home," V said getting up.
" What," Nick said following her.
" I want that dinner for me and you," she said getting into the car.
" Fine let's go," Nick said starting the car. When they got home they had a candle light dinner and were watching a movie.
" You know I love you right," Nick said. V kissed him and smiled.
" I know and I love Joe Jonas too he is so hot," V said.
" Ok now you are gonna get it," Nick said running after her. He trapped her and started to tickle her hard.
" Ni....Nick st...stop," V said laughing.
" After you say Nick eyes is the hottest guy and is hotter than Joe Jonas," Nick said tickling her.
" Okay ok I"ll say it," V said. Nick sopped to let her breath.
" Nick Reyes will NEVER be as hot as Joe Jonas!," V laughed.
" Oh you are dead," Nick said tickling her again.
" Oh you know I love you," V said.
" You better," Nick said leaning in. Nick and V bean to kiss and hat night they showed how much they really loved each other. The next morning Nick woke up to see no Vanessa.
" Was I that bad?," Nick asked.
" No you were fine," V said walking in and taking off her coat.
" Fine! Just fine," Nick said disappointed.
" You were great ok. I just needed to go to the doctors and I have some news," V said sitting on the edge of the bed.
" What's up," Nick said putting on some clothes.
" I'm well...pregnant," V said smiling at him nervously.
" ARE YOU SERIOUS," Nick yelled.
" Are you mad?," V asked.
" Yea I'm mad!," said Nick.
" How can YOU be mad," V yelled.
" Well I don't know maybe because you're about to have KID!," Nick yelled back.
" Oh my god so what it's my fault that I got pregnant," V said.
" I never said that. All I'm saying is I can't be a father right now," Nick said.
" So what you have time to learn," Vanessa said.
" Listen, I can't be taking care of two braty stupid kids while you are off a being a celebrity," Nick said.
" Stupid and bratty. You are just an asshole!," V yelled.
" Whatever I'm out better yet you are out go back to your mom or Nate," Nick said opening the door for her.
" Unbelieve able," V said. She packed her stuff and left. 3 months past and V was living by herself in an apartment. Her and Haley were shopping for baby toys and cribs. V wandered off to the crib area and bumped into somebody.
" Oh I'm sorry,' V said and looked up.
" It's okay,' Nick said looking at her.
" What are you doing here?," V asked.
" Oh well do you have another kid," V said in a friendly voice.
" I got to go bye V," Nick said and walked away.
" What the fuck," V said to herself. V went home after that, but Haley stayed there. She walked up to Nick and wacked him over the head.
" Ow, Haley that hurt," Nick said.
" GOOD! You are such an ass. How can you do that to her. She loved you for some strange reason," Haley said.
" Look it's not my fault," Nick said.
" Not your fault. You got her pregnant," Haley yelled. Then Haley noticed a ring on his finger.
" Haley look," Nick said.
" No SHUT UP Nick. Are you engaged?," Haley asked.
" Well yeah," Nick said smiling.
" Oh my gosh! Who is the bitch who you got engaged to?," Haley asked pissed off.
" First, Nikki is not a bitch okay," Nick said.
" Woah, woah, woah you're in engaged to Niki for ex from high school omg," Haley said. Haley just slapped him over the head again and walked away. The next morning Haley was over at V's place.
" It's ok I mean he moved on and I should do the same right?," V asked.
" I don't know. I mean are you even in love him?," Haley asked.
" No I'm not, but he hurt me really bad," V said.
" I know talk to him ok," Haley said.
" Alright," V said. After Haley left V went to Nick's suite. She knocked on the door Nikki opened up.
" Hi....oh it's you. Um Nick has moved on and doesn't want anything to do with you or the twerps you got inside of you ok, so get lost bitch and leave us alone for good," Nikki said. She slammed the door in her face.
" Oh hell no," V said and stormed through.
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" Listen bitach you don't know what he wants so shut the hell up," V said.
" Excuse me you," Nikki said, but got interrupted.
" You're excused so don't worry about it so you tell him that I came by and tell him to call me ok," V said and left. The next morning V got a text from Nick.

N: wtf
V: wat?
N: Nikki told me how u screamed and threatened her
V: woah tht bitach did the same to me
N: so wat she is MY fiancee' so just leave us alone
V: watever
N: can we a least be friends
V: if u can do one thing for me
N: k
V: listen to taylor swift should've said no
N: y
V: so u can see y we can't be friends

Artist: Swift Taylor
Song: Should've Said No
Album: Taylor Swift

It's strange to think the songs we used to sing,
The smiles, the flowers, everything,
Is gone.
Yesterday I found out about you,
Even now just looking at you,
Feels wrong.
You say, that you'd take it all back,
Given one chance, it was a moment of weakness,
And you said yes

You should've said no,
You should've gone home,
You should have thought twice before you let it all go.
You should've known that word 'bout what you did with her'd, get back to me.
And I should've been there, in the back of your mind,
Shouldn't be asking myself why,
You shouldn't be begging for forgivness at my feet,
You should've said no
Baby and you might still have me.

You can see that I've been cryin',
Baby you know all the right things,
To say.
But do you, honestly,
Expect me, to believe,
We could ever be the same.
You say, that the past is the past,
You need one chance, it was a moment of weakness,
And you said yes

You should've said no,
You should've gone home,
You should have thought twice before you let it all go.
You should've known that word 'bout what you did with her'd, get back to me.
And I should've been there, in the back of your mind
Shouldn't be asking myself why,
You shouldn't be begging for forgiveness at my feet,
You should've said no
Baby and you might still have me..

I can't resist,
Before you go tell me this,
Was it worth it,
Was she worth this.

No, no, no, no

You should've said no,
You should've gone home,
You should have thought twice before you let it all go.
You should've known that word 'bout what you did with her'd, get back to me.
And I should've been there, in the back of your mind
Shouldn't be asking myself why,
You shouldn't be begging for forgiveness at my feet,
You should've said no
Baby and you might still have me..

The next day Nick went over to V's house.
" I heard the song so are we friends or what?," Nick asked.
" I guess you didn't listen to the lyrics huh," V said.
" I don't get it Vanessa," Nick said.
" Was it worth it. Was she worth it? So did you answer the questions in the song?," V asked
" She was worth it, it was worth it," Nick said.
" Well then we can't be friends either," V said.
" Well I guess we're enemies like Nikki said," Nick said walking towards the door.
" I guess so, but just know you'll always be the one for me," V said.
" Bye," Nick said.
" Bye," she said. The next day Nick and Nikki were at club Midnight. Vanessa and Haley also went there for some dancing. When Nick went to get a drink he saw Vanessa dancing Haley. He ordered two pinacoladas and walked over to V and Haley.
" Well once again I prove my point when I say Haley can not repeat Not dance," Nick said handing her a pinacoladas.
" Funny very funny herk," Haley said.
" I know I'm hilarous right," Nick said.
" No you're not funny now what do you want Nick?," Haley asked.
" I'm gonna head home k," V said.
" Ok are you sure?," Haley asked.
" Yeah I'm fine bye," V said. She didn't looked up at Nick and just walked away. When V got in the limo she noticed the driver seemed younger.
" Where to?," the driver asked.
" Um your voice seems different. Where is Steve?," V asked scared.
" Gone!," the driver yelled. V tried to get out, but the driver locked all the doors.
" Who are you?," V asked scared.
" Someone you thought was gone for good," the driver said. He closed the window inside the limo and zoomed off. 2 minutes later she got a text from Nick.

N: Haley wants to know where u are
V: I need help
N: What y did somethin happen to the baby
V: something might if I don't get the heck out of here
N: v wat is wrong
V: im in a limo and its the driver
N: ok where r u
V: idk but im scared
N: ok relax at least give me sum hints k
V: ok um i think we are headin to a summer house idk
N: k im on my way
V: plz hurry gtg hes comin
N: i love u V
V: i i love u too

All of a sudden the door flung opened and the driver dragged her out.
" So I hear you are pregenant," the guy said.
" Take off the mask and show yourself asshole," V said getting up from the ground.
" Okay fine," said the guy and took off his mask.
" Oh my freakin god," V said. With Nick at the club he is finishing telling Nikki and Haley the story.
" K call me when you find her I'll go search bye and be careful," Haley said leaving.
" K you too," Nick said. Nick was about to leave when Nikki grabbed his arm.
" You are not going anywhere," Nikki said.
" What! I've got to go she's in trouble," Nick said.
" If you leave the wedding is over!," Nikki said getting up.
" Are you kidding Nikki she needs my help," Nick said.
She is just using you Nick and if she is telling the truth which she is probably not...I just don't want you to get hurt," Nikki said.
" Ok look I'll go check it out and if it's nothing then I'll come back," Nick said.
" Fine whatever," Nikki said and Nick left right away. When Nick left Nikki started texting someone:

Nik: did u get her
?: yea i got her so wat do i do now
Nik: well nick is on his way so lock her somewhere so it seems no ones home
?: wat do i get out of this
Nik: u get money and u get to do watever u want to her
?: k bye sis
Nik: bye

Back with V she was walking into the house.
" Ok Ryan how are you still alive?," V asked
" Well let's just say I got some pretty good doctors uh," Ryan said. Ryan grabbed V and locked her in a room. He went into another room and waited. Nick went to the summer house to look around. Like an idiot he didn't check the rooms. Vanessa tried to climb out the window, but had to remember about the baby. Nick was about to leave when V threw a baseball at the window. Nick ran to her room, but couldn't open it.
" V are you there?," Nick asked
" Yeah help me please," V said.
" K i'll come threw the window," Nick said. He ran outside, but Ryan right away came out and went to the room V was in.
" What do you want?," V asked
" I want you to suffer like I did," Ryan said. V kicked him and ran, but Ryan grabbed her leg which made her trip down the stairs. V screamed in pain and when she looked down she saw blood. Ryan climbed out thw window and Nick was nowhere to be found. V called Haley to come pick her up. The next day after crying for the whole night Haley dropped V of at the doctors.
" I'm very sorry Ms.Lopez we see no heartbeat," Doctor Carter said.
" No it... I mean it can't be true," V said tearing.
" I'm very sorry," doctor carter said leaving. V leaves crying to Haley's house. V didn't come outside for 2 days straight.
" Sweetie, you have to tell him," Haley said.
" Why? He left me there, he left me there with that monster Haley!," V said with rage.
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" Why? He left me there, he left me there with that monster Haley!," V said with rage.
" I know okay, but you have to tell him he was the father of that child," Haley said.
" It was a girl,"V said," I'm sorry I can't."
" Fine I'll take care of it myself," Haley said taking out her phone. Haley talked on her phone for 3 minutes then hung up.
" He's on his way and I'm leaving so bye," Haley said. She left and Nick came 10 minutes later.
" Hals.. oh it's you how are you?," he asked.
" Is that a rhetorical question or are you serious," V said.
" V I'm sorry okay Nikki called saying something was wrong with the baby," Nick said.
" It's Vanessa and was there something wrong," V said.
" No," he said looking down.
" Well you only have to worry about 1 kid now," V said.
" What are you talking about," Nick said.
" Forget it okay just go," V said.
" No! Not until you tell me why I can't be apart of my kids life!," Nick yelled.
" You really want to know why!," V yelled back.
" Yes!," he yelled.
" The reason you can't be apart of my childs life is because since you left me with that MONSTER he tripped me down the fucking stairs and I lost my little girl!," V yelled at him with tears rolling down. Nick hugged V, but she tried getting out of his grasp by punching his chest. All Nick did was hug her tighter. After a couple of minutes of crying V finally calmed down.
" So what are we gonna do about us?," Nick asked
" Us," V said.
" Well I mean without the kid we have no point to see each other anymore you know. I mean I'm getting married in a week," he said.
" A week," she said getting out of his hug and looking at her.
" Yeah you know what I'll spend the night we can have some cookie dough ice cream and I'll even watch the Notebook with you," Nick said smiling.
" Deal," V said. She got up, got 2 spoons, and a jumbo sized carton of cookie dough ice cream. They watched the movie, but Nick couldn't take his eyes off of her.
" What?," V asked blushing.
" Nothing," Nick said. He leaned in and so did she. They once again shared a passionate kiss and fell asleep on the couch. The next morning Haley walked into the house and smiled at the view. She took out a camera and took a picture. The flash woke up Vanessa and Nick.
Alright go Nick whoowhoowhoo," Haley said waving her fist back and forth in the sir.
" I'd better go," Nick said. He left and V just stared at Haley.
" What?," Haley asked.
" You ruin everything," V said.
" Oh I thought it was something worse like you got pregnant again," Haley said. V just looked at her.
" Bowchickawowwowchickawowow," Haley said. V threw a pillow at her and went home. The next day Nick and Nikki were deciding on who should come to the wedding.
" Why can't she come?," Nick asked.
" Well I don't know because she can sabotage the wedding Nick," Nikki said.
"She won't okay just add her," he said.
" Fine whatever," she said. A week had past and it was time for the wedding. Everyone was there even Vanessa.
" V if it is meant to be he won't go through with it," Haley said.
" I guess you are right," V said. It was time for the couples to say their I-do's.
" I do," Haley said. Nick looked over at V.
" I.. I do," Nick said. After they kissed V ran out crying.
The End.
Part 2 Coming Soon

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