Favorite variety show moment
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Posted 10/12/08 , edited 10/12/08
Favorite moment from an Asian variety show (I'm going to say no We Got Married, because that's more like an extemp drama than a variety show)

In one of the show Jacky Wu hosted, Xie Na had to pick a "date," and the one who drank stinky soy juice the fastet won that round:
The previous guy (I swear, he's like 300 pounds) drank it all in 6 seconds.
It was Jason Zhang's turn.
Xie Na tried to drink some of Jason Zhang's so he wouldn't have to.
Jacky Wu said that if he sang a song for her, she could drink some.
Jason Zhang sang a love song, and as soon as it was over, grabbed the cup before Xie Na could, and gulped it down in 2 seconds.
He was sick that day and began puking as soon as he did that.
...but it was so cute because he's so in love with her....
In the words of Jacky Wu...."ah, the power of love"....
(p.s. Jason Zhang and Xie Na are currently dating)

When Tony Sun had to call Chen Qiaoen to convince her to have a test tube baby together.
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