Bleach F.A.Q. Updated~ 16/12
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Q: Why is Bleach Licensed?
A: The Bleach Anime has been Licenced by Viz Media, the same company that has licensed the Manga. Since an official company has bought the anime serie Crunchyroll has been kindly asked to remove Bleach from their website. This is because Crunchyroll does not have permission to show the media in which Viz Media has bought.

Q: Why can't I watch any of the episodes?
A: You can't watch any of the episodes because there aren't any. Crunchyroll has been asked by Viz media to remove Bleach because it does not have the right to show media in which Crunchyroll does not own.

Q: Where can I watch Bleach episodes?
A: There are hundreds of websites where you can watch Bleach but unfortunately Crunchyroll is not one of them. Specific websites to download or watch Bleach is Here.

Q: Has the second Bleach movie been subbed yet?
A: Yes, It has been subbed by Dattebayo. The Bleach movie has not been uploaded on Crunchyroll but it is avaliable on other websites.

Q: Has the Third Bleach movie been released?**
A: Yes, third movie of Bleach has been released but only in Japan.
More Info Here:

Q: When will the third movie be uploaded and subbed?**
A: The movie won't be subbed until the DVD version is released, and the DVD won't be released for another 5-8 months. I would also think that it would not be uploaded on Crunchyroll due to the fact that TVTokyo is getting involved, and if it is i doubt it will be free to view.

Q: When does the New Episode/Manga Coming Out?
A: The RAW Episodes is released Tuesday Night (GMT +9 Japan Time) by Saiyaman and L33T-raws. SUBBED episodes generally releases sometime during Wednesday. The subbing groups vary each week in the speed of their subbing. The Manga release date is varied due to scanning, translating and cleaning but translated manga is usually released on Friday night.

If you have anymore questions please ask them Here!
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